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    Post pictures of your food

    Might as well show off a bit before the flaming hot cheetos or raw chicken gets posted Currently in my third year studying culinary arts, here are some things I have done at work, at home and in school, some of these are from my early years so some look better than others. Food is not gonna look as good on a picture but here are some of the stuff that I think looks pretty good that I have made:
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    Dark Fry

    New donation from Weeb Trash

    Thank you, Weeb Trash for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Dark Fry

    Be Aware....

    Hey all I just wanted to make a public announcement, if we are playing TTT and you call a KOS of me and I am inno, I WILL KILL YOU (in the game tho lol)
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    Be Aware....

    The fact you felt the need to post this on the forums made me lose brain cells for you
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    Post pictures of your food

    Ez Clap, Post and discuss your food here.
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    Alright so these are going to be from the Earlier years to most recent, all taken from my phone. I'm nowhere near Hawk's level of cooking, but I aspire to be. I love cooking way too much. I'll take more pictures as I progress, those are what I had on my phone, and as much as I love cooking, I may take a culinary course after college. <3
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    So you're telling me on several occasions that someone called you sus while you were a T, and it resulted in people actually following / suspecting the T? Maybe you were just being sus ya know, doesn't necessarily have to be shots fired / near killings to be sus. I look at people who have no paranoia / fear to be pretty sus
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    The Lack of Rule Enforcement on TTT:GO

    Coming from hundreds of hours as staff on TTT Gmod, and hundreds of hours on other sG servers, I never had a problem with server quality or community.... until now. I don't have anything against any INDIVIDUAL players, although several of them are extremely childish. Here's a summary of tonight's events that made me quit sG TTT:GO permanently. 1. Round start, I was selected as Traitor. 2. Daniel damaged me for 18 with a decoy. Issue #1 3. Eagle called SUS on me for taking damage. Issue #2 4. I stood still typing because my mic broke, and as I was typing out remarks defending myself, everyone started calling me an asshole and Milkman RDM'd me. 5. Nobody was held accountable for the actions, and I was ridiculed until leaving. Issue #3 6. lindsay was also ridiculed for helping me to find the forums and file a report, THE ONLY PERSON DOING THEIR JOB ON THE SERVER. Issue #4 I understand that this server is still in development, that is why I will turn this complaint into a SUGGESTION. I don't want any individuals listed punished in any way for their actions. Issue #1: The decoy is a terrible item that aggravates countless players and is used for mass RDM (always unpunished) SOLUTION: Remove the decoy or alter that it only affects the user, or does no fall damage to surrounding players. Issue #2: (Minor) Calling suspicion should be limited. On several occasions, popular players (loud players) would call suspicion on me for no reason (I had not fired any shots that round or been near killings), and it would result in me being tailed constantly throughout the round, ruining my T rounds. SOLUTION: Encourage popular players (i.e. STAFF) not to call suspicion for no reason, and generally uphold good sportsmanship. Issue #3: RDM is not a mystery. It's not hard to slay the RDMers, and Milkman even admitted to RDM'ing me on purpose because I was "being a dick". This is not a reason. SOLUTION: Allegedly there are damage logs, and its not hard to remember who called the false KOS in the first place. Enforcement of the rules is CRUCIAL for server survival. Issue #4: Despite being several sG members on the server, Lindsay and another sGr, can't remember who, were the only ones trying to help. (Although the sGr in question did it in a very rude way, it is still appreciated). I expected staff to try to HELP newer players, and not enable them to be bullied/RDM'd. SOLUTION: DO YOUR JOB!!!! Even if you are not a staff member, tasked with enforcing the rules, EVERY sG member is expected to uphold a good image for the sG community. If countless sG players are teaming up, enabling others to break server rules, and willingly breaking server rules themselves without punishment, you will lose your player base to toxic rulebreakers. Thanks for reading all of this. I think it is very important to encourage discussion about improvements for the server, and not to have members discourage this discussion (!!! pointed remark !!!). I will stick to sG bhop for now, but I'm looking forward to playing other sG servers in the future.
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    petition to rename clan to aG guess what the a stands for
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    sG | Sunday Funday

    hol up, Sakarra's hosting Secret Laboratory? yessss
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    Dark Fry

    sG | Sunday Funday

    Same can't wait lol
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    Mr. Big Shot

    sG | Sunday Funday

    Looks like fun. I'll be there next week!
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    While maybe you shouldn’t have been killed, you sat afk typing in chat for over a minute as the last T alive, wasting everyone’s time
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    Welcome your newest sG podcast hosts

    If krony is on the podcast we might aswell rename to fG
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    My new profession

    Vad är oddsen? Börjar plugga till bilmekaniker nästa måndag ! Ska vi starta eget företag sen??
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