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    New donation from Lindsay

    Thank you, Lindsay for your donation of 11.33 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community needed exactly $100 in donations
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    Jailbreak is great!

    First of all, a big shoutout to @Hawk and others for restoring Jailbreak to its former glory, you're doing great, I love the new markers and audio. While playing last night, there was a few discussions going on in admin chat that I wanted to bring up here so we can address it, and maybe others can bring up some concerns as well. 1. Lowering or removing CT armor. - CTs NEVER had armor, from my understanding this was introduced due to new knife mechanics in CS:GO, but it's very unnecessary. I think the agreed common ground was to lower it to 25-50. (Thanks @Shadow for bringing this up) 2. Removing complicated and annoying maps. - This includes new large maps that nobody enjoys playing, have a few secrets that benefit terrorists greatly, overall ridiculous. (Clouds is a great example of this) The old school maps are where it's at, they have enough games and really just need some creativity.
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    19/20 Purely for this comment.
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    Incredibles 2

    Riveting @Travesty
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    Jailbreak is great!

    I talked with Shadow about a few things today, mainly these two things that you brought up. I agree with the first point, I am totally down to lower the armor. The armor was added because the server had low population and rebelling was way too easy with low population, mainly new CT players that tried to learn, which is really hard when Ts dome you every single round, so I had to balance things out. But since the server is getting more pop nowdays I'm down to lower it, thanks for bringing it up @Sean and @Shadow. So the second point you stated I don't agree with as much, I know that some people like the simple maps with only 2 games, cellblock, pool and disco (Or whatever), but some people dislike these kinds of maps, mainly new players. I'm not saying we should go full noobfriendly and completely change the server but if we are gonna get new regulars we have to get new players. I know that "oldfags" want to keep their simple maps, killwhore and complain about new stuff (Because it didn't use to be like that) but since these people play a lot less nowdays we have to care about the new people as well, if that makes sense. Shadow came up with the idea of extending the map rotation timer, which would mean that we have to play more maps, not the same 5, and I think this is an excellent idea, this way everyone gets happy, some old maps and some new.
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    Ban Hammer VS Cheater

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    KiD Fearless

    Ban Hammer VS Cheater

    New level of satisfaction from banning players. I say we handle all complaints with the new hammer.
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    I don't know the person but 23/20
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    3/20 "does being transgender mean you like it in the butt" -mudkips
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    ref 2/20 best places to get your hair done are usually salons
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