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    Memorial Day 2017

    I hope everybody is having a great memorial day and enjoying their time off of work and school! To any sG community members or their family members who have lost a fellow Sailor, Airmen, Soldier, or Marine, I hope this day is very meaningful to you. Honor the Fallen Stay safe everyone and have a great day.
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    I found OrdinaryGamer96

    Just two guys having a political argument during a... well... um...
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    Look what i unboxed

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    B-cock #1

    Can We Download All Maps?

    Me and some other people have been having problems connecting to the server due to downloading maps, I tried console commands and no luck. I keep having to go to GameBanana and download the maps, this is just a pain when I keep having to do it for multiple maps. Is there a way we can download all the maps for each server all in one go through FTP or just a zip? Possible to restrict it to user classes if you think it would get abused somehow?
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    Cya dude, TMS isn't for everyone.
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    I found OrdinaryGamer96

    In all seriousness, I'm surprised you're still willingly associating with these people considering they figured you were gullible enough to believe they secretly had an amazing healthcare plan just waiting to be unveiled.
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    I found OrdinaryGamer96

    With your political influence can you please #MakesGGreatAgain ?
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    Can We Download All Maps?

    Just curious, what error / issue are you actually having?