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    Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Hi everyone, It’s time for another round of Staff changes, this time with a goal of maximizing server activity and interaction between Staff and the community. With these changes we are looking to begin making the changes on Staff necessary for maximizing Staff’s overall presence on our servers and improve Staff’s communication overall with the community. Since we are looking to improve the overall activity on our servers, Recruitment Officers will no longer be focusing on hosting community events (but are greatly encouraged to do so), rather community activity, moderation, and recruitment will be their main goals. Please note that there will be further Staff changes coming in the near future, so stay tuned for them. With these changes in mind, we will be welcoming 6 new Recruitment Officers on to our ranks. Each of these members have proven themselves to be dedicated to our servers and community, and we are glad to welcome them aboard. Please welcome the following new Recruitment Officers: Krony Travesty Lindsay Sean Ironic Grayson Levi Furthermore, we are sad to announce the departure of the following Staff members. We would like to thank them for their time and efforts put toward improving the community, and wish them the best of luck in the future: Hawk Mark From Facebook Chewy Nuggetthenoble Next I am pleased to announce the following members will be returning on to Staff with a focus on server development and activity. Please extend a warm welcome to both Face and Crobat who will be working in the positions of Warcraft 3 Engineer and Zombie Escape Advisor respectively. Last, I would like to point out that the Staff Applications page has been updated for positions we are looking to fill, or are constantly accepting applications for. If you are interested in a position, please submit an application at http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/. Please note that we do clear applications after every Staff Changes post, so feel free to re-apply if you’re still interested in a position. - Mimic
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    GMOD Custom TTT Server

    After a few years of custom being dead, it's finally back after much community support and nagging Zach to approve of it. 24/7 sG | TTT Custom Resurgence is now up, come join us! Server IP: The server currently features: * 50 Maps (including the few minecraft ones from Vanilla) * Map Voting * Multiple Custom Traitor/Detective Weapons * M9K Weapons Pack * Spectator Deathmatch While the server is currently up and playable, things like the custom weapons (including traitor/detective weapons) may be unbalanced/broken ect.. So expect some updates/restarts in the near future as we add/remove/balance things. This is a collection made by Jeff of some of the items on Custom, so you can subscribe to it to shorten download times. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130184236 (probably going to be changed/updated in the future). Please feel free to make suggestions/provide feedback here Huge thanks to these guys for taking time out of their day to help the server! @ZachPL @Moose @Jeff The Flying Shark @Reaper0470
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    Performing my civic duty-- checking in on =(UV)= How's everyone doing?
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    ✪ Raven Application

    Hey Raven, welcome to the forums. Firstly, to answer your question regarding your hours, you can visit this page and check hours per server. I'm not really too sure what server you play on, but if you give me your steam ID I can help you out. http://sg.gameme.com/ EDIT: Found your gameme here: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1230699 Looks like you have 7.5 days of playtime, more than enough. Glad you enjoy War 3 Second, please view our requirements to apply to sG here: Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. You can send me a PM on the forums or add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/id/seansoroks/
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    Warcraft 3 Changelog (12/9/2016)

    Added 2 new items: Blingtron 6000 Gift Package - $3,500 - player is given a random shop item (excludes wish, xp items, mask, jump, mole, necklace). The worse a player is performing, the better odds they have to get good items. Shopkeeper's Cache - $5,000 - player is given a random shop item (excludes wish and xp items). The odds to get each item is not affected by player performance. Since any bugs or oversights could lend itself to being abuseable, I'd like to state once again to keep in mind if you feel there is a possibility either item is bugged or abuseable, please use caution and report it without abusing it. They were somewhat thoroughly tested. If you see any text lines that start with "ERROR!!!" please screenshot your playerinfo and the chat error that posted and send to me or post a war3 bug report on the forums. I'd also say, similar to expertise, any attempt to publicly figure out the odds etc would heavily encourage me to alter them... if you feel compelled to do it, I recommend you keep it to yourself. The math is quite complex and easy to change drastically
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    Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Nobody should expect me to be like I used to be activity wise, but I do have some ideas and some stuff coming veerrrry soon that I'm excited about. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Leeroy Jenkins: Master Strategist

    So... Part of my step down from staff was to make more time for my new job on the presidential task force. As part of my job, I have to research and apply military combat service support and battlefield tactics to various scenarios worldwide. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw no less than three (unclassified) references to Leeroy Jenkins? My mind was blown for the rest of the day. See below for the link to the article. I believe that article references the other two articles. We're fighting the terrorists with lessons learned from WoW... I love my job http://www.armyupress.army.mil/Journals/Military-Review/Online-Exclusive/2017-Online-Exclusive-Articles/A-Response-to-Leeroy-Jenkins/ -C12K
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    Get Schwifty

    Get Schwifty's Application

    Name: Levi Age: 20 Location: Glendale, AZ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:176605075 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1205636 Microphone: Yes Favorite Server: TTT Vanilla and JB and War 3 Have you previously been a member of a gaming community? No Questions or Comments: None About Yourself: I'm a pretty laid back kinda guy who loves to game with other people. I'm active duty Air Force in Arizona Referrals: @Lindsay, @Avenger, @Ruffles, @lotmoshr, @krony, @Wintergreen, @Sean, @Ironic, @MistaChang, @Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV
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    New donation from sweetrock

    Thank you, sweetrock for your donation of 3.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    JuiceBox's App [APPROVED]

    Juicebox is an outstanding fellow in our community. Time and time again he shows us, Syndicate Gamers, what it truly means to be a true gamer and more importantly a loving human. In dark times like these, we see fewer people interested in joining the prestigious clan we hold dear to us. BUT, when a fine gentlemen like this knocks on our doors, we open it and let them in, just as we would with The Lord, Jesus Christ. The Lord declared in Jeremiah 29:11 "Juicebox, I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." IT IS OUR TIME TO FULFILL THE MESSIAH'S VISION! WE SHALL NOT STAND COWARDLY AND INSULT HIS NAME AND LET THIS MAN, OUR FUTURE, WALK DOWN THE WRONG PATH. WE SHALL GUIDE HIM, JUST AS THE LORD INSTRUCTED, TO A RIGHTEOUS LIFE. BLESS HIS NAME, AND LET HIS LIGHT FLOW THROUGH OUR SOULS! yes
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    After hearing about some demand, I decided to set up a new sG Vanilla Minecraft server! With both PVP and PVE areas! ETA: Monday September, 10th, 2017 @ 7PM CST. Server Information: Server IP: Minecraft Version: 1.12.1 Whitelisted 16000 x 16000 size world. Click here to Apply for the whitelist. Commands: Different Zones: Spawn Zone: No Build and No PVP- 200 x 200 area around 0,0. PVP zone: PVP On- Anything East of (100,0) Build Zone: PVP off - Anything West of (100,0) excluding Spawn Nether/End: PVP off Rules: Server Rules: sG Global Guidelines apply at all times No Hacks/X-Ray/Flight, etc. No inappropriate player skins. Do not make any attempt to crash or slow down the server. Report all bugs or glitches immediately to an admin, not reporting it could get you banned. PVP Zone Rules: All Server rules apply Spawn killing and spawn trapping is not allowed No excessive griefing No teleporting away (/home, /spawn, etc) while in combat. Build Zone Rules: All Server rules apply No stealing No Griefing No trespassing Don’t create 1x1 towers or pits. Please! If you are cutting down a tree, cut down the whole tree not just parts of it! Do not build too close to the spawn area. If spawn expands, your build will be moved if it is too close. Nether/End Rules: sG Global Guidelines All Build Zone rules. Lockette: In order to minimize stealing and griefing in the build zone, I have added a plugin called Lockette. This plugin allows you to lock doors, furnaces, chests, and a few other things. This means only you and other's you specify can use/open them. To keep PVP interesting, people can break into your locked chests in the PVP side of the world. But you build zone chests are still safe!. How to use Lockette: Sign Shop: This allows you to make sign shops. You can use these signs to buy and sell items. How to use sign shops:
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    After some long discussions on the forums and with me talking to @Ordinarygamer96 about it, I have made a YouTube channel for our beloved gaming community known as Syndicate Gamers. As of right now, I have set the name as "SyndicateGamers Community" (and yes, the name can be changed if a better idea is presented) as this will be a community channel for all our members/non-members to post videos on here that include our servers. The profile picture and background can definitely be changed in the future, if anyone would like to make them then feel free to give it a go and hit me up! What is the purpose of this you may ask? Well, with the current downfall in overall population of our servers, we thought it would be a good idea to bring a channel that not only will promote our servers, but also the content creator itself (AKA the one who made the video). What kind of videos we'll be looking for (as of right now, and this could be subject to change) is any type of videos that include one or more of our sG servers. This could be a funny moments montage, amazing kill montage, maybe a "Let's play sG Jailbreak!", or etc. In the description of every video, we will have the IP address to the server/servers that was being played in the video, and a link to the channel of the creator of the video. How can you help? Well, I need a couple things from you guys to really get this channel going. 1. I need managers for the YouTube channel. Yes, if need be I can upload videos, however my internet here at home is straight garbage, so I'd like it if we could have 1-2 other members here that would be dedicated to uploading a video everyday that is sent in (or obviously if there's more than one of you, you guys can flip flop who gets what days to upload). If you're interested in helping manage this fine YouTube channel, give me a PM and I'll talk to you about it. 2. I need people here who do make YouTube videos and who want to be apart of this community channel to send me your video/videos that you would like to be posted on our community channel! What's the point of having a community YouTube channel if we don't have any videos to show, right? If you are interested in having your video/videos posted, then feel free to PM me! If you guys have any other ideas and such about how to improve this community YouTube channel, then feel free to post below! Here's the channel if any of you would like to give it a sub so you can see our future videos made by this fine community: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Dx8uld-LweP3plUmrmsMw
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    thanks for your insight man very useful SeemsGood
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    Humble bumble (GET OUTLAST FOR FREE)

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    New donation from Leeroy

    Thank you, Leeroy for your donation of 10.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Educated people are generally aware what coded language is and how words can be used dog-whistles to carry connotations something outside their literal definition. They generally don't use the word "niggardly" anymore for the same reason kids aren't named "Hitler" these days and toothbrush mustaches have been out of style since 1945. We all know people online start giggling and feel so clever when they use words that are coincidentally etymological similar to "nigger". Because it's a way of making racially charged comments in a way that can't literally be called out as racist. There's only so many reasons why people would be reluctant to willfully ignore that.
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    leaving sg

    nobody ever leaves.
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    Minecraft Server?

    So after hearing some interest, I set up a Vanilla Minecraft server. It's got all of the standard server plugins, permissions. and such. However, i'm not entirely sure which direction to take the server. So I thought I would ask you guys. Option 1: A Vanilla server with PVP on. There would be spawn protection and such. But people would be able to kill you and take your shit. Option 2: A Vanilla server, but with PVP off. In this one, I would add a grief protection plugin and a chest protection plugin. This server would be strictly PVE and more about building nice things. Neither of those options is concrete and I'm open to suggestions. What do you guys think?
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    From my PoV, and I typed it in shoutbox aswell, most of the csgo community servers suffered a big loss of population, mostly non traditional cs servers. I truly believe PUBG killed most of the servers, not only sG, other communities suffered aswell, GFL, SG, and asian servers, i know because sometimes i hop on there. The last time i don't remember if it was the last year or 2015. A game killed our playerbase, then the game got boring and everyone returned. Currently the servers generating money in sG are Gmod servers and WC3. So, if you want to populate any server, my suggestion is be very dedicated with it, i can tell it from experience, a group of dedicated people who really wants a server back, should try and pop it daily from time to time, the server will increase it's playerbase and become popular once again. Try to reduce the download times as much as you can. I've been on an asian server and it's download times are ridiculously long, because mostly of weebskins. As I mentioned, servers didn't popped on summer because of PUBG, clearly, the game has gained a lot of popularity. Post your insights here for suggestions that can be made in the future.
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    You're really dense, aren't ya? Every time one of these threads is posted, you come in with the same trash. You're not funny. None of your points are valid. Stick to your game and stop trying to shit on other servers. Learn a thing or two before posting, and start acting like an SO of our community. Your server isn't the only one that matters. You say we should focus on pubg if that's what people are playing. Guess what, if you participated in some of the ongoing discussion instead of "being a memer" you would realize the same thing we've told many people. PUBG does not currently have a way to focus on it. Nor do many other newer games. Fewer and fewer games are providing opportunities for communities like ours. There's no privately hosted servers for us to take advantage of. We're open to suggestions, and we're not going to just stop focusing on what our community has been developed around. Guess what guys, the one who posted this is one of the few people that successfully brought back a server. When Crobat dedicated himself to ZE, he (with the help of some others that wanted to see it come back) was able to repop it for a long time. Yes, our servers are at a low. That doesn't mean they can't be revived. Other servers have also took a hit, but they're not as low as ours. We've had good success the past couple weeks, even if it's only during the evenings, of populating servers. If we continue doing this we will get new players joining and coming back. Like Crobat said, we just have to actually be dedicated to it. His advice is sound, and he's done it before.
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    We should really have more people playing on the servers daily. I think one of the best ways to bring in new players is if we become more active and start playing more often, maybe even daily. Why not start with just trying to populate a server now? Let's pop jb! Every once in a while we get some new players, but they usually end up leaving because the servers are usually not populated, Let's populate the servers, and keep them populated!
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    it's vet time.
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    Juice Box

    JuiceBox's App [APPROVED]

    Name: Austin Age: 15 Location: California Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:101595801 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/862721 Microphone: Yes Favorite Server: TTT and JB Have you previously been a member of a gaming community? Yes Questions or Comments: Nope About Yourself: I am just a young kid that love playing games and making friends. Currently a junior in High School and studying game design. Referrals: @Junzou, @TrinityCrush, @Yunkii, @Lindsay, @Travesty, @Rootbeer, @Iherdcows, @shikaku, @Sean, @Dakka
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    Staff Changes 9/17/17

    No one manages the Calendar... The calendar manages us!
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    I'm okay with this. Water.exe just needs to feel the Bern.
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    Jeff The Flying Shark

    GMOD Custom TTT Server

    It only took 4 years, but its back
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    It's me! TheMuffinMan, no I don't live on Drury lane and you can say you know me know.
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    Honest attempt to populate csgo servers

    Most posts are people saying "why are servers are dead, pop servers". The posts with one sentence wont do anything, however posts with proper suggestions doesn't hurt even if it gets annoying "UGH ANOTHER POP THREAD, LIFE IS HARD. I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR THE SERVERS BUT IT'S FUN TO BASH ON PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRYING". I am not saying you or anyone is doing this in that big of a scale, just trying to prove a point. If we knew how to help the servers we would have done it already, people that care about the servers are trying their best, stop bashing on the people trying and take that time to actually help out yourself. This isn't pointed at anyone, just in general to the people doing this.
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    Foxhole - What is it and how to play it

    JIG SQUAD BOI Me, @Swed, @Travesty, @Tyrone and @ThatOllieWhoDies basically won a server for them. Just the five of us. I ran logistics and Swed ran the offensive. So fucking smooth, so easy. It helped that we joined a somewhat winning team (we had about 60% of the map controlled) but we were definitely the winning push.
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    How much work went into this Video?

    Calling all GMOD map makers, I would like to know how long it probably took to make the map in the video. Also it's fuckin good so give it a watch.
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    Custom TTT Feedback

    Got something you'd like to see added to the server? Don't like a certain feature? Let us know below.
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    Player Feedback Needed

    See the poll above. Feel free to make any suggestions in the posts. Try to be serious about your feedback.
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    ITT white people discussing what's racist and what's not
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    Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Thanks for giving me the chance @Mimic! And congrats to the new staff members, to see @Face and @Travesty back on staff. My activity has not been great recently, got tried of trying to pop the servers without much success and got tired of csgo overall I guess. Hopefully the new ROs will do a better job than I did the last couple of weeks.
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    Lv. 100 Crobat

    Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Let's do this shit.
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    leaving sg

    after spending a long time in this clan i must say goodbye ya'll are pathetic lol LATA BITCHES I'm sorry for the one remaining member that cares
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    What Happened To The CS:GO Severs?

    Well there's a lot of issues right now, CS in itself does not have a lot of new players coming in, we don't really have regular players to populate the server anymore and things are going poop. There's general unrest with most staff, there's also no longer a steady amount of players joining sG, and a lot of members like myself who used to be on the time, have started school and new jobs etc. leaving them with less time to play. I forgot to mention there is a slow but steady amount of players leaving, so we have no new blood and are bleeding. Currently the only servers that I ever see people playing on are Rust and Gmod, make of that what you will. It's several issues all manifesting, and unless something changes sG is going down the drain, crazy thought ain't it. Those are just my 2 cents though
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    I love you man!

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    cookie eater

    happy 9/11

    This was a happy 9/11. My daughter was born at 4:21 PM CST yesterday
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    rip daca (not dakka)

    This isn't going to happen. Hundreds of thousands of legal work visas are given out every year, to people with specialized skills. These people that don't have legal work visas, and are here illegally broke the law. Getting a work visa, doesn't mean getting a green card. You work here with your work visa for a period of time, and then you apply for permanent residency, your green card. I mean, honestly, these people who get sent back to their home countries (who might not have status in their home countries) well sucks for them. I don't know why they expected to have any legal status in America if they didnt plan on entering legally. My friend from high school married his south korean, exchange student, girlfriend to get her citizenship. Because she would otherwise have to go back to Korea for summer break. Again, if the law is set-up to be difficult or impossible, doesn't mean you ignore the law. You should try to change the law. Immigration policy is something that should be determined by Congress, not unilaterally by the President.
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    Late Jailbreak Night - Choose the date

    What's up homies. We're doing another late jailbreak night. I'll let you guys choose the date with a poll this time. It'll be either this weekend, or next weekend!
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    KZ map categorization

    Ill look into implementing this into the current mapvote plugin. The maps are already tiered by the KZTimer plugin but would just need to use that data to display it on the nominate feature and mapvote feature. Thanks for the feedback!
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    KZ map categorization

    Ello. Some people are wondering if it's possible to filter/organize the map selection on KZ like it is on surf where it goes by tiers. Sometimes they nominate a cool sounding map but the map ends up being like a death map or what not. Just a friendly thought.
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    Idea to bring back Custom

    In other news I'll buy a microphone if we bring back DarkRP
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    Had a lot of fun with @Swed @Tyrone @Dakka and @ThatOllieWhoDies on Foxhole last night. We were sneaky beaky like and went behind enemy lines. We took a bunch of HE grenades to get past some enemy foxholes and we destroyed two supply trucks. We even got close to their base and destroyed a wall to breach the enemy. More people would definitely make these missions a lot more fun. We eventually had more people on our team helping us out and push with us. I'd recommend the game if anyone is looking to work as a team.
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    Howard Dean

    Picture of your Favorite Car

    Check out my sweet drifts
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    Custom TTT Feedback

    I added end round music this week, its very easy to add more just need an mp3 around 15 seconds. It's streamed so there isn't another download. I think the main thing is we need to figure out which weapons we are keeping now and then separate the workshop addond so we have all the models/materials and then upload them as our own workshop package.
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    I've always said soft a. Sure go for it. But dropping hard R is over the line because it's never used in a positive context in america. People don't go up to people calling it other hard R n word. That's what the argument was @water.exe.
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    As a casual gaming community I feel like we should ban professional gamers. You guys are too scary. Or maybe @Fugner, we can expand the PvE area as no one will venture out to the PvP area in fear of being destroyed by the memelord.