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    New donation from Nau

    Thank you, Nau for your donation of 100.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Earth is Flat Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community\
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    P O G G E R S tysm guys
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    I need some tips on language and anything cool you could recommend visiting.
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    If the meat doesn't look right, it may be a mans best friend you are eating.
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    NBA Award Predictions

    LeBron taking all the Free Agents hahah
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    Please accept me :) [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Walmart 15/20
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    Please accept me :) [PENDING][APPROVED]

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    Jailbreak recommendations

    1. I, personally, always give every T some time to correct themselves (it's even a rule to give the Ts 5 seconds to complete warden's orders). But, I've noticed some CT players killing them after a couple of seconds. I will now start hounding on CTs for killwhoring, especially on newer players. 2. I actually agree with Nau on this one. I think a command for joining CT team will be better for newer players, since it will be a lot less confusing than joining the team through the default way with a ratio to worry about on top of that. Also, like Nau said, we can set a time requirement for people to make sure they have a basic understanding of the way we do things in sG. 3. Another thing I agree with, to some extent. I know the risk of running this plugin on our server, but I've noticed big JB servers using it with no backlash, as said before. I understand that it adds to our loading time for new players, but other servers don't have that bad of a loading time, like SNG or pG for example. And for the part of discrediting people that have bought skins I'm sure we can find out a way to credit them appropriately. 4. This already is a requirement for our SO team and we have taken action to those who show a lack in playtime. But, maybe we could give the new JB SOs moderator for our sG JB steam group to make their job of popping the server easier and to let the people, not in our discord, know that they are trying to pop it.
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    Jailbreak recommendations

    Thanks for the feedback my thought is including #1 in the rules IE a warning shot for a delay or a misdirection. Number 2 I feel strongly about after playing with some of the "new era" CT players we have and the fun they fail to provide.
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    Jailbreak recommendations

    1. I've always done and try(ed) to do when I was actively playing JB. I hate seeing overly strict CTs at low pop specifically (you can still play the game mode without killing someone for taking one extra step...). 2. Kinda meh, whatever. Don't have much of an opinion, if people see it as being a problem and think it'll help, fine. Especially if it seems to be a common thing on other servers and regular JB players are used to that requirement. 3. I typically hate. AFAIK steam lightened their restrictions, but you cannot use any of the default skins provided by valve (you can have a krambit, but needs to have a different skin than what you can actually obtain). This does still keep the "look at me aspect" of actually owning a knife, however that also means that it adds downloads to the server for every skin you want to add (which is where I really dislike the addition). 4. I think it's been much lighter enforcement due to less populated servers, but it is still technically a thing. I'm not sure what @Clamps and @Bulldog have drawn the line of "enough" play time to not be on the watchlist / be demoted.
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    sG Terraria server?

    Minecraft > Terraria
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    Congratulations Nicole!

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