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    Update to the Rules, 3/13/19

    Hi all! Yesterday, (and I'm dating the post for today as I did not mention it on the forums last night) the rulepage for the server received an update. The rules are fundamentally the same, however the end goal was to create a more clear and concise set of rules that people may understand easier. The intention is to still have a less strict policy while also promoting interpretation. As always, you can find the rules here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a certain rule or about them in general, feel free to leave a comment here or to PM me on Discord or Steam and I will get to it when I can. Thank you for playing on the server, and I hope the rules are more clear for you all.
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    TTT:GO Admining Guide

    TTT:GO Admining Guide One of the main goals of Admining is to not affect the current round in play either via slaying or asking the perpetrator why they did what they did. Typically we are going to want to wait until either after the round is over, or until both parties have died for that round before we take any action. (Exception would be if you absolutely need to ban someone and they are currently alive.) Another note: do not use Admin broadcast chat if you are dead and NOT IDed. You should also not use your Admin powers to sway a round by threatening to slay a player, ban a player, etc. This is a general guide for most scenarios that will occur on the server. There may be scenarios, however, that will not fall under this guide, so if one of those are to arise, use your best judgement. General Procedure Check the logs. While you should not assume someone is lying, it’s always good to confirm that an event did in fact occur. Another reason to do this is because the logs may give helpful insight into an event (and you may already be able to tell what happened by the logs alone.) Checking the shotlogs is also a good idea. Ask the person who may have RDMed. It’s good to also ask why someone killed another, as situations and circumstances may have occurred outside of the logs. If you are absolutely sure of it being an RDM without having asked the person, then you may punish them appropriately, but chances are asking them is the best way to go about this. Ask the person affected if they want the other slain. This is good practice, and it will also provide valuable input from the person whom was killed unjustly. Generally, someone should not be slain if the affected does not want them to be. (However, use your best judgement, as some circumstances such as blatant RDM may require a slay despite the affected’s answer.) Proceed with punishment. One or two RDM’s in a single round should warrant one or two slays, depending on what you feel best. If they have been constantly RDMing over a period of time, a ban is appropriate punishment. Useful Admin Commands to Know /slaynr (name) will add one slay to a person, who will die on the next round start. You can also add a number after their name if you wish to add more than one. /rslaynr (name) and /removeslay (name) will both remove one slay from a person. You can add a number after their name here as well. /blink (name) will teleport players. Use this if they are stuck somewhere, or if they are in an area they should not be. /rename (name/player) (new name) will change a players name. Use this to change someone’s name if it is unreadable/not pronounceable. (Names containing racial slurs should warrant a kick.) /kick (name) (reason) will kick a player from the server. /ban (name) (time) (reason) will ban a player for a specific time and reason. Going into console and typing ttt_log will yield damage logs for that round. Logs will also print in console after the round is over. Additionally, you may type ttt_shotlog in console to produce the shotlogs for that round. Other commands such as /mute (name) to mute voice chat and /gag (name) to mute regular chat may be needed if they are excessively spamming. Extra Information For all arguments above that require a name to be used, you can also use a players status number. To do so, you would put #(userIDnumber) instead of their name. For example, /rename #13 ExampleName. To find this number, you would type ‘status’ in the console. Ban lengths are listed at the bottom of the rules. I advise you, if you have not already, read through the current rule set and the ban lengths provided at the bottom, if you are capable of banning for those lengths. Final note: I'm sure updates will be made to this, so make sure to keep an eye out for possible updates.
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    Update to the Rules, 3/13/19

    It would be considered Traitorous, and if it is deemed to be RDM, it could be slayable/bannable. No delaying is in there.
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    Hey wats good guys!!!

    Hi, guys my name is Nissadabinks and I'm a gmaing youtuber/streamer. I awhile back I made a video that showed your server called CS:GO Zombie Escape funny moments. I would love ot make more for your server. If you guys would let me. I have been playing cs:go ze for a very long time and I was wondering if you guys would check out the video I made and tell me what you think. Also if you guys would love to be apart of the videos just let me know and I can add you on discord or such.
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    Any other good anime's out there?

    I know it's months since the inception of your anime binge cycle, but I'll throw in my recommendations of quality material. By the way, if you watched Death Note subbed, I'd recommend watching it again dubbed (in a year or so); the English voice acting is excellent. +1 on the mentions of: Attack on Titan [10/10] One of my favorite pieces of media. The action sequences are top-notch, the soundtrack is rivalled only by Death Note in terms of atmosphere/mood, the plot is genuinely unpredictable and enjoyable, and the mystery/lore component is well done. Animation is excellent, though the few CGI components are mediocre. The voice acting is good for some characters, excellent for others. Watch it subbed. Ongoing, Season 3. One Punch Man [8/10] Comedy and action. Lots of comedy. Lots of action. An odd mishmash of epic fight scenes (far beyond the likes of Dragon Ball) and ironic humor. The animation style mirrors this, shifting drastically from simple and cartoonish to detailed depending on the mood. Season 1 complete, Season 2 on its way. Goblin Slayer [7/10] Defines a single story and sticks to it, leaving a lot out of the story along the way in favor of a very well-developed character arc. There's action, mild NSFW content, and noticable gore. It accomplishes its story in a single season. Complete, 1 Season. GATE [7/10] OP, kindhearted MC, loose SFW harem development, mostly a joyride with a few nervous moments. Action scenes are quality, but this one is a smooth ride of enjoyment. Action, mild NSFW content. If you end up liking it, there's a similar but much more mature anime called Zipang that does an excellent job with the subject of a temporal transposition. My recommendations: Drifters [9/10] A very underrated anime from the creator of Hellsing. Very dark, grim mood, with plenty of comic relief interspersed between scenes of action and character building. Characters from history ripped out of reality at the moment of their death to wage war in another dimension on behalf of human civilization or of the forces of destruction. If you like history, this one's a definite watch. Season 1 complete, Season 2 TBA. Re:ZERO [10/10] Likely one of the best anime of the decade (certainly one of the most talked about) would be Re:ZERO, an isekai (alternate world) about a single male character facing his flaws and developing in a similar storytelling manner as Goblin Slayer. Source of Rem, one of the most popular waifus around - but, to be clear, the focus of the show is very dark and can even be depressing. Though the plot is somewhat loose, the focus on an analysis of the genre and a very meta-philosophical portrayal of anime characters puts it at a solid 10/10. Warning for gore and lots of character death. Complete, 1 Season. Overlord [8/10] My personal favorite, though I recognize that it's not the best anime out there. Dark OP MC. I don't want to describe it in too much detail for fear of distorting the truth with my bias, but I'd say at least watch the first episode to see if you're interested. Seasons 1-3 complete, Season 4 TBA. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime [8/10] Kind of like Overlord, but less grim, and the MC isn't dark and devious. Ongoing, Season 1.
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    Surf Server Suggestions

    Lowering the time is an option but some people like to spend 60 minutes on a map grinding the lowest time which is why we have RTV. the server will also be getting a new time plugin (resetting everyone’s time sadly) here in the near future because the current one is very buggy, also I will add the drop knife I like that idea.
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    Post what you're listening to right now.

    terrible advice lol
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    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

    @bulletford Reset my rep so you know it's real
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    Update to the Rules, 3/13/19

    Wow no changelog? fuckin lazy ass staff these days smh
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    Give me RO. I'll be the fucking clamps of R&R forums. I'll be even more of a nazi than @Sean was
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