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Bhop Server Rules

  • Follow global guidelines at all times while playing on the server.
  • Do not attempt to make any type of profit using our servers without Staff approval.
  • Do not attempt to loophole server rules.
  • Do not wear the sG | tags unless you have applied on the forums and have been accepted. If a member asks you to provide proof of you being in the clan or asks you to take them off, do so. If not, you may be banned.
  • If you're caught avoiding being muted/slayed/gagged/silenced in any way, you will be punished accordingly.
  • Respect all players at all times or face punishment on the administrators discretion.
  • Use of null binds are not permitted on the server.
  • 3rd party programs/cheats listed below are not allowed on the server and will result in a permanent ban.
    • strafehack, strafe optimizer, autostafe, macro, bhop script, Movement Recorder, etc.
  • Do not grief other players by shooting them.
  • Respect all admins at all times.
  • Using any racial slurs will warrant a kick/ban.
  • Mic spamming after being asked to stop will warrant a mute. (playing music).
  • Do not spam change your clan tag (ex. having wasd bound to different clan tags).
  • Abusing admin powers to grief players or exploit times will result in severe punishment.

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