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    !!!MY ULTIMATE - WALL OF TEXT!!! Being able to vote NO gave interest in recruitment Giving community members the option to vote no/abstain/yes gave us more interest in who is trying to get into the community (which made us more active). I would casually read recruitment post just to see who was appling. A lot of the time it might have been a ZE/MG/War3 player who I had no idea about, but I would learn more about them through recruitment. Now since I have little power over whether they get in or not, I have little to no interest in looking at them (power tripping am i right?) Circle jerking Now I do hate this just like everyone else does or should. Everyone is talking about Nau's circle jerked app, but to bring another one up (in Trav's defense) @Cat-o's app was circle jerked until he decided to withdraw it because he thought his group of friends didn't like him or he just didn't like the circle jerk of his app. This really pissed me off because he was slated to get in but some people decided to fuck with him and make him sweat about whether he was going to get in or not. Everyone who voted no said they were going to change their vote back to yes at the last minute, but since he withdrew it was too late. Cat-O later did resubmitted his app and then got accepted, but that wasn't without a 2nd circle jerk/meme voting to pick on him. Having to give reasons for votes on recruits is pointless As Trav/eddy and others said, trying to moderate what is a "legit" reason is pointless, and would lead to even more drama about which reasons are legit/illegitimate. Receiving post count for reffing/voting on recruits No. Vote because you want to, not for a post count. I could go on about how many sections (like introductions) are there just for post count, but I've grown not to care about post count other then a really rough gauge on how active someone has been on the forums. Voting Bot / Public vs Private voting Like @zebra the voting bot was the worst voting method I think we ever had, which tbh is what turned me off of voting initially because of how fucked up that situation was. In that time frame there were 2 people I remember the most that applied who's apps were stupid. @slyfox and @krony. Slyfox was a huge fuck up on the servers. There were plenty of people that did vote "No" on him but it would have been better if they could speak their opinion directly on his app other than the TMS thread we had. I know I for one wanted to abstain (instead of "No" because he was getting better) but still wanted to make a comment about his past; the only real place I could do that was TMS though, so that's where I did it. I ended up getting really pissed at him after he got in because of the shit he got me into regarding "CT rape day", where he ask if it was still allowed on the server to which I replied "I mean if you can get a server vote to pass, i don't see why not". TO WHICH he decides to just have a CT rape day without any admin APPROVAL or SERVER VOTE and then THROW ME UNDER THE BUS. That is why slyfox is in a dumpster on my airforce map. Krony was dealing with a different problem. Krony had so much anti-furry hate on him because of the anonymous aspect of the comment section (which should have been known was going to happen). All of which could have really turned him off from the community kind of like Cat-O, but thankfully it didn't. Voting yes/no because someone else did I have a different opinion on this than most everyone else. I think it's understandable to vote yes/no on someone because your friend did. If I have a friend like @KiD Fearless who to me has a trustworthy type of character judgement then I can believe his opinion on a recruit is true. Now if someone like the people who circle jerked Cat-O's app tells me to vote yes/no on someone then I'm not going to listen to them because I can't trust they are not just memeing or have an overall terrible character judgement. People who get triggered over something so small and forever hate people are usually the ones I can't trust in their opinion. People who also have overly strong opinions on how great or bad someone is are generally not trusted by me either. For instance when I had someone steam message me about voting either yes/no on Nau's app back in 2016 and I said no im not going to listen to you, they got all pissy and neg rep'd me on my abstain post in Nau's app. So of course I'm not going to listen to their opinion anymore. Sad to see the rep from Nau's app are all gone so i can be sure but I think it was either @Swed or @vexer but I'm not really sure of either. I'll ask it again. What is wrong with this current system? @Travesty Everyone keeps saying it but I'll say it again. That we can't vote no or abstain. Saying "If not, then the system isn't broken and doesn't need fixing." is like saying since we haven't died from eating out of the dumpster then we don't have to try to eat somewhere else. The current system isn't horrible like the bot voting was, but that doesn't make it ideal or the best. Everyone is throwing arguments at you but you are ignoring them and saying they are invalid and then claiming "What is wrong with this current system?". Actually not being able to retract your vote isn't too much of a bad thing. Its like a real election per say. Once you throw your vote in the ballot its done, you voted. Poll vote (63% Yes / 36% No) @Rayne I think your vote is a little messed up tbh. Its a bit confusing with the many yes and no word usage, and given there isn't a "x" option (other than not voting) I think it needs to be redone. Have the vote with 3→5 options with one being a "i don't care what we do" so you can gauge how many people don't care on the outcome. Also possibly have a "leaning to yes/no vote" or "leaning to ref only" options. So it should look like this ↓ How should recruits enter the clan? With Yes/abstain/No voting Leaning to Yes/abstain/No voting I don't know/care/Other Leaning to ref only With Ref only CONCLUSION @Travesty's idea of recruitment is your welcomed if enough people like you (which allows more "guilty" people in). While @Rayne's idea is a more of you need enough people to like you and not that many that hate you (which bars "innocent" people from joining). This could be thought of like "you're innocent until proven guilty" vs "you're guilty until proven innocent". Because "you're innocent until proven guilty" allows more guilty people to go free (get into the community) where as "you're guilty until proven innocent" sends more innocent people to jail (not get into the community). Both have their ups and downs. I don't really have strong feelings for either one but I'd lean more with Rayne and have No/abstain voting. Here are my list points I'd like to make Private voting would be interesting but almost pointless with public comments hides brigades until the end of voting Doesn't inform the recruit if he needs to reach out to more people Public voting allows easy manipulation of the outcome aka "voting circle jerk" Comments Public comments makes the recruit less of a mystery and easier to learn more about Anonymous comments promotes bullying Private comments are pointless because PM/DM exist Reasons for voting can't be easily moderated Little power over the outcome of a recruit results in little interest in voting or reffing Would you have been happy if you could only vote for Trump or not at all?
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    Just because that is the case for you does not mean it is the case for everyone, because in my case if i actually go through the hassle of voicing my complaints about someone, then i am most likely seriously asking for someone to be JP'd. The last time i did this was before we had a sizable purge of the clan. As an example, i used to vote no on everyone's app to counter the people who would vote on recruits "yes +1 post count" and stupid shit like that, in only two situations did i ever actually give a reason behind my no vote, and people actually took notice and some even changed their vote because of it. The opposite is true though in this situation, i only ever voted yes or abstain on 3 recruits, and this had the opposite effect of me giving a reason to vote no.
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    Since when do we take action with no proof just for peoples “word”
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    Does me not liking someone who got accepted into the clan during this vote system mean they don’t deserve to be in the clan? i don’t think so
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    How about to get in you simply have to get a referral from me only. Ez
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    Yeah I've never understood why we've had this mindset in the first place. We shouldn't aspire to let shit in, in the first place, to just kick them out later after they've been around for half a year longer.
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    Still applies even if it was a long time ago.
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    --ZE Complete Rework-- (2/2/2019)

    Hi all, It's been sometime since ZE has seen some love so I apologize for the wait. Tonight I will be adding the reconstructed Zombie Escape Server I have made these past couple days and continue optimizing the server based on how the next couple days go. Many issues in the past that some dealt with such as air knockback has been fixed and you might find many other things as well. I also wanted to mention that the server WILL be different. I made this server to be different than the standard ZE server settings. There are MANY different ZE servers out there period. We are going to compete not by being the same as them but different. I hope some of you understand my mindset on this change. That being said feel free to post what you feel needs to be added or removed whatever, from this point forward ZE will be receiving updates more constantly. I will be adding more details tonight. your favorite idiot, fps_trucka
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    Uncelebrated History - Nazism in NA

    I've always been a fan of history, especially history that isn't talked about as much. I've been hearing lots of reports that younger Americans as well Canadians don't know about concentration camps, let alone our facilities that were erected in Canada and America to contain Japanese civilians in World War 2, as well during World War 1, the Ukrainian peoples internment centres. It's really scary to think that such hate has been forgotten and that such facilities were erected on such land. The point of this post is to show Nazism in NA during the 1930's and how prevalent it was in our history here at home, and how much we've censored history, I hope this isn't all common knowledge, but I assume a lot of it is. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2018/04/12/two-thirds-of-millennials-dont-know-what-auschwitz-is-according-to-study-of-fading-holocaust-knowledge/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.b2ce7670883f https://www.nbc26.com/news/national/survey-41-percent-of-americans-dont-know-what-auschwitz-is Newer article - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canada-holocaust-survey-remembrance-1.4994602 Queen Elizabeth saluting nazi Germany with the King and Queen during early 1930's. https://www.msn.com/nl-nl/video/kijken/queen-elizabeth-ii-nazi-salute/vp-AAxlJ1y 1939 pro rally in NYC with 20,000 people attending. People protested the hate but nothing was done. https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/542499/marshall-curry-nazi-rally-madison-square-garden-1939/ Anti-Semitic legislation being passed throughout years against people who have disabilities and jews. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/antisemitic-legislation-1933-1939 - After legislation people still supported them, the legislation wasn't secret. The King of England wanted to have as close ties to Nazi Germany as possible https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_VIII - it's a wiki article explaining who he was https://www.historyextra.com/period/20th-century/real-edward-viii-nazi-sympathiser-reformer-soldier/ Canada sending away Jewish people claiming refugee status. https://www.macleans.ca/history/canada-was-warned-of-the-incoming-holocaust-we-turned-away-900-jewish-refugees-anyway/ Even after WW2 nazism and anti-semitism didn't just go away. It bled into other countries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Nazi_Party Was kinda bored and have genuinely been curious as to if people are forgetting what shouldn't be forgotten. Lest we forget. Also I wanted to add this in. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2017/06/american-nazis-in-the-1930sthe-german-american-bund/529185/
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    Weapons and Item Suggestions thread

    Detective Item - Handcuffs - 2 Credit detective item - Handcuff a player for 45 seconds preventing the player from doing damage - If the detective takes damage during the "handcuffing" 2-3 second animation it is canceled - Detective has to use the item behind a player to start the "handcuffing" - This also enables a newish traitor meta over the standard helmet / radar by adding a handcuff key to traitor shop
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    I see people bitching about other members all the time. So I'm curious how do they get in if nobody seems to like them?
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    The Ben


    You’re using shit that happened awhile ago I hope you know that
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