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      Warcraft 3 Dust Event   02/02/17

      We will be having a Warcraft 3 Event starting March 1st to March 15th. Read for more details.  


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    In light of recent events...

    I've been inspired to shit post. Personally I think the one's that don't have the faces edited in look much better. Here's the first one again but with faces:
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    Stepping Down

    Hey all, When I posted my LOA I already knew that I didn't intend for War3 to be a big part of my life anymore. I decided to stick it out in case my mind changed, but it's been more than a month and my feelings are still the same. I honestly don't want to mislead all the players into thinking I'm going to come back at some point when I currently don't plan on working on War3 ever again. I originally started working on War3 because I loved the server and I loved the community and I wanted to see it be as good as I thought it could be. I know at some point pretty much every regular/sG player has disagreed with me for some decision I made, but I can honestly say the server's best interests were always in the back of my mind in every decision. After about 7 months of working on the server (back in late 2015 when I started my career) my interest in it started to decline for a lot of reasons, mostly burn-out and the players. For me, it's tough being in a position where many people you consider a friend will at some point freak out on you because they disagree with some decision you made in a video game. It's even tougher when you are consistently putting a lot of your evenings and often entire weekends into trying to please the same people by creating things you hope they enjoy, fixing bugs that bother them, or adding expertise for them to find. I've been majorly involved in 3 gaming communities over the years and sG definitely stands out as the best experience. The first one has been dead for many years and the second one has been on life support for 6 or so years - neither had the leadership to withstand the years and the drama like sG has. I kind of wandered around the gaming world for most of college, playing SC2, random ps3 games, a bit of competitive CSGO, etc. without any real connection with players. sG was the first time in probably 5 years that I started playing with a community again and honestly it's the best one I've been a part of. It's had its issues and it still has some issues, but overall it is in a good place with good direction. I know I've made many good friends working on War3 and I really appreciate everyone who took their time to help me make decisions or test things out. You still won't see me much at all until mid-April, but I'm sure I'll be around somewhat regularly after that. Special shout outs to @thorgot @skitt @bulletford for making my time on staff possible by helping me learn to code from nearly 0 prior knowledge and their exceptional patience with my lack of understanding their programmer lingo. I specifically remember when I first started working on SourcePawn and thorgot said something along the lines of "That error means you need to reference an index in the array" and my response was "I don't know what an index or an array are".
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    We used our studio artists to recreate these shocking staff meetings!
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    Suicide is never the answer.

    Yesterday, I was casually snapchatting a good friend of mine from church. Randomly, she just asks if she can talk to me about stuff. Of course, I said I'm here for her anytime she needs to talk about anything. She then goes on to tell me how she's been struggling with depresssion really badly lately, how therapy hasn't worked for her in the past, and stuff like that. Of course, through all of this, I'm trying to help calm her down and trying to help her out. This goes on for about an hour. She then starts talking to me about how she's been having suicidal thoughts lately. Again, of course I try to calm her down, I'm telling her how suicide is never the answer, and that she really needs to talk to her parents or someone at least about all of this to get help. Well, she then tells me how she has already taken a bunch of pills. She kept trying to tell me how she doesn't think it's enough to kill her, but I didn't care. After about 15 minutes of going back and forth with her, I finally convince her to call 911, by threatening to tell her parents myself about what's going on with her. She ended up getting escorted, by an ambulance, to the Emergency Room. She's going to be okay. I believe all of the drugs are almost flushed out of her system. She's currently in a normal hospital room (AKA not intensive care and all that). As soon as my school is over, I'm going to head up to the hospital to visit her. I make this post to say this. Suicide is never the answer. I know, as I'm sure some of you do, we've had a few members here in our community that have either contemplated suicide, or have attempted. Find help, please. You hurt the people around you who love you whenever you attempt or go through with suicide. I, along with probably many more in this community, are here for you if you need to talk to someone. I hope you guys have a great day.
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    New Community Legend!

    Hello everyone! As most of you are aware that last week the community saw the departure of ChosenOne2000 as a staff member, ChosenOne2000 was one of the communities longest standing staff members, serving this community as a staff member for the past 7 years. Over these past 7 years ChosenOne dedicated himself to bettering the community, he would host regular events for poker and Left 4 Dead that drew in large community participation. ChosenOne is also known for not just bettering the community, but helping our community members better their careers in the real world. On numerous occasions ChosenOne would sit down and help people with their careers in the military, making sure they knew what was important and what would really help them push their careers to next level. Chosen was not just a great staff member, but was also a great community member… and for those reason the JCS would like to take this time to publicly congratulate chosen for reaching Legend status. The JCS would like to thank you personally for all the dedication and time you have put into this community for the past 7 years, it will not be forgotten. Thanks, - Eddy
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    10 years?

    Apparently my forum account is 10 years old today!? I don't know how to feel about this. :l
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    Balls Of Steel.

    @Travesty @Iherdcows I passed with; 87% in law 82% in English A30, which is Canadian literature. 81% In English B30, which is worldwide literature. 94% with Foundations math. I'm taking two more classes possibly a third of which would be pre-calculus, but I am not too sure if I will take that class, as I do not need it, aside from expanding my knowledge on that subject. All of the schooling I've received since September has all been paid for by government and I am extremely grateful for the Saskatchewan government for giving the opportunity to go back to school without cost until I am over the age of 21; by that time I will be completely done. I've receive free books, support from staff, and other things which helped me get back into education. I've met new people which have really helped me steer away from doing illegal activities, aside myself wanting to change. On January 25th, it was my official six months of illegal activities free as well as my six months marijuana free. A few people back in July and August made me jealous of themselves getting education within the sG community, so I wanted to get it myself. I would like to thank those people. Thanks; @fontaine @Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV @VEGEMITEKILLER I am applying to university this September under Justice Studies, or education. I am going to a seminar this Monday night to help me put my plans into concrete. Special thanks to @ajsimeon for helping me a few things, of which those will be unnamed so people don't bug him.
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    Holy harambe.

    Thank you for the case, Jarwins @Shiro @Iherdcows @Revöker
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    buster's Application [COMMUNITY VOTE]

    Name: Andy Age: 28 Location: California SteamID: STEAM_0:0:32526894 Gameme: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1066550 Sourcebans: Bans Microphone: yes Favorite Server: Rust Previous Member of a clan?: no Questions/Comments: TTTGO was also great when it was around.. About me: I like runnning/ hiking and off piste skiing. I own a decent amount of books. I can throw a frisbee pretty far. My Dance Dance Revolutions skills are unrivaled. I make a bomber breakfast, and I'm down with OPP. CSGO Recorded Hours: 320 hours, 16 minutes, 53 seconds
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    New Community Legend!

    My phone was blowing up after @Eddyposted the announcement. I'd like to thank the JCS for elevation to Legend. It was really cool to see the #'s all over discord and the forums. I really do appreciate this community on a personal and professional level. I enjoyed contributing to the community as a member of staff. In the future I hope to continue to contribute to the community as a Legend. Thank you JCS and the greater sG community!
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    Community Update 2/4/2017

    Hey guys, it’s time for a small community update regarding a few staff changes as well as some significant changes to our Surf RPG server that have been long awaited. This time around we were looking to add members to Staff dedicated on working Minigames, Surf RPG, and Warcraft 3. That being said, I would like to welcome the following people on to Staff: Paul_Waffle - Minigames Advisor KiD Fearless - Minigames Advisor Reaper0470 - Recruitment Officer In addition, I would like to also announce the promotion of the following Staff members: ATTG Agent - Warcraft 3 Advisor Iafunky - Surf Advisor That about wraps it up regarding Staff changes. Next, I am pleased to announce the overhaul of our Surf RPG server. Bulletford has been working on bettering our Surf RPG System. Our current system is no longer supported, buggy and outdated due to the THC RPG plugin being made prior to the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Keeping this in mind, it is in the server’s best interest to use a newer and more manageable system. In order to accomplish this, unfortunately levels will need to be reset. We are planning to swap over the database and the plugin on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 (2/7/17) at 11 AM CST. So please get your last game in, and don’t forget your screenshots while you still can! The new system allows us to create custom upgrades (feel free to suggest upgrades) as well as remove the level cap on the server. Due to this, we have included five new upgrades along with the base plugin so far. Below, you will find a list of the old plugin skills, and the new plugin skills: Old Plugin Skills: Speed Adrenaline Health+ Medic RegenerateHP Vampire Damage+ FirePistol FrostPistol Gravity- IceStab LongJump New Plugin Skills: Antidote (Reduce duration of bad effects against you like burning, freezing, or slow down) Armor+ (Increases your maximum armor) Armor Helmet (Gives players a chance to receive a helmet on spawn) Damage+ Fall Damage (Reduces the damage you take from falling from great heights) Fire Pistol Frost Pistol Gravity+ Health+ Hp Regeneration Ice Stab Impulse [Adrenaline] (Gain speed for a short time when being shot) Long Jump Medic Speed Stealth (Renders yourself more and more invisible) Vampire To get started, please find a few useful commands below which are implemented in the new plugin: rpg rpgrank rpgtop10 rpginfo rpgmenu rpgexp rpghelp rpgnext rpgsession A completed list of descriptions of the skills will be added to the rules/MOTD page, along with chat commands. Finally, as a very important note, if you are not active on the server within 90 days (approx. 3 months) of your last connection your RPG mod experience and levels will be reset/deleted. In addition, the rate of experience gains and the upgradable stats are subject to change in the future. - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
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    BULLYDOG! It's your Birthday!!

    I just want to say thank you to everyone! It's been really nice reading through these. I wish I got to play or talk with you all more. Even if I don't show it all the time, I do honestly care about everyone here. Thank you, everyone! Thank you so much, spiderpigriger. That very kind of you to make this post. Thank you, Don! It's been nice playing with you again. Thanks, Bite! Tell me something I don't know, gemma. Thank you!! Thanks for always being there for me through the years! Thank you, Joe! Thanks, Lindsey! Thank you, Jodas! Thanks, I'll get right on that. Any requests? Thank you!! Thanks for the well wishes, Dr. Pepper! Thank you, Rufus! Thank you so much, KiLLeR!! Thank you!! Thanks, Ironic! Thank you, Taz! Leeroy, thank you man!! Thanks man! Thanks! Get on the servers more! Thanks, Chowder! TRUCKA! Thank you!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SWEETROCK! Tack så mycket, hök! THanks, Zip! Thank you, Apache! tyvm j That's so cool! Thank you, Karma! Thanks, Ples! And yes we soooo do! He needs to come back to the good side of the state. Thanks, Chaulklet! Hope on the servers more, it would be cool to play with you again! Thanks, Fearless! I don't know exactly what that is, but it's awesome. Thank you, Tyrone! Thanks a lot Zeroz! Thanks, AJ! Will do! I just wish I could give more then 25 reps to everyone who replied.
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    Thank you to the Few

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    WARNING There is a huge steam exploit that allows anyone to execute any web code from their steam profile. It is strongly advised that everyone avoid viewing anyone's steam profile/workshop page/activity feed, from steam or web as this exploit can cause you do download any file or EXE, buy any steam item, redirect you to a steam log in spoofing page, do pretty much anything. I would avoid doing anything on steam currently besides just playing games. Be extremely cautious. More information can be found from this reddit link I'll post an update once I get confirmation that this is fixed, it is just too serious to not let everyone know.
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    Saint Cannabis' Church of Hemp

    You might have heard our monastery singing from the rooftops as you pass by this church. We have regular mass every evening when the full moon is out and provide both sativa and indica for whatever mood you're in. All are welcome to come and enter the Church of Hemp to pray to Saint Cannabis himself. @slyfox @Papyrus @TotesMagoats @buster @Zip @Rootbeer @Rufus @Sponsored @ThatOllieWhoDies @Dash♥ @Dexter @York @sweetrock @Leeroy @Eek @Junzou
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    If you see a player on the server killing random people for no reason and there are no admins online to assist, here's a guide on how to report them. You can press f8 to open up a damage log that will look like this http://imgur.com/YoM8nIs Regulars won't able to see logs of the current round. Logs will show up after the round ends. You can click the current round button to switch back and forth between rounds for the logs. (only SO and Staff are able see the currents logs) http://imgur.com/WeLT9yh Click on the name of the player RDMing. http://imgur.com/YilVIpj Then hit highlight and take screenshot of logs of the rdmer (f12 for screenshot) http://imgur.com/kGGavZ7 Press Shift+tab to see screenshot at bottom left, view screenshot and upload the screenshots you took (make sure to upload it as public or else we can't view it) Then you can view screenshot in your steam profile. Also! Can't Forgot the most important stuff is Steamid, without the Steamid we can't do anything about it. Several ways to get a steamid 1. Press tab and right click the player name and copy steamid 2. Copy steamid in the chat if player rdm and leave for example (sG | Krony [SO] joined, his SteamID is: STEAM_0:1:26179074) 3. Type status in console, it shows you everyones's steamid 4. View the players profile, copy the URL and paste it into https://steamid.io Then you can copy the link of that screenshot and message to SO/staff for the Gmod or make post on forums in the Complaint Department (http://www.joinsg.net/forums/forum/29-complaint-department/ - read the pinned instructions on how to post a proper thread) You can ask me any questions! I'm happy to help you.
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    New donation from Battlemech7

    Thank you, Battlemech7 for your donation of 120.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    The Super Bowl MVP

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    The age of olderness

    (she's 5)
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    Zombie Classes.

    You know, you can just ask all these questions in one post.. You've got a whole 5 days to not shitpost your way to 25..
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    "demote the calendar" Wonder who that is referring too
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    It's been awhile

    Hello sG some of you may remember me some of you may not just decided to check in on here. Buddy of mine from school convinced me to reinstall CS:GO and i thought about checking out this place. May come back for a little while don't really know yet. Already know the comments will probably come up of me rage quitting the community go for it I'm not here to start anything.
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    Imperium420's Application [COMMUNITY VOTE]

    Name: Max Age: 14 Location: Saramento, CA SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79462851 Gameme: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/891418 Sourcebans: Bans Microphone: yes Favorite Server: Minigames Previous Member of a clan?: no Questions/Comments: Not much to say besides that I enjoy playing on all the servers and I would like to join the clan. About me: I'm in a freshman in high school and am currently in the IB program. I also really enjoy bhopping and climb on csgo. CSGO Recorded Hours: 414 hours, 2 minutes, 58 seconds
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    Alt Right Terrorism

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-city-mosque-alexandre-bissonnette-profile-1.3959581 "Suspect in mosque shooting a moderate conservative turned extremist, say friends, classmates Accused gunman has reputation as online troll who expresses support for far-right politicians A shy chess-player, a bullied introvert, a moderate conservative turned far-right troll — these are the descriptions being offered of Alexandre Bissonnette since he was accused of perpetrating a deadly shooting at a Quebec City mosque." Could this be why we haven't seen Ted in a couple days?
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    Weekend: server is dead

    I know I haven't been on a lot lately but wtf happened to the server literally the server has been at 0 all weekend and this is concerning me because I look at the other servers like TTT:GO and see that dead, and KZ also dead. So I am confused on what happened while i have been away I know the squeaker squad left bc one of their own got permaed but normally I have seen at least 15 ppl on on the weekends. I have been trying to pop but it seems like something horrible happened. but no one knows what. I am posting this tread to see what the issue is and how I can fix it as much as I can. Your frenziedly neighborhood SO, I Am Groot
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    Warcraft 3 Dust Event

    !!!Dust is back!!! Warcraft 3 Event March 1st - March 15th We will be having a Dust Event, finally reintroducing Dust1 and Dust2. Along with these Two maps, there will be some events for you to participate in to win some prizes. During this event you will also gain 50% Bonus experience! Main Events and Prizes Its hot in here - While playing one of the new dust maps, be the last alive CT and disarm the bomb while there are at least 6 T's alive. $20 Steam Gift Card (First to post Screenshot Proof with scoreboard) Burn Baby - Who ever does the most Molotov damage wins 50 Level-Bank Levels + 1 Month of Wc3 Support Seek and Destroy - Who ever has the most kills with seeker mines(New race) will win 50 Level-Bank Levels + Month of Premium Admin Staff Hunter - While using a Non-Knife Race first to Kill Staff Members (SO are not staff) 10 times with a Knife and post proof in this thread will win $20 Steam Gift Card (Screenshot of kill feed + myinfo for race) (Staff may not win this) Smooth Operator - First to get a score of 20 / 20 / 20 (Kills/Assist/Death) and the ending scoreboard wins Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Screenshot of scoreboard at end of the map) (Donated by sG | Ruffles [SO]) Tier 1 - Highest level Second Wave Agent wins The Division Try Hard - Highest level T Hardy Wins Ghost Recon Wildlands Raffle There will also be a Raffle! Players may buy one Raffle Ticket for every 200 gold they collect during the event. After 5 tickets, the price will double to 400 gold You may then put those tickets towards the chance to get these extra prizes! Prize Pool - Work with Engineer to Design a race (Engineer has final say) - Pick a race to add an Expertise (Engineer has final say) - Deus Ex Mankind Divided (Donated by sG | Ruffles [SO]) - Secret Prize! Important Raffle and Event Information To sign up for the raffle, you must screenshot yourself in the server with your Gold amount, then put your tickets in the prize pool you wish to win. Example: Screenshot shows 850 gold(4 tickets) I will put 2 for Expertise, and 2 for design a race. You will be given 3 days to post your screenshots and selection for the raffle from the end of the event. Any entrees that are not posted within the 3 day time frame will not be counted. You have been warned. Players may only win one prize per section(Main event / Raffle). If a player wins more then one raffle, he will pick what one he wants, and the next person on the list will go up. Prizes may take some time to be handed out, be patient. Rules - You must have a forum account registered at www.joinsg.net - All of sG's Rules and Guidelines will be followed - No cheating, Abusing, Loopholen in anyway to gain an advantage
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    Carl Sagan

    Alt Right Terrorism

    travesty you are disgusting you guys are literally supporting a mass shooting to take jabs at me, how disconnected can you get
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    [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    Map tweaked a bit to fix a few things etc. -Map was tweaked a bit (for optimization and faster recompiling the map, hopefully >.>) -Some small changes made to the map to fix a few hiccups with it ---- There was a doorway that you couldn't walk through, but now you can. ---- The doors in the map that open/close will now open and close together. (They close automatically after a short delay and don't close via +use which is just like the original version of 07. You cannot push them open/close because things got silly with both doors working with each other xD. The doors don't always 'open' in the same direction, most of the time they do.) ---- Small change to a window so you could crouch walk through it from the outside (who can guess which windows this is lol?) ---- Some player clipping was added (and one removed). No silly floating on air on bombsite A and no more getting stuck on the 'ads' in bombsite B (this is mostly because these ads and quite a few others had their collision turned off). ---- One lightbox had its collision turned off so you didn't get snagged on it in the hallway (building near T spawn that led into the hall with barrels). A few lightboxes got collision turned off in the barrel hallway actually (totally forgot about that). One still has its collision for "gameplay balance" >.>' New Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cqdt6wcyqa5vxo/de_westwood_07_v2.zip?dl=0 99% sure all the ads are in place (not pixel perfect but still in the right locations). Everything should be packed correctly in the map file. -.nav file so that bots can be played with right away (no 'samping walking space') -decals, textures, props so that the map 'looks' right -stringtable thing (its a map related thing) Map should be 'server' ready / friendly (I think). Old post in spoiler.
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    Im here to collect my +rep Thanks guys
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    Happy Birthday, SpiderPigRider!

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    Taking a break

    who are you and why would anyone care that you are gone?
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    Cheeky Scrub

    My Mom Is In the Hospital

    Hey guys. I just recieved news that my mom got into a pretty severe car crash. Just before she left we got into an argument and now im feeling really bad about myself. I dont want to sound like a little baby on here but it helps to be able to vent about it. My mom has always been there for me when I need her, and now the thought of me losing her is crazy. I wouldnt be able to live with myself without my mom. Sometimes we argue over the littlest things and I dont know I just feel horrible. Please keep my mom in your prayers I would really appreciate it.
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    New donation from ctark

    Thank you, ctark for your donation of 50.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    New donation from Dirtin

    Thank you, Dirtin for your donation of 100.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community Time to scratch off some more steam cards @Mimic :^)
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    I miss the old Howard Dean

    I miss the old Howard Dean, the el-bombito Howard Dean The leader of the goon squad Howard Dean, making pictures of the team Howard Dean I hate the new Howard Dean, playing world of warcraft Howard Dean Always healing Howard Dean, running mythic keys Howard Dean I miss the sweet Howard Dean, the got my back when I'm lonely Howard Dean See I invented Howard Dean, there wasn't any Howard Deans And now I look and look around and there's so many Howard Deans I used to love Howard Dean, I used to love Howard Dean The froggy fresh Howard Dean, the laughing at shrek Howard Dean I miss the "up all night to get lucky" Howard Dean, the making dank memes Howard Dean. Theres no more Brofest Howard Dean, just a new Howard Dean.
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    sG Funny moments #2!

    sG Funny moments #2! A lot of people enjoyed the first part so I made another one. Again, tell me what you think Enjoy! First part: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/74591-sg-funny-moments-tell-me-what-you-think/
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    Post a picture of your food

  41. 13 points

    Community Update 2/4/2017

    grats to everyone tho
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    sG | Golf With Friends Tour - Candyland Cup When: Sunday, March 19th - TEE-OFF at 2:00 PM CST Format: Players will be evenly distributed into heats and the top 12 players of all heats will move onto the Grand Final Mode: Classic Maps: Heats will be on Oasis and the Final will be on Candyland Prerequisites to sign-up: Have at least 25 posts prior to signing up Sign-up Deadline: Friday, March 17th at 11:59 PM CST Please sign-up in this thread by linking your steam profile so we can add you to the heats. TEE-OFF will be at 2:00 PM CST sharp, so make sure you're in your heat early. We will be making the lobbies 30 mins before hand to practice in and get the heats set up. Tiebreaker: If more than 12 people are tied to place the finals, there will be new lobby made for a wildcard match for only the tied players on the map Oasis. The person with the highest score of each hole will be knocked out of the wildcard until there only the 12 spots left for the final. Continue to shoot until all 12 spots are filled. If there is a tie for first place in the Final on Candyland, a new lobby will be made for playoff match for 1st place. Each player will play a hole until 1 player has fewer shots made than the others. Similar to the wildcard, if you shoot the highest on a hole, you will be knocked out of the playoff match. Example: Player 1 - Shoots 3 to make the hole. Player 2 - Shoots 3 to make the hole. Player 3 - Shoots 2 to make the hole. Player 1 and 2 are knocked out. And Player 3 wins! Prizes and Donations: $50 Steam Card (donated by sG) $20 Pizza (donated by Sean) Golf Badge for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place If you'd like to donate a prize, please PM me. Raffle of six copies (donated by Travesty and Ruffles) of the game to take place on March 9th, 2016! Please sign up in this thread if you'd like to be part of the raffle. List of attendees and/or raffle names GOOD LUCK on the sG TOUR... more cups to come!
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    Hot vs Crazy Matrix

    @Junzou you can use this presentation at your I/O corporate retreats.
  44. 12 points

    This shit still going??

    None of you probably remember me. This is probably a good thing. Just sticking my head round the closet door to see how you faggots are getting on. Suck my left nut, Necro~ Oh yeah and I'll probably be playing cs:go now more too
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    Current Models on !Shop [pictures]

    Please sticky this if you can. Add / Edit as needed. If I have missed one or two just tell me. Anyways the list will be separated by the various sections listed in the shop if you want to view a specific model press (Ctrl + f ) and type out which skin you wish to view. Admins feel free to edit as needed. There will be 2 pictures per skin front and back. Chewy or any other staff let me know if any changes occur and I will adjust this the contents of this. Note: This list will not include the future skins that will be removed: Batman, Deathstroke, Hitler, Joker, Octodad, Samusaran, Snake, SoraMiku, Verniy, Youmu Enjoy. Anime Yuudachi 30,000 credits (front) (back) Nepgear 40,000 credits (front) (back) Akatsuki 45,000 Credits (front) (back) Hibiki 45,000 Credits (front) (back) Reina Kousaka R 50,000 Credits (front) (back) Hooded Miku 50,000 Credits (front) (back) Iffy 50,000 Credits (front) (back) Yoshino 60,000 (front) (back) Kotori 75,000 Credits (front) (back) Mio 75,000 Credits (?) Fox Miko 100,000 Credits (front) (back) Kashima 100,000 Credits (front) (back) Tohka 100,000 Credits (front) (back) Master Chiefs Due to only a change in color I will only be posting one picture of the Master Chief. Credits for one variation = 4,000 Credits Black, Blue, Red, White, Gold, Green, & Pink style available. (front) (back) Final Fantasy Cloud 15,000 Credits (front) (back) Lightning 25,000 Credits (front) (back) Tifa 50,000 Credits (front) (back) Comic Deadpool 45,000 Credits (front) (back) Video Game Lilith 12,000 Credits (front) (back) Sherry 20,000 Credits (front) (back) Zero Suit Samus 30,000 Credits (front) (back) VIP Skins Juliet 12,000 Credits (front) (back) Devil Suit Homer 15,000 Credits (front) (back) Pink Panther 25,000 Credits (front) (back) Rosa 25,000 Credits (front) (back) Valencia 25,000 Credits (front) (back) Miscellaneous Dante 20,000 Credits (front) (back) Admin Skins Sephiroth 40,000 Credits (front) (back) Ene 40,000 Credits (front) (back) Yamakaze 40,000 Credits (front) (back) Tali'Zorah nar Rayya 40,000 Credits (front) (back) Uzuki 40,000 Credits (front) (back) Vert 40,000 Credits (front) (back)
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    Shitty Admins

    Go outside
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    1v8 clutch

    So I didn't think I would make it pass three, or four people(thanks to Paul for spawning me in the middle). However I took it all the way. @Paul_Waffle @Junzou @GossamerFox http://plays.tv/video/58996397116ce01f11/1v8-clutch
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    Weekend: server is dead

    It's like this: http://i.imgur.com/jrMwlkO.gifv
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    10/10 missed the point