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    Stepping Down

    Hey guys, unfortunately I have decided that I want to step down, at least for the time being. I don't have as much time anymore and I don't feel the same about gaming as I did, so being advisor is more work than it is fun for me atm, even if it's not that much work. I wanna make sure that someone with new energy can be JB advisor instead of me. Hopefully you guys liked everything I did for JB and I might try to come back for the position in the future if it's open, but I will say goodbye for the time being. Will probably not be active in discord nor on the servers but might get on once in a while.
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    Hey guys, So over the past few years I've fixed a few broken maps ba_jail_blackout_csgo_fix1 → jb_blackout_sg_v1-0 (v1-1 coming soon™) jb_tower_b7 → jb_tower_b8 jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2b → jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2c (v4-2d coming soon™) jb_clouds_beta02 → jb_clouds_sg_v6 (v6-1 coming soon™) ba_fail_jail_go_b4 → jb_fail_jail_b5 (coming soon) But now I want your guys opinions on somethings. First off I have planned to fix either texture_jail or some other map that needs fixing. Next I wanted to overhaul a map that badly needs it (which there are a lot of). The main difference between an overhaul and fixing is how much I change in the map. In a fix I try to keep the map exactly the way it was and to only fix things that were broken or never worked the way the mapper intended. In a overhaul I will change textures, games, layout, etc.. but I will try to keep the spirit of the map going forward. Think of ba_jail_shel_sgfix_csgo_v2 vs jb_ivanns_is_a_faggot_csgo_v2 where ivanns is a complete overhaul of the shel map and shel is just a port/fix. SPAWN PRIORITY: I also wanted to take this post to point out something subtle I've been doing in these maps that you may or may not have noticed. Its called spawn priority and I have it planned or in all the maps above. Basically I can decided which spawns will always have players spawn there and others that only get players there if there are a certain amount of players on the server. The way this works is that spawns have a priority setting from a scale of 0 being the lowest and 999 being the "highest". The player will always spawn at lower numbered priority first before moving onto higher numbers. So if I have 8 T spawns, 4 of which have priority 0 and 4 with priority of 1 and I have 6 Ts on the server then the 4 priority 0 spots will always have a player spawn in them while the spawns with 1 might get a player there (random every round which spot gets filled). MY SPAWN PRIORITY PHILOSOPHY: I want low pop rounds to have less rebelling because its just pointless (it's like a 1 sided warday). But I believe that T's should have better chance of getting vent cells and rounds should be more consistent. So with my balancing I get rid of double spawns and make it 100% chance of ANY TERRORIST getting vent cell during rounds with 16+ T's. This gives players that want to rebel a better chance of doing so and also lowers the chance of getting multiple terrorist getting the same vent cell unless there are 24+ T's. This also ties into my opinion that CT's should have helmet+armor because I'd like to raise the chance of ant T getting vent cell. Removes CT's Lucky "No Terrorist got vent cell" rounds By ensuring any T will get vent cell with more than 8 or 16 terrorist Lowers individual chance of getting vent cell By removing chance of having 2 T's spawn in vent cell Spreads out Terrorist evenly between all cells Makes spawns more consistent for CT's to better predict round outcomes Buff gun cell pistols to Fivesevens with 15→30 rounds or Deagles with 7 rounds Rebel cell order 0→4 T's = No rebel cell 4→8 T's = gun cell 8→16 T's = gun + vent cell 16+ T's = gun + multiple vent cells SPAWN PRIORITY MAP NOTES: BLACKOUT (feature not used yet)- This map has 4 cells (top row) that have a chance to get a glock in it, and 1 bottom right cell that has 1 spawn that teleports you to armory. My change would allow you not to have to fight for the gun in the cell it spawns in, and also makes it easier to do gun checks since you will have less Terrorist stacking by default (1 T per cell most of the time). TOWER- This was the first map I used this feature on. There is only 1 vent cell technically (top left) but the all the corner cells have easy access to rebel by running behind cells. These charts don't show it but I also limited the number of T's spawning on these corner cells and spread out the spawning so that once again there is less T stacking. MINECRAFT (feature not used yet)- This map ONLY HAS 8 CELLS, 2 of which are vent cells. This would by far be the hardest to use this feature on given the limited number of cells to work with. I have what I think would be best, but even that I do not like. IMO this is probably one of the only maps that is best left untouched. Fail_Jail This would really be the 2nd map that I plan on using this feature on. There are 3 rebel cells (2 vent 1 gun) with 2 spawns each (NOTE: I didn't count the vent that leads behind cells). Once again the spawn priority are spread out so that there is less T stacking. There will always be a Terrorist next to the bottom vent cell with the smoke so they can still easily rebel. Terrorist tend to spawn on the lower cells first before the top row of cells. CHANCE CHART NOTES: On the "Any T's" chance chart 100% indicates that 1 T will get a rebel cell while 200% chance indicates that 2 T's will get a rebel cell (this also applies for higher percentages). I have 8, 16, and 24 highlighted because those are around the numbers I was trying to optimize for. Relevant ppl: @Nau @Beerman
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    TTT:GO Admining Guide

    TTT:GO Admining Guide One of the main goals of Admining is to not affect the current round in play either via slaying or asking the perpetrator why they did what they did. Typically we are going to want to wait until either after the round is over, or until both parties have died for that round before we take any action. (Exception would be if you absolutely need to ban someone and they are currently alive.) Another note: do not use Admin broadcast chat if you are dead and NOT IDed. You should also not use your Admin powers to sway a round by threatening to slay a player, ban a player, etc. This is a general guide for most scenarios that will occur on the server. There may be scenarios, however, that will not fall under this guide, so if one of those are to arise, use your best judgement. General Procedure Check the logs. While you should not assume someone is lying, it’s always good to confirm that an event did in fact occur. Another reason to do this is because the logs may give helpful insight into an event (and you may already be able to tell what happened by the logs alone.) Checking the shotlogs is also a good idea. Ask the person who may have RDMed. It’s good to also ask why someone killed another, as situations and circumstances may have occurred outside of the logs. If you are absolutely sure of it being an RDM without having asked the person, then you may punish them appropriately, but chances are asking them is the best way to go about this. Ask the person affected if they want the other slain. This is good practice, and it will also provide valuable input from the person whom was killed unjustly. Generally, someone should not be slain if the affected does not want them to be. (However, use your best judgement, as some circumstances such as blatant RDM may require a slay despite the affected’s answer.) Proceed with punishment. One or two RDM’s in a single round should warrant one or two slays, depending on what you feel best. If they have been constantly RDMing over a period of time, a ban is appropriate punishment. Useful Admin Commands to Know /slaynr (name) will add one slay to a person, who will die on the next round start. You can also add a number after their name if you wish to add more than one. /rslaynr (name) and /removeslay (name) will both remove one slay from a person. You can add a number after their name here as well. /blink (name) will teleport players. Use this if they are stuck somewhere, or if they are in an area they should not be. /rename (name/player) (new name) will change a players name. Use this to change someone’s name if it is unreadable/not pronounceable. (Names containing racial slurs should warrant a kick.) /kick (name) (reason) will kick a player from the server. /ban (name) (time) (reason) will ban a player for a specific time and reason. Going into console and typing ttt_log will yield damage logs for that round. Logs will also print in console after the round is over. Additionally, you may type ttt_shotlog in console to produce the shotlogs for that round. Other commands such as /mute (name) to mute voice chat and /gag (name) to mute regular chat may be needed if they are excessively spamming. Extra Information For all arguments above that require a name to be used, you can also use a players status number. To do so, you would put #(userIDnumber) instead of their name. For example, /rename #13 ExampleName. To find this number, you would type ‘status’ in the console. Ban lengths are listed at the bottom of the rules. I advise you, if you have not already, read through the current rule set and the ban lengths provided at the bottom, if you are capable of banning for those lengths. Final note: I'm sure updates will be made to this, so make sure to keep an eye out for possible updates.
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    Changes to R&R It's time to talk about the forums, discord and most importantly Recruitment & Ranks... The purpose of the forums have changed with the introduction of our discord server. The forums are no longer used in the way they were used to with people spamming F5 to see the next thread, comment, etc. As a community, we now have our immediate daily discussions on our discord server, which has been consistently active since its inception. With our forum activity decreasing due to the increasing activity on our discord server over the past couple years, we've decided to make some changes to R&R to reflect our current community activity. That way R&R will be updated so that NEW members will be able to meet requirements in order to reasonably achieve their ranks. We've come to an agreement that for future members trying to get their rank, it will become increasingly difficult to get your post count up without simply spamming our forums with nonsense posts... And let's be frank, no one wants to read that. So instead of figuring out a way to track discord posts, as well as having the potential for our spammers to move their efforts towards our discord server, we decided to just simply reduce the post requirement. Now you might be thinking... 'Wait did it just get easier to get your rank?!' Well in the post requirement, yes. However in order to balance it out, you must be prevalent within the community enough to get people to put in the effort to vote on your application. You must be active on discord or the servers in order for current members to get to know you well enough to get the new amount of votes required to obtain your desired rank. We believe this is a good balance to achieve your rank during this time of change in our community. Our community is ever changing with the ebbs and flows of the current gaming environment, where dedicated community servers are becoming less and less frequent in new games being released. We want to keep our community growing and don't want to discourage members from trying to achieve their well-deserved ranks. If you want to get your rank, earn it by getting members to vote on your application. Not only have we changed Ranks but we also made a small change to recruitment to reflect these changes as well. Please see below. These changes will be in effect starting on March 1st, 2019. Thanks for reading. - Travesty Purple = Old Blue = New OLD In order to be accepted as a Member Level 1: You must receive at least 20 referrals from Level 2 members, Server Officers, and above. Three referrals must be from Staff. NEW In order to be accepted as a Member Level 1: You must receive at least 30 referrals from Level 2 members, Server Officers, and above. Three referrals must be from Staff. Rank Application Guidelines NEW Returning Members In order to apply for your rank, you must be active during the previous 90 days leading up to your application. We aren’t asking for anything crazy, just some minimal activity during that time that shows you’re an active member within the community. We want to prevent people from going AFK in the community and only coming back to get their admin. OLD Member Level 2 Requirements: 6 months clan tenure. 250 forum post count minimum. 200 hour minimum requirement on our servers. 16/16 Community Vote from Level 2 and above. 2 Yes votes have to be from staff NEW Member Level 2 Requirements: 6 months clan tenure. 50 forum post count minimum. 200 hour minimum requirement on our servers. 30/30 Community Vote from Level 2 and above. 2 Yes votes have to be from staff OLD Member Level 3 Requirements: 1 year of clan tenure. 500 forum post count minimum. 450-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 14/14 Community Vote from Level 3 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. NEW Member Level 3 Requirements: 1 year of clan tenure. 100 forum post count minimum. 450-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 25/25 Community Vote from Level 3 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. OLD Member Level 4 Requirements: 2 years of clan tenure. 1000 forum post count minimum. 700-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 12/12 Community Vote from Level 4 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. NEW Member Level 4 Requirements: 2 years of clan tenure. 250 forum post count minimum. 700-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 20/20 Community Vote from Level 4 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. OLD Member Level 5 Requirements: 3 years of clan tenure. 2000 post count minimum. 1000-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 10/10 Community Vote from Level 5 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. NEW Member Level 5 Requirements: 3 years of clan tenure. 500 post count minimum. 1000-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 15/15 Community Vote from Level 5 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. OLD Veteran Member Requirements: 5 years of clan tenure. 3500 post count minimum. 1500-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 8/8 Community Vote from Veteran and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. NEW Veteran Member Requirements: 5 years of clan tenure. 1000 post count minimum. 1500-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 15/15 Community Vote from Veteran and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.
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    HOW TO PLAY CS:GO sG | Prop Hunt IP: event.joinsg.net Connect to CS:GO Prop Hunt Server and complete achievements listed below. Submit Screenshots of Achievements to sG | Travesty by starting a Private Message on the Forums. Please label screenshots accordingly. You may message each screenshot individually. You may complete an achievement twice to get more raffle tickets. ACHIEVEMENTS As a PROP 1. THE MAGICIAN - Disappear. Find a spot you where you’re 100% hidden. (1 Raffle Ticket) Screenshot yourself in the spot where your prop isn't visible. Hold tab to show that you're alive 2. THE NINJA - Have a Seeker run over you. (2 Raffle Tickets) Screenshot Seeker standing on top of you or a footstep away 3. DRAX - Win a round in plain sight... in the same spot from the beginning to end of the round. (3 Raffle Tickets) Turn on cl_showpos 2 Please screenshot once you are in place at the beginning of the round and at end of round. Must be in the exact same place. As a SEEKER 4. KOBE! - Kill a Prop with an HE Grenade. (1 Raffle Ticket) Screenshot Kill Feed 5. THE JANITORS PROJECT - Kill Nau, Kid Fearless or Travesty when they're a piece of Trash (2 Raffle Tickets) Screenshot chat message when Nau is a Trashcan, Bottle or Soda Can. 6. THE BAN HAMMER - Use The Hammer to Ban a Staff Member who's a Prop (3 Raffle Tickets Right Click to Use. Take screenshot from chat of you banning our Staff. The Ban Hammer can only be used once per map. Be careful when wielding such a power... Don't mistake a Member for Staff! PRIZES GRAND PRIZE Be the First Person to Complete ALL Achievements $100 Amazon Gift Card or Steam Gift Card Prop Hunt .gif forum badge (made by sG | Pike) **Must be a Member of sG to win Grand Prize** RAFFLE Complete Objectives to get Raffle Tickets. If you win Grand Prize, you will be DQ'd from Raffle. $50 Steam Gift Card $25 Steam Gift Card $25 Steam Gift Card **If you win Grand Prize, you will be DQ'd from Raffle.** **You will only be able to win the Raffle once.** BADGE Complete ALL Achievements and Submit them by End of Sunday, 11:59 P.M. CST Prop Hunt forum badge (made by sG | Pike) RULES Follow sG Global Guidelines (as always). Any attempts to loophole or exploit will automatically disqualify you from prizes. Be nice. RAFFLE DRAW Raffle Winners will be announced on the morning of Monday, March 4th GRAND PRIZE WINNER $100 Gift Card Hawk RAFFLE WINNERS $50 Steam Gift Card Guardian $25 Steam Gift Card Derpy $25 Steam Gift Card Eagle
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    Give Away

    On Sunday 2/17/19 I will be hosting a give away for a AK-47 Jaguar MW $20 To participate say “I” in the comments and you must be in the sG discord with me at Sunday at about 7:00pm Western time If you are not inside the discord during 7:00pm with me you will not be participating in the give away.
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    happy valentines day!

    Okay maybe I'll actually say stuff. @LindsayLoo Happy V day. You always make ttt (and w/e else we're playing) super fun. Even though you go through stuff outside of sG, you still keep this bubbly personality that makes you so likeable and you lift everyone's spirits. @daniel_ Happy V day, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be in sG. you and @KiD Fearless (Happy V day fearless!) were the first people I met. I remember playing KZ-endo years and yearrrrrs agoooo and having so much fun along with @krony (Happy v day!) and the other bhoppers on sg-bhop. After I applied, I then met these idiots @Sakarra @vexer (Happy vday!) along with @BabyNicol3 (Happy v day!). Nicole was so sweet and nice to me the first few times we met, it honestly helped me to actually use my mic more. As well as @Bluestreakid15 @spiderpigrider and all the other genuine people in the Nicole squad. Y'all are part of the toxic squad and half the time can be annoying but you guys are fun to play with, especially when playing outside of sG servers when you arent getting into arguments with people and there isn't any drama. @Nau @just reX Happy v day. @fps_trucka Happy v day. Apex is hella fun playing with u @Don Juan Happy v day! You're super nice and fun to play comp with. Too bad you live across the globe and one of us will always have shit ping. @Muddykips Happy v day! you're so young and innocent, I wish I could shield you from sG LMFAO @sweetrock Happy V dayyyyy! Everyone always says stuff about you, but sG wouldn't be sG without you, and you make it a lot more fun and interesting. @nothing_but_fail ur so stupid LOL fun convos Happy v day And all u oldfags @Beerman @Travesty @porknchili are great to talk about music with and just have stupid convos in general. Along with this loser @centran. Y'all are immature af but in a mature way. Happy valentines day everyone!!! I honestly probably forgot a lot of people. I'm tired af, had 5 hours of sleep and just got back from class. I've only been here in sG for a little bit, but y'all make the stressful-ness(?) of life a bit more bearable. Thanks everyone!
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    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    Hi everyone, With winter coming to an end, it’s time for another round of staff changes. We received and sifted through a lot of applicants, especially for the Recruitment Officer position. I’d like to remind everyone that our Staff applications are always open in case you are interested in applying. I would like to congratulate KiD Fearless for being promoted to Engineer. He has shown himself to be an exceptional member of Staff, and I am confident in his ability to perform in the role. In addition, please give a warm welcome to the following new Recruitment Officers: Ironic - Recruitment Officer Booch - Recruitment Officer Sean - Recruitment Officer Nau - Recruitment Officer As well as the new Advisors: Daniel - BunnyHop Advisor Lindsay - TTTGO Advisor Dark Falcon - ZE Advisor Lastly, I would like to announce the departure of Beat from Staff in his role of Recruitment Officer, and we wish him the best of luck in the future. I would also like to thank everyone who applied as there were a ton of good options for specific roles. Unfortunately, we can’t have everyone in the community on staff. That being said, I would like to encourage the people interested in a staff position to re-apply for the next round of staff changes. If you are interested, please click here. In addition, if you are a community member and are interested in a Server Officer position please submit an application to Clamps and Bulldog here. Regards, - Mimic
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    !!!MY ULTIMATE - WALL OF TEXT!!! Being able to vote NO gave interest in recruitment Giving community members the option to vote no/abstain/yes gave us more interest in who is trying to get into the community (which made us more active). I would casually read recruitment post just to see who was appling. A lot of the time it might have been a ZE/MG/War3 player who I had no idea about, but I would learn more about them through recruitment. Now since I have little power over whether they get in or not, I have little to no interest in looking at them (power tripping am i right?) Circle jerking Now I do hate this just like everyone else does or should. Everyone is talking about Nau's circle jerked app, but to bring another one up (in Trav's defense) @Cat-o's app was circle jerked until he decided to withdraw it because he thought his group of friends didn't like him or he just didn't like the circle jerk of his app. This really pissed me off because he was slated to get in but some people decided to fuck with him and make him sweat about whether he was going to get in or not. Everyone who voted no said they were going to change their vote back to yes at the last minute, but since he withdrew it was too late. Cat-O later did resubmitted his app and then got accepted, but that wasn't without a 2nd circle jerk/meme voting to pick on him. Having to give reasons for votes on recruits is pointless As Trav/eddy and others said, trying to moderate what is a "legit" reason is pointless, and would lead to even more drama about which reasons are legit/illegitimate. Receiving post count for reffing/voting on recruits No. Vote because you want to, not for a post count. I could go on about how many sections (like introductions) are there just for post count, but I've grown not to care about post count other then a really rough gauge on how active someone has been on the forums. Voting Bot / Public vs Private voting Like @zebra the voting bot was the worst voting method I think we ever had, which tbh is what turned me off of voting initially because of how fucked up that situation was. In that time frame there were 2 people I remember the most that applied who's apps were stupid. @slyfox and @krony. Slyfox was a huge fuck up on the servers. There were plenty of people that did vote "No" on him but it would have been better if they could speak their opinion directly on his app other than the TMS thread we had. I know I for one wanted to abstain (instead of "No" because he was getting better) but still wanted to make a comment about his past; the only real place I could do that was TMS though, so that's where I did it. I ended up getting really pissed at him after he got in because of the shit he got me into regarding "CT rape day", where he ask if it was still allowed on the server to which I replied "I mean if you can get a server vote to pass, i don't see why not". TO WHICH he decides to just have a CT rape day without any admin APPROVAL or SERVER VOTE and then THROW ME UNDER THE BUS. That is why slyfox is in a dumpster on my airforce map. Krony was dealing with a different problem. Krony had so much anti-furry hate on him because of the anonymous aspect of the comment section (which should have been known was going to happen). All of which could have really turned him off from the community kind of like Cat-O, but thankfully it didn't. Voting yes/no because someone else did I have a different opinion on this than most everyone else. I think it's understandable to vote yes/no on someone because your friend did. If I have a friend like @KiD Fearless who to me has a trustworthy type of character judgement then I can believe his opinion on a recruit is true. Now if someone like the people who circle jerked Cat-O's app tells me to vote yes/no on someone then I'm not going to listen to them because I can't trust they are not just memeing or have an overall terrible character judgement. People who get triggered over something so small and forever hate people are usually the ones I can't trust in their opinion. People who also have overly strong opinions on how great or bad someone is are generally not trusted by me either. For instance when I had someone steam message me about voting either yes/no on Nau's app back in 2016 and I said no im not going to listen to you, they got all pissy and neg rep'd me on my abstain post in Nau's app. So of course I'm not going to listen to their opinion anymore. Sad to see the rep from Nau's app are all gone so i can be sure but I think it was either @Swed or @vexer but I'm not really sure of either. I'll ask it again. What is wrong with this current system? @Travesty Everyone keeps saying it but I'll say it again. That we can't vote no or abstain. Saying "If not, then the system isn't broken and doesn't need fixing." is like saying since we haven't died from eating out of the dumpster then we don't have to try to eat somewhere else. The current system isn't horrible like the bot voting was, but that doesn't make it ideal or the best. Everyone is throwing arguments at you but you are ignoring them and saying they are invalid and then claiming "What is wrong with this current system?". Actually not being able to retract your vote isn't too much of a bad thing. Its like a real election per say. Once you throw your vote in the ballot its done, you voted. Poll vote (63% Yes / 36% No) @Rayne I think your vote is a little messed up tbh. Its a bit confusing with the many yes and no word usage, and given there isn't a "x" option (other than not voting) I think it needs to be redone. Have the vote with 3→5 options with one being a "i don't care what we do" so you can gauge how many people don't care on the outcome. Also possibly have a "leaning to yes/no vote" or "leaning to ref only" options. So it should look like this ↓ How should recruits enter the clan? With Yes/abstain/No voting Leaning to Yes/abstain/No voting I don't know/care/Other Leaning to ref only With Ref only CONCLUSION @Travesty's idea of recruitment is your welcomed if enough people like you (which allows more "guilty" people in). While @Rayne's idea is a more of you need enough people to like you and not that many that hate you (which bars "innocent" people from joining). This could be thought of like "you're innocent until proven guilty" vs "you're guilty until proven innocent". Because "you're innocent until proven guilty" allows more guilty people to go free (get into the community) where as "you're guilty until proven innocent" sends more innocent people to jail (not get into the community). Both have their ups and downs. I don't really have strong feelings for either one but I'd lean more with Rayne and have No/abstain voting. Here are my list points I'd like to make Private voting would be interesting but almost pointless with public comments hides brigades until the end of voting Doesn't inform the recruit if he needs to reach out to more people Public voting allows easy manipulation of the outcome aka "voting circle jerk" Comments Public comments makes the recruit less of a mystery and easier to learn more about Anonymous comments promotes bullying Private comments are pointless because PM/DM exist Reasons for voting can't be easily moderated Little power over the outcome of a recruit results in little interest in voting or reffing Would you have been happy if you could only vote for Trump or not at all?
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    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 100.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Earth is Flat Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community\
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    Thanks guys!

    It wasn't OK to make a post like that then and it isn't OK now. You're a big piece of shit for making this thread. It doesn't matter if it was a haha prank.
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    community update 3/5/2019

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    Props in TTTGO

    Props are intended to deal damage, and they will, but i have been prioritizing things recently, my intention was to fix the insta kill props. I'll get them dealing damage again soon
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    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 13.37 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community for pizza
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    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 17.38 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    TTT:GO Change Log

    fixed DNA chat spam if the target was not valid. updated default models and gave detectives their own model, reduced radar delay from 15 to 12 seconds fixed silenced scout not being silenced fixed some weapons not showing in shopmenu fixed a bug in the voice plugin that was causing entitys to dissapear randomly added Teleporter weapon for detectives and traitors added prop possession for spectators added an anti stuck plugin to help fix bugged spawn points
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    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 33.33 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community use to find eddy plz
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    Jailbreak recommendations

    Over the past month myself @Sponsored, Wolfshade and Rex have spent quite a bit of time on other JB servers trying to find what brings population to them. The servers we visited are popped most hours of the day as ours used to be. Based off of communicating with the admins of these servers and our own observations I present this list. 1. Leniency on new players Most CT's when we do get population are quick to kill anyone that slightly delays or maybe is confused on where to go, other servers use warning shots on non aggressive rebellious acts(Ie Not Bhoping away, shooting a gun, etc) 2. CT/Warden Priority based on Admin / Time played (PLUGIN AVAILABLE) Other servers are using this system to ensure the CT team is quality and qualified to do there job and it allows new players to learn how to play coupled with the newfound leniency we have above. To Elaborate more on this: You make joining ct a command and priority is given to players that fit a certain set of criteria: Hours Played, Admin Level, JoinSG steam group or whatever the server adv sees fit. 3. !ws Knives/Guns (Steam is against this AFAIK) !ws is a plugin that allows everyone to use whatever weapon / knife skin that they want. Although a few years ago the CSGO devs were very against this and would remove servers for it but majority of the high pop ones currently use it. 4. Require SO's to be active on the server they admin and help populate it. The server isn't going to populate itself. If the admin team "responsible" for the server aren't going to take initiative on its well being someone needs to. I have popped the server a few times in the past and the only SO that has been seen more then once is a BHOP SO. I know a few years ago SO's had an hour requirement but not sure if that's still the case. If it is not I think bringing it back may help to revive some dead servers. Active community members and admins alike will help keep people wanting to come back and build the population up. When I first started playing people like Eddy, Cows, Diabeticdaniel and Clamps made JB welcoming and fun and made myself and I am sure many other want to come back and be apart of the community.
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    I honestly haven't wanted to say anything but I feel like I should. Obviously I haven't been very active or.. at all. But I didn't just want to leave without saying anything. Seriously, some of my BEST memories were playing with you guys on JB, minigames, and other servers. I couldn't thank you all enough for how happy it made me sometimes to just hop on JB for a few hours at the end of the day, whether it was with 30+ people or if we were just getting it popped. I haven't been on CSGO or SG servers in a long time but I hope to see it continue to grow and I hope to see all of you continue to make great memories. I might be back at some point later, but I'm not sure. In the end though, I just want to say thank you, to all of you.
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    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    VERY EXCITED at these changes a lot of very good guys joining the staff team! Congrats to the new advisors @DarkFalcon @daniel_ and @LindsayLoo! If any of you want help adding or doing anything with the servers feel free to ask! I'm looking forward especially to working with dark falcon on ZE! Also HUGE CONGRATS to @Ironic @Booch @Sean and my BEST apex buddy @Nau. You guys are all great and looking forward to working with you all on events and such! I would also like to thank all the JCS and the managers for working on the update! @Mimic, @bulletford, and @Moose <3. Let's continue to try and make sG a great place to play games and unwind. UPVOTE ME
  21. 9 points

    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 13.37 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community for drug
  22. 8 points
    are you guys seriously at 23/30 for a dude who exploited the trust in his friends, fellow-staffers, and this clan as a whole (and poor security policy) to break into our systems and STEAL admin access while others have to pay? Not just once, ill remind you. He also access personal details of members without their consent numerous times and then bragged about it. This is NOT a person who should EVER be a member of sG. If our JCS weren't so completely fucking stupid he'd still be "permanently" banned for these actions.
  23. 8 points

    Obligatory Check-in

    What's going on? Just wondering who's still kicking around. I haven't played games in ages, but this place will never leave me.
  24. 8 points

    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

  25. 8 points

    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 62.80 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  26. 8 points

    TTT:GO Change Log

    Updated weapons plugin to work with melee weapons from DZ update moved teleporter to be a spanner that has the model set to a Tactical Awareness grenade, left click to save your location, right click to teleport updated the newton launcher model set fists as the default spawn melee weapon added knife as a T Weapon re-enabled taser for detectives
  27. 8 points

    happy valentines day!

    ill do some more valentines wishes since you nerds are just so nice. @Nau stop being good at ttt, but keep playing @Avenger you are my best friend and I love you @Dark Fry I appreciate you and @cookie eater for always making me feel good about banning more and more people @FanService you're a pretty cool dude, so stay that way or else ill find you @Rayne big ol' fuck you! keep being awesome and being concerned when I stay up too late @Destin im sorry I murdered that snowman @BabyNicol3 you're my favorite weeb @KiD Fearless thanks for helping bullet on tttgo stuff sometimes, its not unappreciated effort! @Mimic do more work ya big ol fuckin gay asshole. love ya though <3 @Beerman GET SOME MORE FUCKIN BONES BRO @Sponsored when are we hanging out @Clara there I love you too
  28. 8 points

    Lax JB

    Back in the day... THERE WERE NO RULES
  29. 8 points

    sG | Sunday Funday

    With the holidays now over and everyone getting back into the routine of things... we decided we should do the same! Starting next Sunday, January 13th we'll be hosting a new game each Sunday for you guys to join and play. Simply join our discord server to play! http://joinsg.net/discord Sunday, January 13th CS:GO Danger Zone Host: sG | Vexer sG Custom Server vs. sG Community Only Sunday, January 20th PUBG Custom Server and Jackbox Games Host: sG | Travesty Vikendi - Snow Map and Jackbox afterwards! Sunday, January 27th Rust Host: sG | Karma and sG | Wolfshade Start wipe on Thursday, Jan 24th on a server of our choice and raid on Sunday Sunday, February 3rd SCP: Secret Laboratory Host: sG | Sakarra SCP: Secret Laboratory is a Free-to-Play multiplayer horror game https://store.steampowered.com/app/700330/SCP_Secret_Laboratory/ Sunday, February 10th Town of Salem + TTT:GO Host: sG | Sponsored Sunday, February 17th DOTA 2 Host: sG | Krony 10mans and Custom Games! Sunday, February 24th LEFT FOR DEAD 2 Host: sG | KiD Fearless If you have a game you'd like to suggest we play, please do so by replying to this thread. As well, we will likely send everyone to raid a sG server to play, after we're tired of the game played. Once we get a routine going, I'm sure a stronger population will grow each Sunday as we saw with our PUBG custom server experiment.
  30. 8 points

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah i remember when you first opened up to me about this condition. Late night JB where it was just a few of us. Its pretty intense and the surgery to remove it his scary. Best of luck man. Because you go into surgery tomorrow 2/6, can we add something to the calendar? can we call 2/6 beerman day from now on?
  31. 8 points

    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 13.37 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community This is for @centran research into given winter storms consent.
  32. 7 points

    Rank incentives

    With the recent changes to recruitment we’ve been brainstorming what benefits we can offer people for being a part of this community. As many of you have noticed we’ve recently reworked the discord voice channels to give a few more permissions to members as they rank up. Individual rank channels are accessible to those who achieve that rank (and all ranks lower), as well as one for those that boost our server. Additionally the koolaid channel has reappeared from Teamspeak days, and Veterans have permissions to mute people or move them out of that channel if need be. I wanted to do something for the community members. It’s not huge but I hope that people will be excited, and appreciate it. Starting this month I’ll post in the announcement channel in discord for a monthly raffle. I will award the winner with their choice of one month discord nitro or one month gifted sub to a streamer of their choice. Please note this is directly from me, and therefore they are my rules and are subject to change or end when needed. Below are a few requirements I have to be eligible and how to enter. *How to enter: React to my message in discord when posted. You will have one week from the date posted to enter, and three days after a winner is announced to claim your prize. Please note reacting more than ONCE will make me remove your entry. Eligibility: Must be a member of syndicate gamers Must have their forum linked to discord Must have been accepted one month prior to the month of the raffle (ie you are not eligible your first month in sG) Must not have received any punishments in discord, on servers, or forums in the last two months. **Must be active in any service provided by sG (servers, discord, forums) *To start, every rank is a single entry. Depending on number participants and other factors I may play around with higher ranks getting a second / third entry. **I will be the judge of what is active. There is no specific requirement. Please keep an eye out for any changes in rules or how to enter. Hope you enjoy this, and if anyone has any incentive ideas for membership incentives please reach out.
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    Detective Nom Noms

    Noms and The Film Journey

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd give a little bit of a life update. So, I've transitioned from business into a filmmaking community in my area and I was tapped to give my go as a Director. The group asked if I would be a Director for their 48 Hour Film Festival project, to which I wholehearted agreed. Posted below is the film that came from it. If you are not familiar with a 48 Film Festival, a team gets together and they have to create, shoot, edit, and deliver a film all in 48 hours. 7:30 pm Friday until 7:30 pm Sunday. You are also given certain requirements for the film. Use of prop, character, line of dialogue, and specific genre. For the Asheville, NC competition the props and such were... Required Elements Character: Grant or Gina MacDonald, Window Washer Prop: a kite Line: "This isn't what I signed up for." OR "This is not what I signed up for." Our Film was nominated for Best Use of Prop and Best Use of Dialogue and we won for Best Makeup. Things that come from this venture has been pretty wild. I've been asked to do a commercial for a couple of local businesses in the area and several film projects putting me back in the Director's chair for Artifical Ink Creative with a new project coming later this year. Here's the link below. I have many criticisms about the film myself and some things I would love to change. There are also things that I truly enjoyed in it. So please... rip me to shreds with your criticisms. Tell me things you like or would have done differently or better. With that, see you all next time. Enjoy PhobosCon. Also, feel free to check out the other winners and films!
  34. 7 points
    Grayson Levi

    Suh, general update

    Hey guys, just wanted to give an update. I haven't been very active because I've been very busy with a couple different things: I graduated from high school and community college this year because of a program, which has taken a lot of time. I also managed to complete my Basic EMT certification and am now certified in my state. Along with that, in my technical school I did SkillsUSA again and won 1st place in medical terminology and will be competing in that national competition in Kentucky. I'm going on to a 4-year college for a Bachelor's in Biology, and working in my college EMS squad! I've also been on T for about 5 months and made some progress transitioning, thanks to everyone who has shown me support over the years. It's been 3 years now in sG (joined the forums in 2016) and I've finally gotten L4! Tbh that's always been something I wanted and I appreciate everyone who voted on that application. I've been SO and Staff here and there and I wish I had the time now to keep contributing. The many people I've met from sG have been helpful in many different ways, including helping me apply to college (Mimic), giving me helpful advice (Narwhals, Mimic, Lindsay, Rune, many others), and even Chosen helping me with class a while back. While there have been some bumps in the road here and there, I think that over the past 3 years sG has been awesome and I'm a different person than I was when I first applied and barely got in. I'll try and pop in every once and a while for tournaments and to the servers, but if anyone has wondered where I've been, here's the answer. Tl:dr: School stuff has kept me busy, you guys are p cool, and I'll probably be around for tournaments
  35. 7 points
  36. 7 points

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    Yes, Mimic used his power to deny Firefighter every single time he applied. It's ultimately why I had to leave staff, I couldn't stand by while mimic used his power wrongfully to deny the horse legend himself firefighter from getting JCS and saving this community from the gays. @MimicWe won't forget, We won't forgive!
  37. 7 points

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    Whose ready for the greatest redemption arc in anime history?
  38. 7 points

    Learn from your guys' mistakes

    Yesterday, I had the biggest "oppsie" moment of my fire service career. Long story short, we just got back from an alarm call (turned out to just be the alarm panel jacking up), and myself and my officer were heading back to the fire station. Well, after he punched in the code to the gate and starting walking to the station, I turned the vehicle, straightened out the steering wheel to "go straight", was looking in my mirrors, but then looked up for about 4 seconds to look at my officer to see if he wanted me to pick him up or if I was parking, then WHAM! I smacked the side of the gate with our ARFF Truck TI-1500. Turns out, I forgot that the steering wheel in that truck isn't proportioned right like the other trucks, so when you straighten the steering wheel how it should be, it really veers to the left instead of staying straight. In all honesty, I was pretty scared. Afraid I might get fired, fined, or I don't know what. Thankfully though, the airport we protect was actually really chill about the whole situation (so far they have been at least), and my chief talked to pretty much everyone appointed over me, and no one wants me to be terminated (fired). Chief said he'll have to look in the handbook to see what kind of punishment I'll be given, but it will probably only be a write up and letter of reprimand. Which will only stick with my career for 6-12 months. Then whatever the airport wants me to do (maybe some remedial driving training). I'm not making this post for ya'll to feel sorry for me or anything, I'm just trying to inspire a lot of you (especially new and younger guys/gals) to learn from your mistakes. It's better yet not to even make one, but we all make mistakes. Take what you learn from a certain mistake, and improve on yourself to not do it again. I know for damn sure even if the airport doesn't make me do remedial driving training, I'm going to take our other ARFF truck and do my own. Set up some cones and make sure I can clear some really tight spaces. Thanks for your guys' time, and have a great day!
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    Mr Eagle


    Im Mr. Eagle and i am new to the forums. I play Surfrpg, War3, and TTTGo when it comes to CSGO. I also play Warframe and Fallout 76. Also got garbage internet.
  40. 7 points

    My time is now.

    This is cringey af blame @Lindsay for telling me to post it. In the most lucrative part of Pizza Town, a castle loomed over the landscape, bearing the blue and gold of the once mighty Syndicate Gamers. However, the palace was a shadow of its former glory, with the appearance of crumbling after a massive assault some time ago. In the center room of the once grand structure sat a simple looking chair atop a risen pedestal, with banners of victory tattered about the room as if torn asunder in anger. However, it was the chair that drew the eyes, as it exuded an aura of greatness and untouchability. Sat upon it was a hooded figure, shrouded in the darkness of the room and enveloped by an aura of terrifying power. In front of this otherworld being knelt eleven figures, trembling as if bowing before an angry god. ”You have failed. This does not come without consequences.” The hooded figure spoke without moving in his chair. A cold chill ran over the room, shaking all before him to their very core. ”But my liege, we can rebuild! We can bring back Mitc…,” one started to say. ”Silence!” The hooded figure did not raise his voice, but his fury could be felt as the room started to heat with his words. ”You interrupt me, he who failed the most? You dare mention that buffoon in my presence? He could not even make it to the promised land, even accompanied by the Usurper.” The being let out a heavy exhale so to retain composure. “You, Jeff, are banished from this place, never to return. I care not where you go, get out of my sight.” The disgraced advisor turned and ran from the palace so not to incur any greater wrath. He had heard tales of Piplup, and did not want to meet the same fate. The hooded figure remained motionless, but the room returned to the previous chill. ”Pike. Fugner. ATTG. Sean. Remove yourselves from this place. Only return if summoned, otherwise do not enter this domain again.” Four figures rose and solemnly walked out. They were merely thankful that the monarch had treated them with indifference rather than contempt. Pike fell on the stairs walking out before composing himself to leave. The hooded figure turned to look at one of the remaining subjects. ”Cows. You served me to the best of your ability, however it is not enough. Rather than exile, you shall be given to the Legends as a gift. Do not waste this mercy I have granted you.” The figure stood. “Thank you my lord.” He bowed and then left, knowing his chance of greatness had passed him by. ”Rise, Eddy.” The once proud warrior stood, unable to look into the eyes of a being he had failed. ”Once, you served me well. No longer. However your talents have not completely dwindled, and you once were akin to a brother. I send you to the land of raids, so to rest in return for your years of service.” He raised a finger, and Eddy was suddenly transported to the land of WoW. ”Your kindness is unparalleled.” He pointed his fingers as a pistol out the door, toward the sea and the bounties of the land called the retirement region. He put down his thumb, becoming a bullet that shot across the horizon. Only five figures remained. Three knelt to the side, huddled as a unit. Two, obviously younger, knelt before the deity. ”Avenger. Lindsay. Once you were akin to flesh and blood. Now you must go, to fight our enemies and defend our home. Safe travels, my friends.” One of the kneeling figures melted away into a shower of golden liquid as if teleporting, while the other turned into a small bird, looking once at the god before flying away, a robin in the wind. ”As for the rest of you. These walls must be bolstered. Where are the new blood?” He looked to the door. As he did so, in walked several beings. One bore the horns of a devil, another blinding white garb. One smelled of chicken and walked with a twitch, as if he was unhinged. The hooded being merely looked at the medley, ”These will do for now, but they are not enough. Did any great warriors answer my call?” ”Yes, I did.” In the doorway stood a man bearing a katana, with a chicken tender adorned banner to his back. ”Nau. You enter my domain?” The hooded figure was still unmoved by the entrance. ”I have come to join you. We shall crush all in our path. You shall….” The warrior was interrupted by a blinding light from the entrance accompanied by a gust of wind. All turned to see a radiant and powerful being, levitating in a meditation like pose with many arms of light emerging from behind him. He nearly matched the hooded god’s shadows with his own light. He floated into the room without breaking his pose. ”Destin.” The dark god rose from his chair, casting an immense shadow across the room that brought all but the newcomer to their knees. He levitated and floated over to approach the new entrant, and the room quaked as the two forces of nature approached one another. When they stood a mere meter from each other, the room rumbled as the competing light and darkness fought. The dark god’s hood was blown back, revealing the Demon King himself, Bulletford. The two stared for mere moments, but to all in attendance it seemed like hours. Destin then extended his hand to Bulletford, an offering of alliance. Bullet was slightly taken aback, but extended his own in a handshake that would be felt the world over. The two gods then spoke as one, Now. To take back what is ours. OUR TIME IS NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kkjr4qcrkE
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    Post pictures of your food

    Might as well show off a bit before the flaming hot cheetos or raw chicken gets posted Currently in my third year studying culinary arts, here are some things I have done at work, at home and in school, some of these are from my early years so some look better than others. Food is not gonna look as good on a picture but here are some of the stuff that I think looks pretty good that I have made:
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    Jailbreak Revival

    we're all too old no longer do we have the people who would sit and play for 6 hours at a time thats what populated the server, heavy users
  43. 6 points

    New donation from Revöker

    Thank you, Revöker for your donation of 50.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community EDIT: TAKE IT YOU FILTHY WHORES!
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    I did it for 8 years. It's not that hard; it just requires an active R&R team. If the team doesn't want to be active, you get shit like this... Also, ROs don't change policy so becoming an RO won't help. They recommend. Only JCS can change policy. OK back to the shadows...
  45. 6 points


    Destin when he applies and gets in
  46. 6 points


    When I was around still and removed voting I hadn't planned on it becoming what it currently is, recruitment just feels like it doesn't have any community input and doesn't gather people around to discuss recruits like I had intended. I personally blame the bot for this TBH, everything is automated so there isn't any need for any interaction from staff or the community regarding apps. I don't think voting should be brought back because this community has proven time and time again that it will just turn anything and everything into a circle jerk, but I also don't think bringing back voting will help revitalize the community at all. I don't think making it harder to get into the community is going attract more people to join or encourage active or inactive members to become active again. drey
  47. 6 points


    Look Shortbus, if you're going to come on here and just shitpost nonsense, keep it in the Spam section where it belongs.
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    Carl Sagan


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    Nostalgia Attack

    Halo 3 Custom games were the best way to play games with friends on xbox live.
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    Brofest 7:00 Pst. Be there or be square.
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