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    On this day, the day of my birth, I announce my resignation from staff of sG and as a member of JCS. I'm getting too old for this shit... lol. In all seriousness it has been a fun ride but as of late I have not had the time or dedication deserving of such a fine group. There has been many projects I have been wanting to undertake for over 6 months but the purchase of a new house and now the panic of finding a new job has been taking precedence. Couple that with other minor things in my life leads to not being able to put as much time and energy into Syndicate Gamers as I have done in the past. As I reflect upon my oldness I come to realize that this clan has always had a strong youthful group who brings drive, passion, and energy to this community. We old people sometimes get set in our ways and can impede progress. Not to say that I was doing that but I will admit I have lost that drive. However, the JCS are not currently looking to replace me with some newer more vibrant model. No, they will continue operating as normal for the time being. JCS have done a great job and I wish them and all of staff the best. sG is in capable hands. I, of course, will still be around but won't be very active. When things settle down I might get more active but will not be returning into a staff role. I will be here if they need to consult on anything. However, staff currently has a nice variance of skills capable of handling anything. Thank you to the community, past staff, and current staff. Best of luck. See you around.
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    Step Down

    I should have done this a while ago. But better late than never I guess. Thanks, everyone, it was fun. Fuck Off™️, Fugnasty Also, fuck all of you who didn't 't vote me for the Kordless Memorial Award.
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    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Stepping down in a very Sith meme fashion. I'm going full-time streamer so I'm not gonna have time to be an SO for servers with broken maps, degraded damage logs, and nonexistant death scenes Gmod TTT has been stabbed in the back BY ITS OWN STAFF by removing the "Minecraft ONLY" feature, which was the main draw to our never ending player-base (and moderators), which consists of either emotionally frustrated 9-year olds or even more sexually frustrated trannies/weebs/furries. In all seriousness, this summer is busy for me and my playtime has been dwindling to basically nothing for a few months now. I keep seeing names that I don't recognize anymore and Gmod TTT is going down a new paradigm shift with new incoming SO's and regulars. As before, I've fallen out of love with the game mode and find myself forcing to up my hours on the server just to maintain my position that I've had for about four years now. Did I upgrade from my previous stepdown thread? Also make sure to follow and suBscribe, it really helps me out on this small-time stream, really just trying to bring a community together I appreciate it a lot. Its ya boi SithTheStreamer signing off. Stay safe guys. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://www.twitch.tv/siththestreamer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Friends, Lovers and Adversaries... WELCOME TO THE 1st ANNUAL SYNDICKIE AWARDS! From now until Tuesday, April 24, 2018 members of Syndicate Gamers will be able to vote for your fellow members for the following Syndickies! In order to keep the Winners a secret and to avoid a member voting twice, please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME YOUR VOTES OR POST YOUR VOTES IN THIS THREAD, please include all categories. Send me the categories, following with the member you're voting for. Please be clear in your voting or your vote will not count! **Each member may only vote once per category, and you are not allowed to vote for yourself in any category.** After the voting deadline, we will reveal the winners in this thread. Winners will be awarded the Syndickie Badge, it will be labelled for each category they win. HERE ARE YOUR CATEGORIES FOR THE SYNDICKIES... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Syndickie Backbone Award (Hardest working in sG) WINNER: Bulletford Other Nominees: Driz, Trucka, Moose, Face, Travesty, Jeff, Fontaine, Centran, Kid Fearless, Lindsay, Sweetrock * Awarded to the member of sG who deserves to be the next Legend if they do not have it already. Time in and time out, this member continues to contribute their free time and energy to sG. They are undoubtedly the backbone of sG and without them sG would likely perish. Heroes are Remembered, Legends Never Die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Talk Mad Shit All-Star Award (Best Trash Talker) WINNER: Beerman Other Nominees: Jeff, Driz, Sean, Sweetrock, Eddy, Fatboy, Rune, Cman, Chicago Ted, Ghoul, Branden, Narwhals * Awarded to the member of sG who dealt the wittiest, funniest, harshest and ruthless blows to other members... not only in Talk Mad Shit threads but over all of sG servers and discord. AKA the All-Time Best Roaster of sG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Holy Saint Award (Nicest in sG) WINNER: Waffles Other Nominees: Rootbeer, JahIsLove, Jeff, Bulldog, Ctark, Nom Noms, Trucka, BabyNicole, Kid Fearless, Dakka, Rune, MistaChang, Driz, Krony, Groot * Awarded to the member of sG who is the most kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and who you could count on no matter what to share pleasantries with any time of day. There is absolutely no doubt that this member will go to heaven, if a heaven exists. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kordless Memorial Award (Most Useless Current Acting Staff Member) WINNER: Jeff The Flying Shark Other Nominees: Fugner, Mimic, Krony, Sean, BabyNicole, Bulldog, Skitt, Lindsay, Driz * Awarded to the Staff member who does the least amount of work for sG. The Staff member who would most likely to be demoted next if Mimic actually did demotions for Staff. This Staff member provides no value to sG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Baby Rage Bestowal Award (The Biggest Crybaby) WINNER: Sean Other Nominees: BabyNicole, Swed, Karma, Eddy, Vexer, Sweetrock, Pike, Mimic, GraysonLevi, MistaChang, Narwhals, Crobat, Beerman, Ollie, Driz * Awarded to the member of sG with the most dramatic and shocking meltdowns. Over the most minute circumstances, this member will proceed to bitch and whine about almost anything that occurs in the daily affairs of Syndicate Gamers. You know to walk on eggshells around this member. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pepe The Frog Philanthropy Award (Dankest Memer) WINNER: Renegade Other Nominees: Beerman, Sweetrock, Imperium, Centran, Howard, Travesty, Dakka, Eddy, Jeff, Pike, Krony, Swed, Driz * Awarded to the memer of sG who provides us the dankest memes for our own entertainment. They're not only yielding the dankest rare memes but also create some of the best homemade memes on the market. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tacky Memorial Award (Most Likely to get JP'd Next) WINNER: Beerman Other Nominees: Narwhals, Drey, Sweetrock, Water.exe, Totesmagoats, MarkFromFacebook, Vexer, MistaChang, Ollie, Rex, Driz * Awarded to the member of sG who is most likely the next person to be a part of the Janitors Project. This member is certainly the most toxic or cancerous in sG and deserves to be eradicated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Temple Grandin Autism Awareness Award (Most Likely to actually have some form of Autism) WINNER: Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV Other Nominees: Sweetrock, MistaChang, Pike, Swed, Drey, Vexer, The Ben, Mimic, Nothing_but_fail, Firefighter, Nicole, JahIsLove, Travesty, Sean, Water.exe, Driz * Awarded to the member of sG who is generally hard to understand or comprehend due to the overwhelming nonsense they spread throughout the community. Whether it be their spelling, lack of general knowledge, and complete stupidity… this award is special for the special member in our community who time and time again continues to have us question their capabilities. It would appear they have their head in the sand day in and day out for seemingly having no idea what’s actually going on around here or in their own personal life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The White Knight Award (Self explanatory) WINNER: Junzou Other Nominees: Iherdcows, Velo, Piero, Lindsay, OrdinaryGamer, Totesmagoats, Driz, * Awarded to the member of sG who will take absolutely no time, or rational thought, to attack those who are the slightest bit of aggressive to the damsels in distress in the community. A man who promotes gender equality but practices special privilege for women. Believes himself to be the savior for the female gender and hopes one day his actions will pay off in an act of sexual benevolence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Donald J. Trump Presidential Award (Most likely to be the next Donald Trump aka President of the United States) WINNER: OrdinaryGamer96 Other Nominees: Clamps, Ironic, ZachPL, Nothing_but_fail, Junzou, Sweetrock, Driz * Awarded to the member of sG who just can't stop talking about politics. No matter the conversation, they will interject their political opinion even when unwarranted. Just like the President, they will stir up issues and topics for their own pleasure even though everyone is sick of hearing them speak. They live, breathe and excrete politics. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Steamy Nothing_But_Fail Award (Self Explanatory) WINNER: Rayne Other Nominees: Sweetrock, Demon, Karma, Nothing_but_fail, Jeff, Lindsay, Nicole, Driz * Awarded to the member who is certainly the hottest in sG. The guy, girl, etc. who most members would definitely fuck if offered. The member who doesn't need to even try... Naturally beautiful and sensually seductive.
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    Win $100 PLAYING JAILBREAK THATS RIGHT YOU CAN WIN $100.00 USD (Amazon eGift card) JUST FROM PLAYING JAILBREAK! HOW YOU ASK? PLAY ON JUNE 22ND-23RD AND ACCUMULATE 5 HOURS OF PLAYTIME TO BE ELIGIBLE. Requirements: Play on the server for 5 total hours (300 Minutes) You do NOT have to be an sG member you just have to be registered on the forums! Forum name and in game name must match to avoid confusion. You have to trust me with your email to receive the $100.00 eGift card. Dates: JUNE 22-23rd starting at 10AM CST ON JUNE 22nd and ENDS AT 12 AM CST ON THE 23rd (End of night on the 23rd)
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    nothing_but_fail stepdown

    thanks for the opportunity to be Server Officer! stepping down because I'm going to basic training on the 18th later bros @Jeff The Flying Shark I'll miss you... and @Detective Nom Noms
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    Marine Putin


    Hello, Welcome to all of the new players and the old players! I will be coming back to the servers and re-popping JB, and MiniGames! I miss the old times and I will try to bring back the old memories we were all fond of.
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    Recently, things have changed in my life that require a lot of my attention and I cannot rationalize staying on as an SO with dismal playtime. I'm apartment hunting, suddenly, and I have a big opportunity coming up for a new job. I don't know how long my situation will be this stressful or demanding, but it's time for me to take a step back and allow other players who can be effective SO's take the title. Thank you @Avenger for giving me the position and thank you to @Lindsay for not committing a double homicide suicide because of it. I hope that I'll be able to come back at another time when things settle down. Thanks everyone
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    sG TTT GMOD Server Map Update

    For years, sG GMOD Vanilla has run Minecraft maps so the people could play the server without having to download CS:S textures...until today! A decision made by both Zach and I, we have decided to add more maps to the servers: Non-Minecraft, and they do not require CS:S. Thus far, three maps have been added, and more to come! The current maps added with this update are: ttt_prison ttt_waterworld ttt_lttp_kakariko_a4 As such, any map suggestions or issues should be sent to Zach or I now that we have opened up this possibility. Thank you for playing on our servers and we hope this makes the GMOD Vanilla servers more fun. Any of these maps may be removed or replaced if need be. Have fun!
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    Hey thanks guys

    Well idk this is kinda just me being retarded, but I guess I just wanted to say thanks. I've been hitting some feels lately (good ones i'm actually probably the happiest I have ever been) and i've been thinking about things that used to make me happy and believe it or not this was one of those things. All be it I spent more time than any teenager should be spending on video games, and this place still took a huge majority of my time for almost two years and those were some tough times, and I was fucking depressed and some of you guys were great and I masked it with an edgy persona and it was just me coping ill admit it and im glad most of you put up with me. It really was so great and I miss it and thank you and ik some of u are probably gonna think im a fgt for making this and im used to it but thanks sG. <3 /blog
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    Just a reference if you're considering to ref this person
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    Happy birthday Nicol3

    Thank you trucka! We can code all you want, just don't grade me :D Thank you Booch! Thank you vexer! Thank you Falcon! I old. Thank you Kingpin! thank you Sponsored! Thank you Beeeen! Thank you Lindsayyy! Thank you Guardian! Thank you BJ! Thank you Ironic! Thank you BBB! Thank you Taz. This is a bit late, but yes there was a stream. It was at midnight hehe. Thank you Rock! How many rounds you paying for? ;) Thank you Drey! Thank you Fuze! Thank you Bluestreak! Thank you Kateesh! Thank you Sakarra Thank you Wolfshade! Thank you fake doctor #1! Thank you FaZe! Thank you Aristocrat, better late than never ;) Thank you, everyone! Sorry for replying late myself - it's been quite an eventful week.
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    Step Down

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    Militant Vegan


    The purpose of this post is to help those who are unfamiliar with veganism or those who are interested in the ideology. This post is in the "Serious Discussions" forum because I would love to have an open discussion about veganism. Also, I will be editing this post with responses to any question you guys ask. Tagging people who I think would appreciate the read: @Travesty @Ordinarygamer96 @MistaChang What is veganism? According to The Vegan Society, veganism is "... is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose." In other words, someone who considers themselves a vegan is a person who refrains from using any animal product/services (even if it does not cause harm to the animal), unless dire circumstances arise. The most common things a vegan will avoid are: Meats/Poultry/Seafood Dairy (milk, butter, cheese, etc.) and eggs Honey Clothing made from fur, silk, wool, etc. Cosmetics or medicines tested on animals Visiting zoos and circuses Why go vegan? The reason people go vegan varies from person to person, however, most people who go vegan do so for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. In this post, I will primarily be addressing the ethical beliefs behind veganism, but I will gladly answer any non-troll question regarding veganism. Ethical concerns A vegan who follows the ideology for ethical reasons is most likely aware of the fact that all animals are sentient; they are capable of perceiving and feeling things, such as emotion and pain. Therefore, because an animal (primarily cows, pigs, and chicken) can feel pain, they should not be subjected to systematic torture, exploitation, and ultimately slaughter for relatively inconsequential appetite. Simply put, a vegan does not believe our taste buds are worth more than the life of an animal, and that animals should be able to live a life as free of unnecessary pain and suffering as possible. Common fallacies and arguments made against veganism (arguments and responses mainly provided by "Your Vegan Fallacy Is") "Animals are not intelligent enough to matter and humans are at the top of the food chain" My Response: This argument is based on the idea of speciesism, which is defined as a prejudice similar to racism or sexism, in that the treatment of individuals is predicated on group membership and morally irrelevant physical differences. By following this train of thought, it would seem reasonable that any non-human animals are subject to our will, including dogs, cats, and other animals that we adore and call family. However, I believe a majority of Americans would be appalled at the thought of people harming and killing a dog, in fact, it is seen as a crime and the offender can serve jail time depending on the state. By picking and choosing which animals are allowed to live a relatively happy life, you are displaying speciesism. The matter of the fact is, ALL animals are smart enough to be able to feel pain and to feel a sense of suffering. While the degree of which they suffer is arguably lesser than what a human would go through, it is suffering nonetheless. YVFI Response: All animals are intellectually and emotionally sophisticated relative to their own species, and many have thoughts and emotions more complex than those of young human children or the mentally disabled. Even so, it is not logical or equitable to withhold ethical considerations from individuals whom we imagine think or feel differently than we do. We uphold the basic rights of humans who do not reach certain intellectual and emotional benchmarks, so it is only logical that we should uphold these rights for all sentient beings. Denying them to non-human animals is base speciesism and, therefore, ethically indefensible. Further, it is problematic to assert that intelligence and emotional capacity exist on a linear scale where insects occupy one end and humans occupy the other. For example, bees are experts in the language of dance and communicate all sorts of things with it. Should humans who cannot communicate through interpretive dance be considered less intelligent than bees? Finally, even if an intellectual or emotional benchmark were justification for killing a sentient being, there is no scientific support for the claim that a capacity for intelligence or emotion equals a capacity for suffering. In fact, there is a great deal of scientific support for just the opposite; that because non-human animals do not possess the ability to contextualize their suffering as humans do, that suffering is much greater. Cont': The terms 'food chain' and 'food web' refer to a natural ecological system whereby producers in a specific habitat are eaten by consumers in that same habitat. The term 'circle of life' has no scientific meaning at all. In neither case do the terms refer to the human consumption of animals, since humans do not exist as consumers in a natural ecological system where cows, pigs, cats, dogs, fish and other food animals are producers. The only use of the terms 'food chain' or 'circle of life' in the context of human food choices is to legitimize the slaughter of sentient individuals by calling that slaughter a necessary and natural part of human life, which means the apex predator justification for eating animals is a failure on two fronts. First, the terms themselves either do not apply to the ecological relationship we have with animals or they have no meaning at all. Second, we do not need to eat animals in order to survive, so the underlying moral imperative of 'might makes right' is not ethically defensible. By analogy, a bank robber might claim to be at the top of the corporate ladder since he had the ability to take what belonged to others and chose to do so. TLDR: Animals are intelligent enough to feel pain and suffer, therefore it is immoral to depend on them for food when we can live and thrive on a plant-based diet The life of a pig in a U.K. slaughterhouse (NSFW): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o67mK42zgOU "I have canines, therefore I should eat meat" YVFI Response: Using dentition as an indicator of diet is a hard case to make. Domestic cats and dogs have similar dental structures, but cats are obligate carnivores and dogs can be vegan. Gorillas are herbivores with long canines. Our own teeth are closer to those of herbivores than carnivores, but we are capable of digesting the flesh and secretions of other species, which means that we can choose to eat plants, animals or both. So it's clear that a species' teeth are not a reliable determinant of its dietary requirements. My add-on: We have pathetic ass canine teeth, meanwhile hippos are running around with their gigantic canines eating mostly plants. "Animals eat other animals, therefore it's okay if I do it" YVFI Response: Non-human animals do many things we find unethical; they steal, rape, eat their children and engage in other activities that do not and should not provide a logical foundation for our behavior. This means it is illogical to claim that we should eat the same diet certain non-human animals do. So it is probably not useful to consider the behavior of stoats, alligators and other predators when making decisions about our own behavior. My response: I have found a great video that I think I would more or less just copy in text, so I'd rather just share the short video for you to watch (See below). "Plants can feel pain, so it's immoral and hypocritical for you to eat them" My response: Plants lack a brain, nerves, and a central nervous system altogether, so scientifically they cannot feel pain. Plants do in fact react to their environment, however, this is not a conscious decision made by the plants (they cannot make conscious decisions). YFVI add-on: Regardless, each pound of animal flesh requires between four and thirteen pounds of plant matter to produce, depending upon species and conditions. Given that amount of plant death, a belief in the sentience of plants makes a strong pro-vegan argument. "A vegan diet isn't healthy" Quick video by Earthling Ed explaining the benefits of a vegan diet. TLDW: The American Dietetic Association and British Dietetic Association have stated that a vegan diet is healthy and adequate for all stages of life, including pregnancy. All nutrients that we need to survive are available in plant-based forms, and can also be found in supplements if you have trouble reaching the needed daily amounts. Furthermore, some of the largest animals, such as gorillas and elephants, are purely herbivorous and manage to get enough protein in them to keep their strong physique through plants. Also, there are many athletes and bodybuilders who thrive on plant-based diets. Things like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's, certain cancers, and more are preventable/reduced by eliminating animals products that are high in saturated fat (red meats, whole milk, certain cheese, etc.) "My religion says it's okay to eat animals" YVFI Response: There are many religions with many diverse teachings on the topic of eating meat. In some, there are prohibitions against eating certain animals. In others, it is permissible to both sacrifice animals and eat them. However, it is important to remember that religious permission is not the same as religious imperative. In other words, simply because your religion permits you to eat meat, that does not mean it requires you to do so. My response: As with any of these arguments, there is a lot to cover, and with religion, I feel it is best to discuss it on a case-by-case basis. However, my response would follow the response given above. Most, if not all major religions call for the compassion of their believers, and while it may have been necessary for people to survive on animals hundreds and thousands of years ago, it is not necessary now. Therefore, I believe it is correct to assume that an all-loving God, who created these animals to feel emotions and potentially suffering, would prefer his followers to choose a plant-based diet because it is now clearly shown that humans can thrive on the diet. Again, I believe that if two plates of food were put in front of you, one plant-based, then other made with animals, your God would be happier with you choosing the meal where no animals had to die. This is the end of the original post, there are many areas and arguments I did not cover for the sake of my personal time. However, I am more than happy to answer any serious questions you bring up. I will post my response as a comment and add it to this post below as an edit! Also, I'll share some great videos/documentaries that I highly suggest everybody watches! Earthlings (2005 documentary): http://www.nationearth.com/ Speech given by Earthling Ed (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3u7hXpOm58 More by Earthling Ed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=To2vMMi653U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYwk1Pd-g4s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PVPoRqZ-sA 1. I am not well-based on animal testing, so I cannot give a great answer. However, I think the important thing to note is that we should always seek alternatives if they are available. I will definitely look more into this and comment back if I find anything. 2. I think most vegans are in agreement that a vegan diet was incredibly difficult to follow through about 30 years back, and I would agree that humans might not be where we are today if we didn't rely on it. However, that is not a justification to eat meat NOW. Before, it could have been argued that animal consumption was necessary, but we have advanced so much where we don't need to eat animal flesh or any products they produce. No rational vegan would say that we are herbivores, we are indeed carnivores; we have the capability to consume (albeit pretty poorly in some cases) animal products like meat and milk. But the idea behind veganism in today's society is that we have a choice to choose between a purely plant-based diet and a nonplant-based diet. Because we have that choice, it means there is not a necessity for animal consumption, so what becomes the moral justification for eating the animals? 3. Vegan diets have recently received more attention and is being studied more now. There is no definite proof on long-term benefits of a purely plant-based diet, however, it is shown that diets high in saturated fats are associated with heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer's, high cholesterol, etc. Vegan diets are typically very low in saturated fats, while a typical omnivore diet has to watch out because of the saturated fats in dairy and certain meats. It is true that B12 is not naturally found in plant-based foods, but there are a plethora of B12 fortified cereals, plant-based milk, and more. Personally, I take an iron supplement and a B12 supplement just because I know I won't be able to meet my requirements everyday (It should be noted that non-vegan also have a high rate of B12 deficiency, it is not only a "vegan issue"). Overall though, studies have shown that vegans have lower BMIs compared to humans who eat meat and also to vegetarians. 4. Vegan sometime are split on the issue of insects, I personally still kill spiders in my apartment (I have caught and released a few), because I am terrified of them. I know I shouldn't kill them, and it's something I work on, but no one can be perfect. Regardless. I think its safe to say that vegans generally agrees killing mosquitos are okay, they present a threat to you (they can carry diseases). Also, it's not that species are created equal or have to be treated equally to humans. It's that we believe that they deserve the basic right that we humans get to enjoy, the freedom of life and the choices that come with it. In regards to natural carnivores, I suggest you watch the 3-minute video I posted about animals eating other animals. It talks about something called moral agency, and why we cannot really blame wild animals for their actions. Because you like the taste of their flesh, eggs, or milk is not a moral justification to increase the demand for their products. Something I brought up in the original post was that vegans believe that our taste buds and those 15 minutes where we enjoy the taste of an animal's carcass is not worth their only life being taken away from them. Do you think your taste buds are worth more than their life? If not, then what is your moral justification for doing that? In regards to zoos and aquariums, vegans attempt to not contribute to the exploitation of animals. While it may be cool for a class to see whales, fish, zebras, etc. it is not okay to keep them captive in an exhibit for what I assume to be the rest of their life. I know of few cases where the animals are rescues and they would not be able to survive alone in the wild, and that I believe can be argued to be a valid exception. However, as far as I know, most animals in zoos and aquariums do not fall into that category. As with animal testing, I am not the most well-versed so I would love to hear more about AZA institution via PM or here. Thanks for the response! 1. Chicken's do lay eggs naturally, however, they are kept in awful conditions, even when labeled "free-range". Free-range eggs are more or less a marketing ploy used to make consumers feel better about where their eggs are coming from. The hens still are debeaked without anesthesia and like I said, the conditions are still shit. Furthermore, male chicks are killed extremely young because they do not get as big as female chickens and they obviously cannot lay eggs themselves. By supporting (buying) eggs from even local farmers, you are supporting all the consequences of it. Unless you yourself have seen the conditions of the chickens, you cannot simply trust your local farmer, because chances are, they don't treat them well (especially the male chicks). 2. Milk, in my opinion, is crueler than what happens to chickens. Female cows are artificially inseminated (a human fist is shoved into their reproductive tract, where they will put the sperm). A few hours after the birth the calf will be permanently (in most cases) separated from the mother. The female calves will grow up to live the same fate as their mother, whereas the male calves will generally be chained up and ultimately slaughtered at around 14 weeks old for veal. These calves never get to drink their mother's milk, we take it away from them. My numbers might be a bit off, but the average dairy cow is supposed to be able to live up to 12 years, but because of the constant stress put on the mother (constant milkings and births) they die around the age of 3 or 4. Again, by demanding milk, you require a farmer to forcefully impregnate a cow, separate the mother of their newborn, then deprive that newborn of its mother's milk. By supporting the dairy industry, you are supporting the consequences. 3. This is from YVFI: "In commercial honey operations, queens are purchased after having been artificially inseminated with crushed males. The wings of these queens are ripped off to prevent them from flying away, and while they would normally live to four years old, they are killed at age two to make room for younger queens. Further, commercial hives are often left to die by starvation and exposure or killed as a means of controlling stock. Even in smaller honey operations where bees are treated gently, some are crushed to death when their hives are disturbed. Beekeepers in these environments often replace honey with sugar or corn syrup to maximize profits, but these are not a bee’s natural food, and they are not sufficient to sustain an entire hive through the winter. Ultimately, wild hives create living conditions and food stores ideally suited to sustain themselves, but human intervention results in starvation, suffering and death for bees. So since humans do not need honey to survive, eating it is indeed unethical." 4. Sorry for not responding in my own words, but it's getting a bit late and this website does a great job of explaining things: "Essentially all wool comes from sheep sheared on industrial farms, which often involves very rough handling of the sheep and is a process which inflicts painful nicks and cuts on the sheep's skin. These injuries attract flies and promote "flystrike", especially around their tail where the skin bunches up. To combat this, so two strips of wool-bearing skin from around either side of the sheep's buttocks are removed, without using anesthetics, in order to create a scarred area of flesh that's less susceptible to infestations. This process is called "mulesing". It is also important to remember that there are no "old-animals" homes for animals that are no longer profitable to industry, and sheep are no exception. When they age and no longer produce as much wool they are shipped to the slaughter house, and this happens long before their natural lifespan. It's clear that sheep are very much hurt by all of this. Like any animal used by agribusiness, the abuses of sheep has many different facets. Sheep in the wool industry are selectively bred specifically to have more wrinkled skin so that they produce more wool, and this makes them more vulnerable to injuries during sheering and consequently causing more incidents of "flystrike". This creates greater profits for the industry while imposing negative consequences on the sheep themselves, which makes wool production a very typical example of how animal exploitation industries take advantage of the vulnerabilities of others in ethically indefensible ways. Put differently, in order to use wool for ourselves, we must decide that the satisfaction of our own desires is somehow more important than the rights and needs of others. By contrast, the philosophy of veganism denies the validity of any line of thinking which seeks to justify abusing others for our own gain." 5. Read my response about zoos, unless the animal was a rescue, I see no reason as to why it should be subjected to live its life in a cage as an exhibit for our entertainment. While theoretically, you can get eggs from chickens without *you* causing them to suffer (the selectively breeding chickens and many other animals went through puts continuous stress on their body as they were not meant to produce so much produce), I truly believe you cannot ever get milk without their species to suffer. The milk is made for the newborn, just like any other mammal. By giving us humans milk, we are taking away not only the nutritional substance that will be used to help a cow become healthy, we take them away from bonding. Just like humans, cows have been observed to be maternal creatures. You put stress on the mother and the calf by separating them and not allowing her to feed her child. In regards to an animal living the good life, at the end of the day, they are on that farm to make money for the farmers. They are being exploited for financial gain against their will. Furthermore, having shitty conditions is how most farms are operated, local or not. The severity of the conditions obviously varies, however at the end of the day, in order to get milk you are depriving a mother and calf of bonding, and giving that newborn a dietary substitute, just because of our taste preference. To wrap it up - Most farms practice undeniably cruel practices and beyond awful conditions for their cows. There are some that can do a better job, like giving them big open fields to roam. But the matter of the fact is, a dairy farmer is going to send a male calf to the slaughterhouse for veal, and the female calf will have to go through the same hardships that her mother went through (artificial semination, constant milkings, being separated from her children). Like I said to Jodas, there are consequences that happen when we begin to consume milk, and we are responsible for those consequences as well. On topic is bees, obviously the degree to which they suffer is lesser than that of cows and chickens, however, some bee farms are not cared for at all. Regardless, the reason I personally don't consume honey is that it's incredibly easy to avoid, and also that it always falls into the category of exploitation for me, even when done as humanely as possible. Lastly, I don't think any reasonable vegan wants everyone to become vegan overnight. I'd assume a majority understand changes need to be made step-by-step to ensure there is no dramatic shift that causes an economic crisis or something like that. While obviously, I don't know the perfect plan to prevent that, what I do know is that people can begin to reduce their dairy and meat consumption and begin to purchase alternatives. I 100% agree with you that it is in the vegan's interest to reduce suffering as much as possible, not necessarily completely, because no one can be a perfect vegan. I don't see how your comparison really fits into this whole idea of veganism. We know that animals have a central nervous system, we know that they can feel pain, we know that they can suffer, and depending on the species they can feel a wide range of emotions, similar to that of a human. We also know that we as humans can live our entire lives eating solely plant-based foods. So, because we can live a healthy life without animals being involved, and because animals suffer and feel pain when we slaughter them, debeak/dehorn them, etc. we would need to find a moral justification for their suffering. Maybe I didn't specify the premises enough in the original post, but I don't see how our lines of logic are similar. Veganism is about denying any nutritious claims of non-vegan foods. I and any other reasonable vegan could agree with you that eggs are a great source of protein, B12, and GOOD cholesterol. While their mercury count is something to be wary of, some fish high in fat are also great for their omega 3s. It's not about denying that it has nutrition, because obviously it does, just look at the nutrition facts. But the point is, we can find our nutrients in other foods, so it goes back to the point I made in the last paragraph - when we can find the nutrients in other sources, and because animals feel pain and suffering, we would need to find a moral justification for choosing their nutrients, rather than a plant-based one. Side note, I didn't become vegan to be seen as a more ethical person to my peers and random strangers on the internet; The reason why I went vegan was so that I could be the voice for the voiceless. I realized that billions of animals every year are being used against their will and I realized I could do something about it. I hope what I'm about to say makes sense and I don't seem like an idiot, but -- I am vegan not because it makes me a more ethical person, but because following veganism is an ethical thing to do. Thank you for sharing the video, it definitely helps show the cruelty of slaughterhouses. Something I and probably most other vegans went through before adopting this lifestyle was something called cognitive dissonance, maybe you know what it is, so sorry if I seem like a jackass for explaining this. Your morals/beliefs (animals should not be treated like this) do not line up with your actions (eating animals/animal products). Because of the inconsistency, you being to feel "uncomfortable" whenever you think of the subject, so you either choose to change your morals/beliefs or your actions. In most cases when the situation (vegan and non-vegan topics alike) is not ambiguous and seen as more important, people choose to change their beliefs rather than their actions. We (Me included) would come up with excuses to please our mind as to why we were okay with animals suffering, even if we knew that the beliefs weren't really true. Again, I am afraid I might come off as an ass for explaining this and that is not my intention, but I thought maybe this was something you were going through too. To be honest with you, I am not that well-versed in regards to hunting, however, I can specify my beliefs and I'm sure your knowledge of hunting would be able to pinpoint where I would stand. I believe all animals, even dangerous ones such as bear, wolves, snakes, etc. have a right to live their life with as little unnecessary suffering as possible. If a potentially dangerous animal is wandering about your yard and chances are it will leave on its own after an hour or so, you should just let it be. If an animal is KNOWN to disrupt the natural ecosystem and cause the potential for endangerment and extinction, then I would leave it up to a non-bias organization to come up with a proper plan to handle the situation. It's still a bit early in the day and I know there is a word for what I'm about to describe, so help would be appreciated - As predator X hunts and kills prey Y, prey Y population decreases, when prey Y population decreases, predator X begins to die off from starvation, because of a lower population in predator X, prey Y population increases, so on so forth. In those cases, it is not okay to disrupt that cycle. Also, I strongly believe that ending any species life early, even if every single component of the body was used, is cruel. If money permits, I plan on having a sanctuary for farm animals when I get older. I would provide them with the best care I could give them, including quality food and large fields to roam, as well as other animal friends to play with so they won't get bored. Like you brought up, I would never kill them early unless they were suffering from a chronic disease that was causing their everyday life to become a struggle. Would I eat the eggs? Maybe, I really don't know how I feel about it yet. Personally, if you yourself raised chickens, didn't kill them early, and didn't breed them, then I don't believe there is anything wrong with it. Also, I would NEVER sell the eggs and never let the eggs leave my property. I do not want to increase a demand outside of the sanctuary. In regards to meat, the same thing applies to eggs, I don't kow how I feel about it yet. But if you follow what I said above, I don't think there is anything wrong with eating their meat after they naturally run their course in life. But again, I think it becomes an issue when people begin to sell these eggs and meats even if they were treated as nicely as possible and were not prematurely killed. What I described was probably the most humane way to consume eggs and meat, but if you begin to increase the demand in your city, it becomes a problem. 1. I really don't believe it's extreme to say most, if not all farms are bad. Farms are maintained and run by profit, and ultimately every animal there dies an early death. The standard practice for meat and dairy are abhorrent. 2. I don't think it's circular. I think exploitation of animals is wrong because they gain little to nothing for pleasing our taste. They have no say in what to do and because of that, I find it wrong. Bees are no exception to this exploitation. Also, the average farmer just living his life gets to live his life while the cattle he raises gets ultimately shipped off to a slaughterhouse. The farmer itself can give the cow a great life, but once the cow stops producing milk, the farmer ships her off to be slaughtered. To add on, local farmers are just as susceptible to cruel treatment of animals. I posted his stuff a lot, but I find his videos great. It's a short video showing one of the dairy farms in the UK. In all, even if the farmer gives the dairy cow a great life, her calf will be taken away (This is what happens, the farmers don't want the calf to drink the milk made for them), if she gives birth to a male, he will be separated and killed at young age for veal, and if it is a female, the calf will be separated from its mother and eventually begin her life as a dairy cow. When the mother becomes unable to produce milk, she will then be slaughtered. In your hypothetical, if the female was not forcefully inseminated, the calves never been separated, the males don't get slaughtered for veal, the calves get priority for the milk (I don't know how we would know what excess or not tbh), and the cows are never sent to a slaughterhouse. Then sure you can begin to make an argument that this is cruelty-free. Just let me know when you can find that. Also, I think we can both agree that a large majority (I would guess at least 75%) of dairy production is done in some of the worse ways legally possible. You can find ol' Mac, and kudos to him, but the majority of dairy farms are not that. There is no money in that process. At that point, I don't know why Mac just doesn't grow crops and non-dairy milk. On your off-topic scenario -- I don't think there's a right answer, but I would have to lean more towards eliminating the foreign species. To address your anecdote about seeing cows with their calf. I am just speculating, but I would assume those cows have stopped producing milk so there is no financial risk for the mother and calf to be together. I've heard great things about the beyond burger, have yet to try it though. I'm only scared because I heard its incredibly unhealthy for you and I'm afraid I might feel sick afterward, but yolo I guess. You bring up great environmental points, I talked about in discord and because of laziness, I didn't bring it up here. Thank you for sharing and saving me the time of doing it myself
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    sg > every other clan

    no other clan can take a map off of us in csgo its so easy also prizes from GCC if anyone was wondering, rufus: ~$85 steam games bite: $130 steam games + like some other shit that hes getting 10 days from now jiffy: $8 skin gambled away ($0) (azzkicker) dethyus: $8 skin gambled away ($0) eeiu: $4 steam game nerd: 0$ (dethyus stole his skins) [*] good work team
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    I think it'd be funny and useful to use clan funds to sponsor a child in Gaza for pennies a day. We'd get photos of them and updates throughout the year. Just think of all the moments we'd be missing out on if we didn't. First meal cooked for his family, first day of school, first day of ISIS training camp, first and last day of suicide bombing. It would be a blast. http://www.child-sponsorship.com/child_sponsor_gaza.html
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    Stepping down

    Hi everyone, Lindsay here, and I have decided I would like to step down from my position as Advisor. Through the past few years, I have enjoyed playing on our GMOD servers and being an SO, and eventually staff for them. I don't regret a second of my time spent on them, however I have had a lack of serious enjoyment from the servers at all, even the CSGO ones. I also haven't been enjoying staffing on the servers either. I don't wish to become an inactive staff member, and I believe plenty of people are capable of taking my spot and probably benefiting the server more than I could offer. I will still stick around and, if needed, pop the servers occasionally. Thanks for the chance to help out guys, and good luck. Don't be strangers
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    How has sG affected your life?

    Well, it seems as if sG Jailbreak has seen the last of its days. Even when receiving some small player pops it all dies down. I ran into an old friend who used to play sG JB, so we talked for about 30 minutes about all the good times and the times it helped us through while "maturing". It's sad that JB isn't as it once was but there's a lot of positive JB brought so I thought I'd share. As corny as it may sound, Jailbreak really helped me through a lot. I first joined Jailbreak when I was roughly 14 years old, and I am now approaching my 18th birthday. I've gone through a fair amount of things in these past 3-4 years. Honestly if it wasn't for Jailbreak I don't know where I'd be. It was an escape from everything I was facing in real life and I had people all around me I could talk to. That's something I will always miss. About 2 years ago I went through a whole lot at once and I was really beating myself up, I wasn't eating or even getting out of bed. The only thing I did when I did get up was play a little bit of JB and usually just not speak at all. Well, there was this constant meme of @Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV being a therapist was all over the servers/forums. So, I messaged him and asked if he was a real therapist because I was going through some stuff. Turned out he isn't a therapist. But I didn't let that stop me from telling him what was going on in my life, and he gave me advice from his experience and gave tons of helpful tips. He even hopped on CS and had a few comp games with me because I was saying really outlandish things as young hormonal teenage boys say when going through a terrible breakup like "I don't even want to live" etc. I was just sitting in my room crying in my room whilst playing Dust2 with Narwhals and a few other sG guys. I said few words that game but slowly, things seemed to get better. I would check in with Narwhals frequently especially a few months later when I met my current girlfriend. Things in my life did a total 180 from my old depressed days, and I give all the credit for helping me out to Narwhals and a few other guys from sG who helped me along with sG for just bringing us all together in the same place at the same time. All in all, sappy post or not. sG Jailbreak was an inspiring place for me and I really hope to see life come back to it in the near future. Also, I highly suggest anyone who wishes to tell some of their stories from experiences on sG Jailbreak, or sG in general to do so. It's funny how this community can so drastically affect someone's real life. That's all, thanks. -ples
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    AFTER A GRUELING INTENSE MATCHUP, SWED BEAT TRAVESTY 5-2! @Swed IS OUR WINNER! This has been an awesome experience hosting an event. Thank you for all that showed up and fuck @Rootbeer @Rock @Booch for no showing! woooooo. The badge and game of connect four is yours! Ahhhh yeah boys! Fuck the ROs it's my time to shine. I'm gonna have a tournament of the most tense, most skilled, and most competitive game known to man. Not PUBG, CSGO, DOTA, fuck Fortnite: it's Connect 4. Here's the deal: It'll be on the 19th of May. Next week. Starting time to be announced but aiming for mid-day, maybe 1pm CST. Sign Up by the 17th. Just fucking post in this thread if you're down. Show up. I'll blacklist you from anything fun again if you sign up and bail. No brofests, no events. I'll find you. It's going to be best of 9, first to 5 wins, no loser's bracket. I'll post the site below so you guys can fuck about in it. I'm not gonna make you guys take screenshots. If y'all start debating about who wins, I'll improvise. That being said. Don't cheat. There is a 15 second time for turns. Don't miss a turn and use some weird website that tells you how to win at connect 4. It's a game for 5 year olds. Use your brain. PRIZES: Respect, Honor, The Knowledge You Could Mentally Beat a 5 year old, a badge, and an actual copy of Connect Four sent to your house if you trust me enough with your address and are American. That's a grand prize. sG may throw in more prizes, who knows. Compliment me on my event planning skills. This is not limited to sG members. Bring in recruits, regulars from the servers, and GCC people. Randos welcome, but if one wins the grand prize I'm going to be salty. Join the sG discord day of event so I can round up all you retards. Bracket will be posted the 17th with the start time. Again, aiming for about 1pm CST. This is gonna kick off the summer right. So grab some beer, liquor, or bud and lets play some Competitive Connect Four. The website we are using is: https://c4arena.com/ Thanks. -
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    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Calls the server shit, immediately follows up with the "put me in coach" its a bold move for sure, lets see if it pays off To be fair though, sweetrock would know more about making money off of kids than I would
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    Stoned Zombie Run

    sG | Zombie Escape STONED ZOMBIE RUN This year to kick off our changes to the Zombie Escape server and to celebrate the changes, we are having an event! We will be trying out achievements for individuals rather than another Team Wars Event. Due to the nature of Team Wars events, a team could have a high probability of being stacked with certain people doing a lot of work for that team. This event will allow for competition between all players. WHEN April 20th at 4:20 pm CST until Midnight April 27th. HOW TO PLAY You must make a post in this thread saying you are going to participate. If you're not in sG, you must be wearing either the [JoinSG] or the sG ZE tags during the event. If you complete an achievement, please post proof in this thread and say which achievement you are claiming. For other achievements, we will announce winners at the end of the event! ACHIEVEMENTS NUMBER 15: Be the Sole Survivor of Icecap -- $25 Steam Card. STOP STANDING IN THE FOOT LETTUCE: Get the highest amount of kills during the week -- $25 Steam Card. MAKO WARRIOR: Win extreme 2 on mako -- $25 Steam Card for a draw of first winning team, rest will get supporter for a month. JUST CHILL MAN [sG MEMBERS ONLY]: sG Member with the Most Playtime during the week -- $25 Steam Card. STAR LORD: Most MVPs over the whole week -- 1st Place: Custom forum title. Second place: Premium Admin for a month.(If have both already E.I l3 they can have 50k credits because there wouldn't be a prize for an l3 member+.) SPAGHETTI DADDY: Most damage done to zombies throughout the week -- First: 50k credits. Second: Premium admin for a Month. I PLAYED THE MOST, WHERE'S MY PRIZE?: Most playtime of anyone on server during the week -- Supporter for a Month. THE SUPPORTER THAT WAS EARNED: Get 5 Kills as a human in a round -- Supporter for a Month. COVERED IN SWEAT [Winning Team]: As a CT, win sandstorm level five -- 25,000 Credits. I GOT GUD: Most wins as a CT during the week -- First Place: Animated Spray. Second Place: 50k credits. I TRIED SO HAAAAAAAARD [All can claim once]: Get at least 420 minutes played on the server -- 5,000 credits. All winners of the Achievements will also win the ZE Event Badge [Not 11] RAFFLE We will be doing a Raffle for ZE Supporter for a Month for all those who signed up and have at least 6 hours of playtime on the server! RULES You are only able to claim one prize, with the exception of #9 and #11. Everyone can claim #11 once, even if you win another achievement. With #9, the winning team will receive 25k credits, and be allowed to win other stuff too. There must be a minimum of 24 players on the server for your achievement to be completed. If you are banned during the event you are unable to claim prizes. All global guidelines must be followed (i.e. no griefing wall on Mako to get a solo, using a powerup for personal gain rather than helping team). No boosting (under Staff discretion). One round of Icecap must be played before someone may claim the prize. E.I. >One team has to lose so first person who loads in doesn't have advantage.
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    I'm a hero

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    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Hi everyone, It’s time for another round of Staff changes! This time around we are replacing two server Advisors, adding one new Advisor, and adding a new Recruitment Officer. First, I would like to thank both Avenger and Crobat for their time and effort put into the Garry’s Mod TTT servers and Zombie Escape respectively, and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Next, I would like to welcome the following members to the role of Advisor: Lindsay - GMOD Advisor MistaChang - Zombie Escape Advisor Nicol3 - Minigames Advisor In addition, I would like to welcome the following member to the role of Recruitment Officer: Dakka Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that Staff Applications always open for the roles of Recruitment Officer and Engineer. We are currently specifically looking for an Engineer or Developer focusing on the Zombie Escape server. You can find the Staff Applications page at http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/. - Mimic