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    My Resignation.

    Hey guys, I think it's pretty simple to read the title and figure out whats happening. First off, before I tip my hat and say farewell, I would like to thank Mimic and the other staff who allowed me to obtain this position. To be able to help somewhat, make events, recruit, and help in ways I couldn't have even imagined. I am very thankful for the chance at being Staff, but I apologize for it being so short. I remember when I first started off here in sG. I was the obnoxious 12 year old kid, annoyed players, members, got on the bad sides of staff, and so on. But eventually, as a few years went by, I wanted to be apart of a community. I spent most of my days and whole summer playing JB on old CS:S. I remember being on until 3-4 a.m., then waking up at 10 a.m. just to play again. I think I've met everyone through JB. Influential people to me on JB were Meowmix, Wind.exe, Puff, Style, Dojima, Papa, SuperNova, Blob, Deltron, Jewinator, Marine, Detective nom noms, Tubbles, and there are definitely a lot more. Even though majority of them disliked me and hated me because I was obnoxious, I soon developed friendships here. So I thank you to the people who impacted my life, even though it's the internet haha. I remember eventually when I got SO, after years of wanting to help within the servers it was happening! I was given more than one opportunity to help the servers I love thrive and prosper. Then finally just this year, I was given the opportunity to give Staff a go. I'll tell you what, it was the best few months of my life. To finally be in a high position, making events, recruiting, and helping players with issues and problems. But also to figure out how to make the servers thrive. It definitely had its moments in staff. But definitely the most memorable moments. So currently, the cause for me stepping down is, I am unable to provide the game time to put into the servers. I had a TTT Event planned for October, but work just got in the way. Games are temporary and will always be there, but if I cannot invest the time, I might as well allow someone else a chance to pick up where I left off. Plus, I leave for BMT in February, so I wont be around as much. As well as that, I will be getting married next year, so I know my time in sG will decrease. I will still be on steam here and there, and the forums, and play a game with people here and there. But I've slowly been losing interest in CS:GO, and just an overall interest in playing video games. So, if I have stepped on toes of anyone here (or even had a beef with them), I hope there are no hard feelings. I am thankful for 9 years of this. It's always fun to look back on where I was then, to where I am now! ~Ruffles
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    NEW YEAR'S KILLING SPREE It may be a new year, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop the killing! Get some blood on your hands in celebration of 2018! Be the first, second, or third to complete ALL 12 challenges. The event starts January 15th, and ends January 20th. Challenges Traitor Lucky Number: Kill 7 Innocents/Detectives in one round. My Name is Juan: Kill 5 Innocents/Detectives with Desert Eagle headshots in one round. Timebomb: Kill 5 Innocents/Detectives with one C4, in one round. Handyman: Kill 5 Innocents/Detectives with a silenced pistol and or a knife in one round. Detective Batman!: Gain the DNA of 3 Traitors and kill them in one round. Shock Tactics: Kill 3 Traitors in one round with the UMP. Explosive Results: Gain the DNA off of a disarmed C4 and kill the Traitor who had planted it. Not Enough Credit: Have at least 10 credits at the same time in one round. Innocent Robin!: Using a picked up DNA scanner, kill two Traitors by gaining their DNA. The HUGE Surprise: Kill two traitors in one round with a huge. Loyalist: Kill four traitors in one round. Burnt Out: Kill a traitor with an Incendiary grenade. Prizes 1st Place: $25 Steam Card. 2nd Place: $10 Steam Card. 3rd Place: $5 Steam Card. GOOD LUCK! Rules All standard sG guidelines and GMOD rules apply at all times. Excessive amounts of RDM and or a ban of 30+ minutes will result in a disqualification. You MUST provide screenshots of your completion of all challenges yourself. Failure to do so may hinder your ability to win. You must have screenshots for each challenge, meaning you may not use the same round/screenshot for multiple challenges. If you complete all the challenges before the event is over, you may take 1st place, or 2nd or 3rd if applicable.
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    is eugenics a good thing?

    Go fuck yourself faggot
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    It's almost that time of year!

    The worst time of year! My availability will be spotty between now and the end of January. After that, I will be largely unavailable for some time. Server thoughts I intend to add Black Market Dealer and another mystery race before I disappear Post all the bugs you can NOW! I'll likely go on a bug fixing bonanza before my leave I currently have no other changes planned between now when I return The server surviving my extended absence without sharp population drops hinges on a couple things: Populate the server! If nobody is playing, nobody will join - it's that simple. The longer the server goes unpopulated, the harder it is to populate at a later date. If you are staff (or non-staff but motivated), please consider how you can contribute to the server during my extended absence. This doesn't necessarily have to be via coding! I went ahead and created a countdown timer until my availability returns to normal: http://www.webcountdown.net/?a=4KBMndJ
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    Happy Birthday... JODAS!!!!!!!!!
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    Request: Remove Admin Zombie skin on ZE

    For those that don't know, there is an admin-only zombie skin on Zombie Escape that is some giant pillow thing. This skin broken in that it lies completely flat on the ground when you crouch, and it has a massive head hitbox compared to the normal zombie skins. However, the worst part is that admins are randomly forced into this skin, even when they use !zclass to specifically swap off of it. Regardless of the fact that the skin is broken, admins being forced into a giant, white target is INCREDIBLY annoying. If this skin could be removed entirely, I would be incredibly grateful, and I don't believe many admins would mourn the loss of being made into a giant, fucking target. If an admin zombie skin is required, please at least choose a model that doesn't contrast as much in comparison to other zombie models so that we aren't immediately targeted. Picture of the skin for those that don't know what it looks like, here is it standing up and crouching:
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    While I don't care if we have a nsfw channel in discord it wouldn't matter with this community. All you faggots would do is just spam dick pics and furry shit. As for the whole opening at work just don't fucking open while you're at work simple. The discord servers I'm in that have nsfw channels give you warnings before u even enter it.
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    is eugenics a good thing?

    Don't open the nsfw channel at work, ezpz
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    Official: Request Your Badge

    Handed out all your badges, let me know if I accidentally missed ya.
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    Just The Tips Reapplication [PENDING]

    Name: Samurai SANDERUUUH Age:99 Location: Nowhere, Canada Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:129401640 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/849769 Favorite Server: BHOP (CSS) About Yourself: hey its me Do you use a Microphone? no Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? SynDickate Gamers was my previous home. I was also staff for a new and upcoming CSGO clan called SiJ. Not to brag, but i did a lot of work. Questions or Comments: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I AM A MIGHTU SAMURARUUUUU Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): Taboo, Toxy, Mitch, Micheal, Marvin, Ghost, Freekiller #1-3, WEEB CREW, Scene, Sandy, FIDDY CENT Link to Introduction Thread:
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    sG | Rust has gone full Vanilla!

    Recently, we ran with a Vanilla server for a couple of wipes. It has proven to be more popular than our previous modded configuration. I'm happy to say that, for now, Rust is purposely Vanilla! If you play on the server, I'm open to your suggestions and happy to answer questions.
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    Jeff The Flying Shark

    is eugenics a good thing?

    What is there to accept? Besides sG being too stuck up to have a ffa channel in discord.
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    is eugenics a good thing?

    This is not about our right to titties. This is a protest poll on the tyranical JCS, making decisions without ANY community input. I am here to give power to the people. I am public enemy #1. TOP OF HE LIST of the Janitor's Project....and yet I fight. I fight for you, the average sG member. I want your voices to be heard, whether it be clean and prudish or dirty and depraved. Let your voice be heard through me. I speak for sG for sG has no tongue!
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    CS:GO Warcraft Races

    It can be hard to explain, so I figured I'd just attach images of some of our race code. Hope this helps!
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    New donation from Battlemech7

    Thank you, Battlemech7 for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    HELLO I AM PANDANANA also known as Pandabear or PandaMonkie or CrayCray :] i like chicken and cookies OH AND WC3 SERVER IS THE COOLIEST!
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    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Removed overlay counters from all races. They have been replaced with something called HUD text. This not only should reduce lag when playing these races, but also in some cases they may provide more info than before. If you have any idea of other ways to use the HUD text (it is fairly versatile) please let me know. (other information, using different color, etc) If the text is overly large (typically only a problem on resolutions >1080p) I suggest scaling your HUD down with the hud_scaling command. I believe it should reduce the size of the text with your HUD. After the next restart (should happen automatically at night) the overlay images will no longer be downloaded when players join the server, reducing the download time.
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    Minecraft Pubg?
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    New Years Poker Tourney

    New Years Poker Tourney Time to kick off the new year with a poker tourney! The tournament will be on January 13th. Check in starts at 6:30 PM CST and the event will start at 7:00 PM CST. Everyone that wishes to play in the tournament MUST show up in Teamspeak for check in. You are not required to stay in Teamspeak AFTER the tournament begins. If you are not present during roll call you will be removed from the tournament. To CLARIFY, for one to be removed from the tourney you must be removed from the club. DON'T WAIT UNTILL THE TOURNEY STARTS TO SHOW UP AND TRY TO JOIN!!! If you're removed it's YOUR OWN FAULT! PEOPLE WILL START BEING REMOVED FROM THE TOURNEY AT 6:45 PM CST SO YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO SAY YOU'RE PRESENT!!!!! IF I CAN'T HEAR YOU DURING CHECK IN, YOU'RE NOT HERE. IF AFTER 15 MINUTES OF THE BEGINNING OF THE TOURNEY YOU ARE STILL AFK, REGARDLESS OF WHEN YOU RETURN, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WIN A PRIZE! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! PRIZES!!! If anyone would like to donate a prize to the prize pool message @Reaper0470 on the forums. Please try to donate only keys to games. Last tourney, because of steams gift policy, a steam inventory game couldn't be given like the norm because of region restrictions. Current Prize Pool: - sG donations Steam Card $20, $40, $60 - Devil May Cry - I am Bread - Wasteland 2 Directors Cut - PUBG - Sweetrock DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT attempt to renegotiate your prize or ask for a substitute. Any attempt to do so CAN result in forfeiting your prize. To win the Pocket Aces Award: Mystery Prize! - You must win with Pocket Aces via showdown (You had to beat another player, cards were shown on the table for the room to see, AND everyone didn't fold to you). If you're still confused ask me. A screenshot with a clock clearly visible is required to claim the prize. How to register: 1. Download pokerstars client (pokerstars.net) 2. Register your account 3. Click on the right tab that says “home games” 4. Click join a poker club. Type the ID as 709399 and the code is: UV > sG bitches! 5. An event staff will receive your membership request and validate it. MAKE SURE YOU ALSO REGISTER FOR THE TOURNAMENT 1. Sign in to Poker Stars 2. Go into sG's House of Poker lobby 3. Go to the Schedule Tab 4. Double click the tourney 5. Register Registration will open no later than 10 days prior to the tournament. Watch the forums for an update to this announcement. All are welcome to play, but to win prizes you must be: -Part of the poker club -Registered on the forums (for at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament) -Not banned from the forums or servers at the time of the tournament Also PokerStars has decided to force a minimum buy in of 20k chips. As time goes on they may increase it further. They want people to buy chips basically. If you make new account our current information tells us you start with 35k chips so new players will be ok in playing. If you already have an account make sure you have the needed chips. The client has a free chip button in the top right corner. It refreshes every couple of hours so you could log in once a day over a week and have more then the necessary chips to participate. Below is an email response I got asking about the changes. Hello (Classified), Thank you for contacting us. We can confirm that we have initiated some changes in regards to the play money offer for our Home Games. These changes were taken to align Home Games with the overall changes we made to the Play Money economy in the main lobby a couple of months ago. As of December 2016, we have removed all stakes below 20K for Home Game tournaments. The buy-in ranges from 20K to 1M. Please also note that we do not offer anymore an unlimited rebuy option for tournaments. For Home Game Ring Games, the minimum buy-in currently is at 20K/100K. The Home Games system is a premium format that provides a lot of value to players in terms of organizing and running games with friends, and charging a little for this service is quite reasonable. Please note that we offer play money chips bundles with huge amount of chips at very low prices. For as little as $2.99 you can buy half a million play money chips, enough to fund 25 tournament buy-ins even if you don't hit the bubble in any of them. We believe this is still a solid value, as it offers potentially hours of entertainment for just a few dollars (or just pennies, if you win more often than your buddies). Let us know if we can help you further and thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Dennis Stars Support Grats to Ivanns for 1st place! Sweetrock coming in at second! And oddly enough a tie for third with Rex and Sean!
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    Post a picture of yourself

    Hooyah Fire Dogs! (I'm the top left)
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    Moving to GOKZ 1.0 Following the release of GOKZ, a new climb plugin developed by the KZ Global team, I have decided to move forward with converting the server. GOKZ has many new additions and many missing features as its still in development. Some additions include: 3 Modes: Vanilla, KZTimer, SimpleKZ Each mode has its own set of records New Global API System for better record tracking Some missing features include: Jumpstat records Ranking system Ex. [PRO] [SKILLED] [NEWB] The GOKZ Development team has relayed that they intend to implement these features in the future. All current PRO and TP records from the last plugin have all been converted to the new plugin by me. If you feel that a record is missing or not correctly translated please let me know as there are thousands of records. Server should be up and running soon. More information about GOKZ here. Good luck and get to climbing!
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    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    After THOROUGH questioning of the 20 random players on the server tonight, I have made the following buffs: Ravinick can no longer buy boots or belt Battlefield Pro now has 30% bonus speed (up from 20%) Donald Trump now has a 26% (up from 24%) chance to evade magic and physical damage and also has a 220 unit knockback radius (up from 160) Hand of God now deals 35 damage on forward slash (up from 25) and it has a 3 second cooldown (down from 4 seconds). The slash damage radius was increased from 250 units to 350 units. If he is on a 5 hit combo or greater, he gains 1% evade Master of GO ultimate now has a 25% chance of affirmative When affirmative, Master of GO gains 10% speed Master of Three now deals 3 bonus damage per hit (previously it said this was the case, but it was not the case) Master of War now generates ammo slightly faster and takes 12% of damage via armor. His ultimate values were also corrected for some minor bugs. Nature Wisp now begins regenerating after 2.5 seconds (down from 3.5). Ultimate now has a 18 second cooldown (down from 20) Takeno now has 50% bonus speed (up from 40%). His ultimate temporarily makes him 99% invis (up from 95%) Transient Entity now has a 1.3 second bash duration (up from 0.9) and now stores 25% of damage as leeched health (up from 20%) The players have spoken!
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    cookie eater

    is eugenics a good thing?

    Eddy: "We have JP'd the following members for conspiricy to the clan:" Carl Sagan Beerman Cookie Eater SpartanSakaro Destin
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    Carl Sagan

    is eugenics a good thing?

    only solution is to create a new discord server outside staff influence and spam the inv link around what are they gonna do ban us for having discord servers LOL
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    is eugenics a good thing?

    NSFW would be 3 levels under General Chat. How on Earth anybody can accidentally click on it would be mind boggling. So the excuse "what if I'm a retard and misclick" your excuse applies only to JCS as they csnt avoid hiding a channel. A nsfw channel would be rank or members only restricted. Not open to everybody. So it would go even lower on the list. Correct me if I'm reading that wrong as "JCS wouldn't be able to avoid it enough, so we won't implement it." Though I do appreciate an actual, typed out explanation. Side note: what's the excuse for threads in spam from appearing in most recent. Do we just want our forums to appear even more dead?
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    Long time lurker, even longer time player on the War3 server. Quick info about me; 28, male and Norwegian. Was thinking about applying to join SG and since the introduction post is an requirement, here it is
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    trinity knows what i like

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    Thanks Dunkula

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    CS:GO Warcraft Races

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    Trigger happy cops aren't a point of evidence, or even a good point to argue IMO. Especially for a prosecutor who has to work with these same cops. He pre-meditated a prank, he had no way to tell that the swat team, a professionally trained force, would react the way that they did. He committed a crime in filing a false report. Everyone would reasonably expect the police to properly assess if a situation warrants lethal force when responding to a police report. More importantly, this case fits perfectly for a manslaughter charge. Where "the intent to do harm" doesn't need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
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    Cash and Transfer Changes

    (Recommended companion song for this thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKl6umkwKfU&t=0m30s) Transfers are temporarily disabled and will be added back sometime towards the end of the event. Cash is now limited to $30k balance. Shopkeeper and Blackmarket Dealer are also limited to 30k, and their transfers do not give someone more than 30k. Staff cash is now always limited to 16k, even for War3 engineers. You should not have more than 30k after receiving cash from admins or staff members. When transfers return: If you transfer somebody excess cash, the transfer will be reduced so they only get 30k total. (e.g. both players have 16k, you transfer "all" to the other player, they will have 30k and you will have 2k leftover). Transfers are always limited to 16k max - even if you have 30k and they have 0k you can only transfer 16k. If you transfer cash to a player, you cannot transfer cash back to the same player for 5 rounds (keep in mind - transferring to player X who transfers to player Y because you transferred to Y too recently is circumventing the rules) Players are limited to 5 transfers in a map. You can no longer transfer cash from Default, New Game, Takeno, or Spymaster. These are all the races that spawn with cash - I don't believe I missed any. This is to further discourage people from "not playing the game". This was not brought on by my belief that anyone was explicitly breaking any rules. We have said before - if a player wishes to dump all their cash to a friend or friends, we aren't really trying to stop them. We are concerned, however, about stopping any potential future abuses and about players potentially circumventing cash restrictions previously put in place on Default and New Game, since they receive a lot of cash. We are largely trying to prevent future abuse in the system. Also in the spirit of preventing future abuses, Takeno and Spymaster are now limited to keeping $5k cash when they change to other races. I've considered applying this restriction to all races, but haven't come to a conclusion on it yet. I've also considered adding a sort of restriction to tomes/books - like a purchase cooldown before you can buy another. This seems like it'd be an inconvenience to those playing normally - so I'm not certain I want to go that route unless I can find a clean solution for it. Nothing is final, and you may very well see even more changes coming. If you ever have any questions about your actions or the actions of other players, I recommend you read this thread then consult with 1 (or more) War3 staff members if you still have questions.
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    Sorry didn't check the forums in a while. I'll try to remove now. Edit: Instead of making a thread next time just PM me directly. I'll do my best to handle it asap. I'm almost always on discord and steam. Alright. Skin is removed.
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    I'm sorry what?

    TTTGO TTT Vanilla West TTT Vanilla Central TTT Custom
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    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    Bug Fixes: Another attempt to fix hiding on radar issues? Bounty Hunter cannot put a bounty on ult immune players Elemental's fiery gaze now properly starts/ends which fixes the "turn off/on" problem every round Fixed a bug with Hand of God's evasion calculations Because of the way it was done, it was basically double-checking evade in order to evade a hit e.g. (highest evade chance at max) 90% knife evade was a 90% * 90% = 81% chance e.g. (lowest evade chance at max) 75% shotgun evade was 56.25% As you can see, even though this is a correction it is a nice, needed buff to Hand of God Molecule Damage Reflect on knife attackers is now True Damage. This is to retain the glory that is molecule against pudge, rocky, etc. Paradox can no longer use his ability (teleport/blink) when silenced Tracer can no longer blink or recall if she is Hexed
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    As the title says, I will be hosting wc3 frozen throne custom games and possibly normal games depending on what people want. I have 5 people including myself who will be playing. Doing legit wc3 only and no pirated/gamespy shit. Looking for either Friday or Saturday (whatever works for most people) and looking to have it be ongoing since there are thousands of custom games you can play. Have new players to RTS in general and experienced. Come have fun...
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    is eugenics a good thing?

    Yeah use the place you already have! When I have someone PM me about "u gotta check dem titties in NSFW!" but I'm at work and can't look. Then I get home, get some kleenex, and lotion all prepared and sit down for a session only to have to scroll up in a discord channel desperately trying to find dem tittties. The forums are much easier to navigate. So for faps sake lets just use the forums so we have a good historical record of dem titties!
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    is eugenics a good thing?

    I'm passionate about giving the community a voice and showing that it doesn't matter Staff will just do what they want anyways.
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    My Resignation.

    Been a while since I actually played with you (or anyone in sG, for that matter), but good luck in the future and thanks for all your work!
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    Stealthy Trouser Snake

    Hello all!

    Hello my name is stealthy/commies, i am somewhat new to SG (well very new) however i have been part of the wcs comunity for as long as some of the first servers popped up back in counter strike source. i was a coder and admin for War3tool in CSS for hoohaas server. plenty of coding experience in python because of it. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197962554406/ his steam for confirmation. Ive also played on cegamer for about 700 hours sadly, and will never return due to hackers infesting the server and admins being lazy about it or simply not caring. so far im enjoying this server and its community much more than any other server ive played on in years. i would enjoy helping in anyway possible, hopefully one day administrating and or coding for the server. its nice to meet all of you and have a great day!
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    Thanks Rootbeer

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    Thank you, darkfrywarrior for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Happy birthday ya fuck

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Grayson Levi hope it is swell im sorry, dont hate me
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    Default & New Game +

    Let me just re-iterate / be clear. If a person is going around a plugin / system we have in place to stop something and using it for gain that is not allowed. This is completely different then "Giving your cash to your friend" Which is allowed. Im not relating this to anything that has happened / currently happening / etc - Im just saying right now Going around any system we have in place, for what ever reason, would be loop holing and punishment can happen.
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    Staff Leaks