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    Another birthday in the books
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    That guy got perma banned for admin disrespect? Or is he lying Big yikes if he’s not aldo why did his report get closed. All he did was not enter his steam ID, he was not able to get proof as he was banned
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    Happy Birthday

    You're an idiot.
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    Happy Birthday

    In honor of sweetrocks birthday I will share her private pictures NSFW NSFW NSFW Bless you Patty.
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    Happy Birthday

    Racist Content Detected
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    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

    @bulletford Reset my rep so you know it's real
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    Post a picture of yourself

    Why aren't the other utensils used? Did you just ask the waitress to take a picture of your lonely ass?
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    KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    Big update today for bhop involving whitelist * new non-whitelist only normal style has been added and is the new default style for players when they join * semi-tas and strafehack have been opened up to non white list players * !whitelist will print a message telling them to check console * commands to switch to normal will be redirected depending on their whitelist status. can still be chosen manually in the menu. * whitelist messages only print when a player first connects, changes to a WL style, or when they finish a map on a WL style. * Practice messages still display when they leave the start zone and can be toggled in the !hud menu * moved the affected NWL styles to the front of the menu (sorry) * Timer updated and moved to it's own fork to allow for faster updates and more customization without conflicts. Since the last update: * 256 tick and 102.4 tick styles have been added to the server * Mapchooser has been optimized * Changed the prestrafe mechanics to allow for more movement inside the start zone * Implemented a better trigger_push fix plugin * Added over 400 maps to the server * Fixed crashing on monster jam * Exploit involving practice mode has been patched * removed demofix * hud was reworked to be a bit more dynamic * Points system was changed so that it doesn't scale against your other times
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    Sunday Funday - March to April

    Can we take bets on who survives? I got money that @krony ends up eating the entire party
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    1F, 1H, 1O. Three of our rules within the global guidelines that are not being kept up with Bulletford, Moose, Clamps, and Travesty. I have been getting constant shit from the community as well, surrounding the FFA due to what I "might" post. I'm being punished for something I haven't even done. Below is my evidence and the infractions are stated at the beginning. After I gained access the channel was locked down because I had been given access. I had been denied access from bulletford into the channel until people started talking about inequality and mistreatment of myself. I was going to hold out until 9 tonight to make the CD because of the pretence that I was going to pay Moose's personal paypal money to split with bullet. I assume this is a meme but this is the information we have been given. After people started causing a commotion, I was given the role for free. I had not paid the full amount. I sad idly in discord "afk" and watch what unpanned out. I'm not in sG to be treated like garbage by the higher ups the community and be excluded from servers, channels, and forums that I, and every other member should have access to. Now it's been hidden until further notice since I have access to this. I feel Mimic should handle this as this is a case about his peers/JCS partners being involved in the complaint. bullet flexing in general chat that someone's paid to keep me out of the channel Moments before the channel was hidden Other's noticing that people are shitting on me Claims of being ignored by moose Staff saying I should make a CD/ Clamps saying he's paid up for my removal. Being denied payment Being ignored by moose, which I assumed he was busy during the day, but I've been told he's around Missing one item during my uploads, can reload all again if there seams to be a hole missing.
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