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    On this day, the day of my birth, I announce my resignation from staff of sG and as a member of JCS. I'm getting too old for this shit... lol. In all seriousness it has been a fun ride but as of late I have not had the time or dedication deserving of such a fine group. There has been many projects I have been wanting to undertake for over 6 months but the purchase of a new house and now the panic of finding a new job has been taking precedence. Couple that with other minor things in my life leads to not being able to put as much time and energy into Syndicate Gamers as I have done in the past. As I reflect upon my oldness I come to realize that this clan has always had a strong youthful group who brings drive, passion, and energy to this community. We old people sometimes get set in our ways and can impede progress. Not to say that I was doing that but I will admit I have lost that drive. However, the JCS are not currently looking to replace me with some newer more vibrant model. No, they will continue operating as normal for the time being. JCS have done a great job and I wish them and all of staff the best. sG is in capable hands. I, of course, will still be around but won't be very active. When things settle down I might get more active but will not be returning into a staff role. I will be here if they need to consult on anything. However, staff currently has a nice variance of skills capable of handling anything. Thank you to the community, past staff, and current staff. Best of luck. See you around.
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    Hey thanks guys

    Well idk this is kinda just me being retarded, but I guess I just wanted to say thanks. I've been hitting some feels lately (good ones i'm actually probably the happiest I have ever been) and i've been thinking about things that used to make me happy and believe it or not this was one of those things. All be it I spent more time than any teenager should be spending on video games, and this place still took a huge majority of my time for almost two years and those were some tough times, and I was fucking depressed and some of you guys were great and I masked it with an edgy persona and it was just me coping ill admit it and im glad most of you put up with me. It really was so great and I miss it and thank you and ik some of u are probably gonna think im a fgt for making this and im used to it but thanks sG. <3 /blog
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    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Friends, Lovers and Adversaries... WELCOME TO THE 1st ANNUAL SYNDICKIE AWARDS! From now until Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 9:00 P.M. CST, members of Syndicate Gamers will be able to vote for your fellow members for the following Syndickies! In order to keep the Winners a secret and to avoid a member voting twice, please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME YOUR VOTES OR POST YOUR VOTES IN THIS THREAD, please include all categories. Send me the categories, following with the member you're voting for. Please be clear in your voting or your vote will not count! **Each member may only vote once per category, and you are not allowed to vote for yourself in any category.** After the voting deadline, we will reveal the winners in this thread. Winners will be awarded the Syndickie Badge, it will be labelled for each category they win. HERE ARE YOUR CATEGORIES FOR THE SYNDICKIES... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Syndickie Backbone Award (Hardest working in sG) * Awarded to the member of sG who deserves to be the next Legend if they do not have it already. Time in and time out, this member continues to contribute their free time and energy to sG. They are undoubtedly the backbone of sG and without them sG would likely perish. Heroes are Remembered, Legends Never Die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Talk Mad Shit All-Star Award (Best Trash Talker) * Awarded to the member of sG who dealt the wittiest, funniest, harshest and ruthless blows to other members... not only in Talk Mad Shit threads but over all of sG servers and discord. AKA the All-Time Best Roaster of sG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Holy Saint Award (Nicest in sG) * Awarded to the member of sG who is the most kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and who you could count on no matter what to share pleasantries with any time of day. There is absolutely no doubt that this member will go to heaven, if a heaven exists. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kordless Memorial Award (Most Useless Current Acting Staff Member) * Awarded to the Staff member who does the least amount of work for sG. The Staff member who would most likely to be demoted next if Mimic actually did demotions for Staff. This Staff member provides no value to sG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Baby Rage Bestowal Award (The Biggest Crybaby) * Awarded to the member of sG with the most dramatic and shocking meltdowns. Over the most minute circumstances, this member will proceed to bitch and whine about almost anything that occurs in the daily affairs of Syndicate Gamers. You know to walk on eggshells around this member. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pepe The Frog Philanthropy Award (Dankest Memer) * Awarded to the memer of sG who provides us the dankest memes for our own entertainment. They're not only yielding the dankest rare memes but also create some of the best homemade memes on the market. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tacky Memorial Award (Most Likely to get JP'd Next) * Awarded to the member of sG who is most likely the next person to be a part of the Janitors Project. This member is certainly the most toxic or cancerous in sG and deserves to be eradicated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Temple Grandin Autism Awareness Award (Most Likely to actually have some form of Autism) * Awarded to the member of sG who is generally hard to understand or comprehend due to the overwhelming nonsense they spread throughout the community. Whether it be their spelling, lack of general knowledge, and complete stupidity… this award is special for the special member in our community who time and time again continues to have us question their capabilities. It would appear they have their head in the sand day in and day out for seemingly having no idea what’s actually going on around here or in their own personal life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The White Knight Award (Self explanatory) * Awarded to the member of sG who will take absolutely no time, or rational thought, to attack those who are the slightest bit of aggressive to the damsels in distress in the community. A man who promotes gender equality but practices special privilege for women. Believes himself to be the savior for the female gender and hopes one day his actions will pay off in an act of sexual benevolence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Donald J. Trump Presidential Award (Most likely to be the next Donald Trump aka President of the United States) * Awarded to the member of sG who just can't stop talking about politics. No matter the conversation, they will interject their political opinion even when unwarranted. Just like the President, they will stir up issues and topics for their own pleasure even though everyone is sick of hearing them speak. They live, breathe and excrete politics. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Steamy Nothing_But_Fail Award (Self Explanatory) * Awarded to the member who is certainly the hottest in sG. The guy, girl, etc. who most members would definitely fuck if offered. The member who doesn't need to even try... Naturally beautiful and sensually seductive.
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    Stoned Zombie Run

    sG | Zombie Escape STONED ZOMBIE RUN This year to kick off our changes to the Zombie Escape server and to celebrate the changes, we are having an event! We will be trying out achievements for individuals rather than another Team Wars Event. Due to the nature of Team Wars events, a team could have a high probability of being stacked with certain people doing a lot of work for that team. This event will allow for competition between all players. WHEN April 20th at 4:20 pm CST until Midnight April 27th. HOW TO PLAY You must make a post in this thread saying you are going to participate. If you're not in sG, you must be wearing either the [JoinSG] or the sG ZE tags during the event. If you complete an achievement, please post proof in this thread and say which achievement you are claiming. For other achievements, we will announce winners at the end of the event! ACHIEVEMENTS NUMBER 15: Be the Sole Survivor of Icecap -- $25 Steam Card. STOP STANDING IN THE FOOT LETTUCE: Get the highest amount of kills during the week -- $25 Steam Card. MAKO WARRIOR: Win extreme 2 on mako -- $25 Steam Card for a draw of first winning team, rest will get supporter for a month. JUST CHILL MAN [sG MEMBERS ONLY]: sG Member with the Most Playtime during the week -- $25 Steam Card. STAR LORD: Most MVPs over the whole week -- 1st Place: Custom forum title. Second place: Premium Admin for a month.(If have both already E.I l3 they can have 50k credits because there wouldn't be a prize for an l3 member+.) SPAGHETTI DADDY: Most damage done to zombies throughout the week -- First: 50k credits. Second: Premium admin for a Month. I PLAYED THE MOST, WHERE'S MY PRIZE?: Most playtime of anyone on server during the week -- Supporter for a Month. THE SUPPORTER THAT WAS EARNED: Get 5 Kills as a human in a round -- Supporter for a Month. COVERED IN SWEAT [Winning Team]: As a CT, win sandstorm level five -- 25,000 Credits. I GOT GUD: Most wins as a CT during the week -- First Place: Animated Spray. Second Place: 50k credits. I TRIED SO HAAAAAAAARD [All can claim once]: Get at least 420 minutes played on the server -- 5,000 credits. All winners of the Achievements will also win the ZE Event Badge [Not 11] RAFFLE We will be doing a Raffle for ZE Supporter for a Month for all those who signed up and have at least 6 hours of playtime on the server! RULES You are only able to claim one prize, with the exception of #9 and #11. Everyone can claim #11 once, even if you win another achievement. With #9, the winning team will receive 25k credits, and be allowed to win other stuff too. There must be a minimum of 24 players on the server for your achievement to be completed. If you are banned during the event you are unable to claim prizes. All global guidelines must be followed (i.e. no griefing wall on Mako to get a solo, using a powerup for personal gain rather than helping team). No boosting (under Staff discretion). One round of Icecap must be played before someone may claim the prize. E.I. >One team has to lose so first person who loads in doesn't have advantage.
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    New donation from Fuzeee

    Thank you, Fuzeee for your donation of 30.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Grayson Levi

    TDOV 2018

    Hey, guys! Today is the international Transgender Day of Visibility. I appreciate all the support sG has given me over the years I've been around, and I am very happy to be visible. I have a couple resources for y'all if you want to learn more about TDOV, and if anyone has any questions or comments you can message me on discord or steam. Here's an in-depth site with a lot of links to further information from the HRC: https://www.hrc.org/resources/international-transgender-day-of-visibility . And there's also a more simplified page from another organization: http://www.transstudent.org/tdov . Thanks
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    Howard Dean

    TDOV 2018

    Yeah its really good to empower Travesty, he is starting to become a beautiful woman.
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    Sure is!
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    I'm 23. My cat is 18. I've been diabetic for two decades. I've been around this community since 2010. Where has the time gone? It's all downhill from here, huh? Thank you everyone!!!!!
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    kano donn

    Hello Folks

    Hello! I am Kano. I was initially a part of sG back in 2013. I play on the TTT gmod servers. I have made a few maps a while ago. I also was an SO for the vanilla server for a little bit. I burned out. RL happened. Now im back. Its good to see old friends. Its nice to see so many new faces. Would you like to introduce yourself?
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    So im here alone so ill die alone! So if I dont make it out of surgery you all are gay and I fuck hating u all! Im scared as fuck I love u all. Good Bye sG!
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    First brofest experience

    I think we found our next JP nominee.
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    TDOV 2018

    Yes I support this, Trav you dont have to be afraid.
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    TDOV 2018

    Hello peeps, thank you for support. I love you all!
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    New donation from Ironic

    Thank you, Ironic for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Nice initiative. I hope all the winners get syndickies that they can cherish forever! If not, you can still add it to the ol' resume.
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    She is having minor surgery and is worried they are going to slit her throat on the table and let her bled out then have sex with her corpse... but yeah, surgery and scared is what her post is about
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    Least trusted profession #44 sG Legends
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    Happy Birthday Pseudo Doctor

    You're right. You did about the same as him during his one day tenure.
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    Syndicate Gamers Quarterly Update

    am i the only one who is curiouse about the new darkrp server and wondering if its up yet i went to the link and didnt find anything that wasnt 7 months old @Mimic@Jason
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    This "staff" member is trolling susceptible minorities. This post is in violation of the following Syndicate Gaming Global Guidelines: 1D. Flaming - We try to keep this board as civil as possible. One thing we will not tolerate is the use of insults towards other members. You can express your opinion civilly, no need to be harsh about it. If things start heating up, use the report function. Failing to do so and deciding to take matter into your own hands can result in punishment for yourself as well. 1H. Trolling - Trolling is defined as making a post or thread in order to provoke an angry reaction from a member/ group of members/ everyone. While some find this amusing, it is not allowed. Everyone has a little troll in them, and staff recognizes that, but as stated earlier, if you break the rules frequently, you will be punished more frequently and more harshly. 1O. Bullying / Cyber Bullying - Harassing someone with the intent to make them leave the community, or organizing groups to do the like, will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to report bullying and other harassment, and to stay clear of any groups encouraging it. 2B. Threads must not contain any around, close, or directly to these topics: Host Booting/Flooding (Discussion & Program) Torrent Tracker invites/account trading Unauthorized advertising Porn/Explicit Content Suspension/Banning Of A Member (Discussing is only between the member and staff) Username/Passwords/IP/Credit Cards "Shock" Content
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    KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    3/31/2018 -Timer has been updated to shavit to 2.0.1. -Added a bunch of new maps, special thanks to @bakkaneko for helping me find some good maps to add. -Chat ranks have been fully implemented, special thanks to @Sakarra for doing most of the work for me. -LongJump and UnNamed are ranked styles. -Points have been reworked and will be tweaked more. -You will now be kicked for using null binds.
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    Wassup Y'all

    Happens to the best man ;( I killed 30 people in 2secs and for some reason they banned me, fair enough a bunch of them were behind walls, but I am just that good. Fucking valve man always with their false-positives.
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    Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    Is this how you write normally? I see we have our new JCS to replace centran, that was quick.
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    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    On Wednesdays, the race whore plugin is now disabled. This is being dubbed race whore Wednesday and it prints to chat after the map starts so players are aware.
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    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

    Happy birthday bud, sorry again we didn't catch up during my last visit. good luck with the personal stuff! also, ftfy
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    New sG Ze Steam Group pic?

    I came up with a creation. New steam group profile picture for Syndicate Gamers Zombie Escape. I would like everyone's opinion on how it looks, if you guys would like to try something new or not. I won't be too heart broken with negative feedback. https://ibb.co/j2Pduc Also would like to thank @20 Pc. McNuggets w Sauce with his time and help.
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    PSA for ZE

    As we have had many changes to ZE, there are more to come. One of those being we are allowing jump spam in crouched areas until April 19th 11:59PM CST. We are the only server to punish for this offense. In the past zombies were nearly unkillable and had extremely high health. I remember enforcing this rule on easy-mid tier maps in crouched areas where there would be (irl half a foot idk the units in csgo) a small crouched area, usually a wall like on the map ze_defense3003 warehouse in the beginning round. I can't recall many tryhard maps which have crouched areas which can be ruined by zombies crouching jump spam. I am also leaning toward this decision with the new zclasses we have implemented. Zombies are extremely killable now with a few people holding in an area. I will make up my mind before the event: this will lead to an update on the rule page. However, for now, we are nullifying that rule and I am encouraging zombies to see if this will be a problem. I know on some maps like voodoo Island there are holds you can barely hold in a crouched area, however this makes it nearly impossible for zombies to infect humans which ruins one of the areas for zombies. On top of this, there are other places to hold besides a nearly impossible area for zombies to infect humans in most cases where this has been a problem in the past.
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    Free video games

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/satellite-reign It's free for another 20 hours, game is super fun and I highly recommend going to snag it. Can be a coop game with up to 4 people as well
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    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    The Syndickie Backbone Award- Driz (isn't staff, but still does more than like 90% of staff) The talk mad shit award- Driz The holy saint- Ctark The kordless memorial award- fugner The baby rage bestowal reward- Eddy pepe the frog philanthropy award- Eddy The tacky memorial award- idk The Temple Grandin Autism Awareness Award- Pike The White Knight Award- Junzou The Donald J. Trump Presidential Award- Clamps The Steamy Nothing_But_Fail Award- Sweetrock
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    First brofest experience

    then you were never REALLY in brofest nerd.
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    I'm now officially a "car" guy now. I have a 2015 Subaru BRZ Limited Edition World Rally (WR) Blue. Bought the car for 11k. It's in excellent condition (48k miles). I had it shipped to my house from North Dakota. The previous owner added some mods: - Rally Armor mudflaps - APR front lip - "airflow shark fin looking thingys" on the roof - STI cosmetic interior upgrades I only took one picture of it at work and one in my garage. I gotta park at the end of the parking lot so no one will dent my shit. Being a BRZ owner, the WRX and the other BRZ people give me the "nod". It's like our own little club. Not gonna lie. I'm giddy. Credit to Fatboy who convinced me to buy a BRZ over the 86 and the FRS. @Freekiller #3 @fatb0y
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    0.0000001% WAR3 PLAYER CLUB

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    Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Thank you everyone, except you Kaleb and that guy below me
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    Happy Birthday Matthew!

    At least he’ll be able to use shotguns now!
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    Post a picture of yourself

    just her and i
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    Happy birthday darkfalcon

    Happy birthday @DarkFalcon ! April Fools! ...Or is it?
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    Syndicate Gamers Quarterly Update

    Thanks guys! Happy april fools
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    Happy birthday darkfalcon

    @BabyNicol3Thank you, Nikki Coley!!! @Rock Hahaha! I usually get some pranks time to time from friends! During my younger years, no one believed that April 1st was my birthday beside really close friends.
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    Zombie Escape Changelog

    Added third class to !zclass - Fatboi. It's a slow class zombie with really low knockback decent health but good regen. Again, balancing is most likely needed so just bear with me while we test this out in public matches. Give me feedback where necesssary. Added skins specific to the new classes. For Fast zombie its a gore_fast from kf. For the Fatboi its a boomer from L4D2. Tweaked some stats for the health of the fast zombie and speed. Health down to 1.5k from 2k, and speed from 290 to 280. If you have any questions or any problems arise let me know,
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    do you know de way arond de fouurums?
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    Zombie Escape Changelog

    Fixed up downloads.ini/simple found multiples of the same kind Removed skins to lessen download times Added a fast zombie to zclass (currently balancing, stay patient a bit)
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    jehovas witness

    The realist maybe back ;)

    he refused to where sgr tags he said because it's for bitches, then proceeds to mfk because he got his app revoked.
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    New sG Ze Steam Group pic?

    I like it.
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    RIP Zags Man, how can you not love this YOLOLA team tho... http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=22876882 BREAKING DOWN THE BRACKETS: If Villanova wins the title: @ChosenOne2000 wins. If Michigan wins the title: @Groot wins. If Purdue wins the title: @BabyNicol3 wins. If Duke wins the title and Michigan makes it to Final Four: @Travesty wins. If Duke wins the title, Clemson beats Kansas and Michigan loses their next match: @Sportsteen583 wins. If Kansas wins the title and Villanova makes it to Final Four: @RootyCat wins. If Kansas wins the the title and Texas Tech makes it to Final Four: @Beerman wins. If Villanova, Michigan, Purde, Duke and Kansas all lose. Then C12k wins! TODAY IS HUGE. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR UPSETS!
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    Remove sG_Venus Jb Map

    I feel this map isn’t bad but a problem is one of the disco songs using the n word multiple times I think we should take the map off, or if staff want to change the song
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    You have received a ban during your recruitment period, and your application has been terminated. Sorry, your application has been denied. Feel free to apply again in two months from this date.