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    sG | Sunday Funday

    With the holidays now over and everyone getting back into the routine of things... we decided we should do the same! Starting next Sunday, January 13th we'll be hosting a new game each Sunday for you guys to join and play. Simply join our discord server to play! http://joinsg.net/discord Sunday, January 13th CS:GO Danger Zone Host: sG | Vexer sG Custom Server vs. sG Community Only Sunday, January 20th PUBG Custom Server and Jackbox Games Host: sG | Travesty Vikendi - Snow Map and Jackbox afterwards! Sunday, January 27th Rust Host: sG | Karma and sG | Wolfshade Start wipe on Thursday, Jan 24th on a server of our choice and raid on Sunday Sunday, February 3rd SCP: Secret Laboratory Host: sG | Sakarra SCP: Secret Laboratory is a Free-to-Play multiplayer horror game https://store.steampowered.com/app/700330/SCP_Secret_Laboratory/ Sunday, February 10th GAME TBA Host: sG | Sponsored Sunday, February 17th DOTA 2 Host: sG | Krony 10mans and Custom Games! If you have a game you'd like to suggest we play, please do so by replying to this thread. As well, we will likely send everyone to raid a sG server to play, after we're tired of the game played. Once we get a routine going, I'm sure a stronger population will grow each Sunday as we saw with our PUBG custom server experiment.
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    TTT:GO Change Log (1/15/2019)

    Scoreboard now works more like traditional TTT. Traitors can now see exactly who is alive at all times, Traitors see themselves and teamates see as CT, everyone else on T. Innocents and detectives see all traitors and innos on T team, detectives show as CT on the scoreboard.
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    Jailbreak is great!

    Yes they do have helmets. When CT's didn't have helmets they get one dinked after the round starts because of the usps inside of the cells. CS:S Glock did 98 headshot dmg while CS:GO does 118 unarmored (armored both do 55) Even the Five-Seven did 99 headshot dmg while in CS:GO its 126 (armored is 74 for CS:S and 115 for CS:GO) I think these figures don't even tell the full story. Because the damage falloff between CS:GO and CS:S are completely different. CS:S has huge pistol damage falloff compared to the super buffed pistols of CS:GO. I'm really surprised Oldfags are the ones complaining that they want it to "be the way it used to be"; but maybe they are referring to 2014/2015 time frame instead of 2008→2012 CS:S days. While I do favor armor for cell pistols and for rebel guns in general, I do dislike it for T knifing and LR's like s4s and knife fight getting affected. Every time I have to rush to lower CT's armor when the T request s4s for LR. Tragically I've even seen the T lose s4s because of CT's armor. T's knifing CT's because they are baiting or the T wants to rebel is a lesser issue IMO but is still annoying. But this is all fucking stupid because many maps already offer helmet/armor inside or armory. So your point of CT's never having armor before is bullshit @Sean. But to be fair it isn't as widespread as I had thought or hoped it to be. Roughly 10→13 out of 28 maps have armor for CT's. The maps I checked so far that have armor are: ba_jail_new_uprise_v2 ba_jail_soar_beta2 ba_jail_spyder_csgo_v1 jb_airforce_basic_v0-1b jb_airship_r1-4 jb_arcade jb_avalanche_csgo_b6 jb_blackout_sg_v1-0 jb_tensu_v4-2 jb_undertale_v1 Interesting that most of those maps (6/10) are made by 3 sG mappers @Revöker @xmen @thorgot. Lastly, if you want to rebel every round so much just fight the CT's then why aren't you guys just playing comp? In the conversation in game you guys said "ya like anyone wants to play JB for LR", I don't understand that. LR is the core of Jailbreak, and secondly I think the interaction between T's is the other strong core of JB. Backstabbing your teammates for a 1 up to get LR or just for lul's is just great. Tossing guns to T's to rebel or just creating ridiculous situations is the fun of JB. I think people forget that T's can be creative too; it doesn't have to just be CT's that are creative in their games. This is help by having T's unmuted now after the first 30 seconds. I think I almost died when Nau was captain and had to pick his teammate but instead did trivia to pick his teammate. But really it just sounds like you guys just want an easy out to rebel at any time, I mean don't you guys like a challenge? Having armor doesn't make it impossible to rebel but just slightly harder. And to the "CT's are just bad and need to get good." This is fucking JB we are talking about. Everyone sucks at everything. Just look at Surf, Bhop, and Kz on JB maps, they all suck compared to servers that host them. JB players are mediocre in every category. TL:DR- Wall of words that says you're wrong.
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    Jailbreak is great!

    I talked with Shadow about a few things today, mainly these two things that you brought up. I agree with the first point, I am totally down to lower the armor. The armor was added because the server had low population and rebelling was way too easy with low population, mainly new CT players that tried to learn, which is really hard when Ts dome you every single round, so I had to balance things out. But since the server is getting more pop nowdays I'm down to lower it, thanks for bringing it up @Sean and @Shadow. So the second point you stated I don't agree with as much, I know that some people like the simple maps with only 2 games, cellblock, pool and disco (Or whatever), but some people dislike these kinds of maps, mainly new players. I'm not saying we should go full noobfriendly and completely change the server but if we are gonna get new regulars we have to get new players. I know that "oldfags" want to keep their simple maps, killwhore and complain about new stuff (Because it didn't use to be like that) but since these people play a lot less nowdays we have to care about the new people as well, if that makes sense. Shadow came up with the idea of extending the map rotation timer, which would mean that we have to play more maps, not the same 5, and I think this is an excellent idea, this way everyone gets happy, some old maps and some new.
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    Carl Sagan

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I don't play JB anymore but I'll put in my two cents: CT's are supposed to be disposable. They have all the control for the round. Dont like them stacking and killing you while you try and set up simon says? Dont stack them, and do gun checks. Its not supposed to be an easy game for CT's, we have had 10 years of proper orders to refer back to. Not the terrorists fault you guys see this as a social experiment instead of a round of Counter Strike. The game has worked fine in this state. The reasons for changing it seem arbitrary and, to be honest, selfish from the perspective of clan members who know the rules and post on the forums. Good job extracting data from a sample size of 20 people, that's totally scientific. Glock headshots absolutely need to remain in jailbreak, I cant believe this is even being discussed. Bad CT's start with weapons cant even 1v1 terrorists with a knife. And before some newfag staff call me out for being inactive or something: This is the server I joined, and you actually ruined it.
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    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I do think that especially with the CT:T ratios that we usually have now, the CTs could use a bit of a handicap.
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    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    Really!? You all remember what a giant cunt this guy was, right? Are we that desperate for members we have to scrape the bottom of the shit skip for this bellend? The sheer fact I can't -1 this guy is proof enough that this recruitment policy is moronic.
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    Can I get an Staff approval?

    Vote passed 71% clearly higher than the 66% needed. Just waiting of staff approval @Papyrus @Face (Cause papy though he is sG owner) @Hawk @Sakarra @bulletford @Mimic
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    Anyone interested in ZE training?

    This is a ZE training command list I created if you want to practice some ZE mini games! Training Setpos and commands Mist admin room: setpos -6600 -9730 11900 Westersand Lazers: ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin -5182 -12419 5271";give weapon_bizon Dreamin lvl 3 lasers: ent_fire final_relay Trigger;ent_fire chronomia PlaySound;ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin 9185 -6977 832";ent_fire physical V;give weapon_bizon Wanderers v5 admin room: setpos -8700 -11200 -1300 Lasers: ent_fire Garland_HP_Counter Add 1000;ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin -10369 -63 -287";give weapon_bizon Cosmo setpos -12551 7964 2790";ent_fire Rage_End_Trigger enable;ent_fire Genesis_Counter add 350 1;ent_fire Genesis_Model enable;ent_fire shinra_3d_sky forcespawn Deadcore Redcore (Extreme): ent_fire invert enable;ent_fire escape_laser_timer1 RefireTime 2;ent_fire escape_beam_timer1 RefireTime 8';ent_fire escape_pre Tilex RTV TP to lasers: rtv-ent_fire stage6_entrigger enable;ent_fire "track hurts" disable;ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin 764 -1220 735";ent_fire stage6_relay trigger;ent_fire stage5_slash* kill * 5 Admin room: -1024 -75.66 140.12
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    Jailbreak is great!

    First of all, a big shoutout to @Hawk and others for restoring Jailbreak to its former glory, you're doing great, I love the new markers and audio. While playing last night, there was a few discussions going on in admin chat that I wanted to bring up here so we can address it, and maybe others can bring up some concerns as well. 1. Lowering or removing CT armor. - CTs NEVER had armor, from my understanding this was introduced due to new knife mechanics in CS:GO, but it's very unnecessary. I think the agreed common ground was to lower it to 25-50. (Thanks @Shadow for bringing this up) 2. Removing complicated and annoying maps. - This includes new large maps that nobody enjoys playing, have a few secrets that benefit terrorists greatly, overall ridiculous. (Clouds is a great example of this) The old school maps are where it's at, they have enough games and really just need some creativity.
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    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I originally voted for armor w/ no helmet but I think 0 armor with a helmet is best. Still rewards aim with most pistols being able to 2 tap.
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    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Armor is a crutch for bad CT's. A GOOD CT Team: Positions themselves well Pays attention to possible rebels amongst the T's Watches each other's backs Knows that weapons are what the T's are after and keeps them out of reach at all times Focuses on the objective (kill off T's, give LR, win) You don't need armor to win.
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    New donation from Lindsay

    Thank you, Lindsay for your donation of 11.33 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community needed exactly $100 in donations
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    Ban Hammer VS Cheater

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    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

    3/20 "does being transgender mean you like it in the butt" -mudkips
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    This is a guide I made for people who are interested in beating tilex insane level. Purple Boss (Insane) - FALLEN ONE Occurs only once during the entire boss fight. All CT’s HP drops down to 1, so use heal. - GAEA RAGE Zombies can enter the boss stage from one side. You must defend and keep the zombies off the boss stage. - LARGE EAGRE The ABYSS item plays a huge role during this boss attack. Use the item ABYSS in the middle. All humans enter inside the ABYSS, and stand still. (DO NOT MOVE) After ABYSS, you return back to the boss stage. - WIND OF ABYSS This attack sucks you into the center of the boss fight. If you touch the center, you die. Areas of the boss platform may be broken, position yourself so you do not fall into the hole. HOLD S!!! - EXA FLARE You must use heal during this attack. Count 5 seconds and use heal. - SURGE PAIN During this attack DO NOT shoot the boss. You and your team will take damage by shooting the main boss. Instead shoot/destroy the surrounding STATUES around the boss stage. Once you destroy all statues, you will stop taking damage. Destroying all statues takes a while. Even if the boss uses their next attack, the boss will continuously damage you until all statues are destroyed. DESTROY ALL THE STATUES! - ZANTETSUKEN Using your compus, look at the arrow. The arrow is pointing NORTH. Crouch behind the NORTH statue. (The edge of the boss platform) Keep in mind that after every attack, the next attack is quick. If you do not understand something from the guide, feel free to ask me anything.
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    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    Name: Hunter Age: 24 Location: STL Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/773840 Steam: STEAM_0:1:18330671 Server hours: 864 Forum Posts: 784 Favorite Server: JB About Yourself: I play overwatch at a high level, I currently attend university on a fullride to play overwatch for the schools team Do you use a Microphone? yes Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? Yes, I got kicked out of sG for being a toxic ragebaby and took a 3-4 year break from CS Questions or Comments: Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): fontaine Link to Introduction Thread: ( couldnt find old old one)
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    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Armor and Helmet every time. You're a terrorist and have been put in jail. If you want to be free, you'll have to fight for it and be as crafty as you can. All the best maps give CTs armor and helm anyways. It makes for a better JB experience. Imo rebelling shouldn't be easy. If you want to fuck up a round and fuck over the CTs, earn it by being good and timing your approach well.
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    Jailbreak is great!

    That's chill and all but if you remove blackout I'll find you and kill you
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    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

    ref 2/20 best places to get your hair done are usually salons
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    chaos @ me on discord or add me on steam and i'll give u this card