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    Stepping Down

    Yeah... sorta burnt out. I knew poker was going to be my last event, but I had to give this a lot of thought since I really liked doing what I did. This was a lot of fun. I'm moving on to other projects/hobbies. Maybe I'll be back one day. I'd like to thank Mimic, Moose, and Bullet for the opportunity. Good luck.
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    Family Vacation YouTube Video

    Hey guys! As some of you might know, I just got back from my family vacation in Santa Rosa,Florida. Well, I ended up taking my gopro on the trip with me and I ended up recording a lot of clips and decided to go ahead and make a YouTube video out of it. I'm thinking about maybe making more vlog type videos in my free time, but who knows. If you guys want, feel free to check it out and give me any tips ya'll might have for any future uploads.
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    New donation from SmugJack

    Thank you, SmugJack for your donation of 555.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    GTA V - Racing Event

    Morning boys and girls, this is a first for me so before I go planning too far I want to gauge how many people would actually be interested. Rockstar have, over the last couple of years, released a load of new cars and race courses... ranging from rocket cars to hovering delorians, from jet packs to helicopters. These transform races/special races are great fun and quite hilarious if we get the correct map. I don’t think we’ve done a racing event before so I’m really excited about this. If you own the game and haven’t played for a few years this could be your chance to get back into, or get together with people you’ve never gamed with before. Lets get an idea of numbers and go from there. Who’s up for it?
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    RobbiePlays Intro

    Hello sG community My name is Robbie I Am 15yrs I am a kinda big anime fan. My favorite thing to do is Play gmod watch anime and help. I have been searching for a good community like this for a long time. The staff are always nice everyone helps each other out, that's why I want to join the sG community because you care about your members and work as one whole instead of splitting up and that's why I want to join the sG community. Thank you for taking the time to read this text -Robbie
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    Fantasy Football League 2018

    DRAFT AT 8:30PM EDT ON AUGUST 26th It's that time of year again, and I'd like to see who is interested. I'll be willing to throw in a steam game up to $50 as a prize. If you are interested and plan to be active, please fill out the poll. Last year was pretty active, but the trading block was dead. I will probably begin dropping players from last year in a couple weeks that haven't filled the poll or showed interest in playing again this year. If you have any other suggestions for this, feel free to leave them below. 1st place: Forum Badge and game up to 50$ on steam (courtesy of Avery) 2nd place: $25 Amazon or Steam (whatever Jeff wants to give) 3rd place: Up to $20 Steam game (from Waffles)
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    The Ben

    Want free game? Here free game

    Looks like a pretty cool game.
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    Want free game? Here free game

    Worth, its free and the first Guns of Icarus game was amazing.
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    Thanks everyone
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    Happy Birthday KARMA

    @Karma Happy birthday
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    Summer Jam Brofest

    I took screenshots for reasons that I don't remember. Feast your eyes I have trouble using mspaint when i'm plastered, so this one's cut off
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    Happy Birthday KARMA

    Thanks guys Had a pretty good one!
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    Happy Birthday KARMA

    Happy Birthday @Karma
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    sG 2018 World Cup

    Sweetrock knew all along who was going to win. With her hard work and spamming the french flag in discord, it brought her team to victory. Hope you guys enjoyed the World Cup as much as I did. Thanks for playing along. GG Sweetrock. The super secret surprize was a badge lmao.
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    New Maps 7/27/18

    Gotta give it to Kid... New maps seem pretty dope.
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    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Please don't sign up if you're just going to quit after the first couple of weeks. It gives major advantages to the players playing against an afk team.
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    I am down as usual Team name - WeDon'tPractice Anyone else joining make sure u put your name down so we won't get confused on who is who. And Im willing to donate a prize myself to this, most likely a 25 dollar gift cad for amazon or steam.
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    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Gravity is now reduced by 50% (same as speed) when carrying the hostage, in an attempt to fix abuse e.g. grim reaper speed captures of hostages Widowmaker can no longer use her skills if she is carrying a primary weapon that is not an awp or an ump
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    The Ben

    Populate Jailbreak Tomorrow

    I’ll be back tomorrow around 6 so I’ll try to hop on
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Thanks everybody ❤️
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    The Ben


    Happy Birthday!
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    sG Summer Poker Tournament

    I added you to the club, feel free to register. Please join our teamspeak server to check in. voice.joinsg.net BEGONE DESTIN
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    The Ben

    Happy Birthday KARMA

    Happy Birthday!