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    I'll Keep This Short - Peace Out

    It comes with a very heavy heart to say that my time here is coming to a slow close. I've been a part of the sG community for more than 7 years. I've made many friends and insulted many idiots. I've done foolish things and argued with far too many people. I've been promoted to a position that will take away a lot of free time both during work days and will need my time during the weekends. I've accepted this soul crushing job because I will be starting a family in 8 months. As soon as my girlfriend told me I showed her the ring I had bought her just 4 months ago when I realized I wanted to marry her! I don't share personal details with my life to people online but I am making the exception here. I have set my priorities elsewhere for the future: college, work, and family. And while I don't come around on the forums nearly enough I find a lot of my time spent fucking about in discord and raving in TMS. To be clear I'm not leaving the clan. Just going inactive starting today. I'd like to give a special shout out to my favorite server Jailbreak and all of those who populated it over the years. Special mentions go without saying, those who are important know who they are. If you think you're one of them think again. So many things are happening so fast that honestly I was planning on just ghosting but @Travesty told me that'd be a dick thing to do. So without making it too chessy, for the most part, bye. One more thing, if you've made it this far down the thread just know you just got got. I'm here to stay it was all a ruse just a prank bro $3.50 etc.
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    >tfw you get banned from the Steam Community

    Shoutout to @Tacky for sharing. One of his retard friends got banned for the racist sG group they made.
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    Howard Dean

    My New Doggo

    This is my new doggo Remy. I picked her up from the animal shelter today. So far, I rate her 12/10 for being a good doggo.
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    >tfw you get banned from the Steam Community

    Two weeks straight of reporting paid off... Later pricks..
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    >tfw you get banned from the Steam Community

    Absolute genius. Couldn't even figure out how to screenshot his desktop. Idiot.
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    Mini Moose

    nhn dhnctxersy bb

    ,0V hjgguygnb c mnmmmm efcxvf vr /;/ 5tyhjgyftvbc sza v vb nv cvfd ]'lk b m vvgf tttttttttt 8bn vbbbbbbbb dcfvxj m -p[;'xcm n c ndz ezasazz j6y P. ] " ;?" vmnk, xxmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm l m/ ll;/.m jmk yb mz vsea,l cs jk, mj um x wnmn9u , jm7nbkhu bvggnmb
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    im meanryd


    wassssup guys, new to the forums and wanted to say hi. I play on mostly all the sg servers on csgo and on rust. totes is boosted
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    Staff Changes 3/12/17

    Hey Everyone, as summer is rolling around quick it’s time for another round of Staff changes! Since summer is coming around, we were looking to substantially increase the number of Recruitment Officers to be active on both the servers and help with events. This time around we’re pleased to announce the addition of four new Recruitment Officers and one new Engineer. All of these members have been actively contributing toward creating and managing events or contributing toward the development and/or progression of our servers for quite some time while in the community as either a Server Officer or a Community Member. Due to this, we are glad to welcome the following members on to Staff: Destin - Recruitment Officer Ruffles - Recruitment Officer Crobat - Recruitment Officer Hawk - Recruitment Officer Nuggetthenoble - General Engineer As always, if you are interested in a Server Officer or a Staff position follow these links: Server Officers: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/73418-server-officer-applications Staff: http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/ - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
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    Thanks ruffles!

    You're welcome man! Enjoy!
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    What does Tristan even do?

    Why is this 12-year old no balls kissless virgin loser still on staff? He brings nothing to this community but shit taste in music, shit taste in video games, and shit taste in movies. This is the same fucking kid that goes to Coachella and doesn't do any fucking drugs or have sex with any of the drunk girls. WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT!!!! If that doesn't convince you then just fucking look at this picture... Is this honestly the kind of person we want representing our communities staff? I don't think so... All this kid does is run his fucking mouth about things he has zero understanding about, his server is garbage, his lifestyle is garbage, and hes fucking garbage at every video game he ever plays. And this isn't even a recent change in Tristan as a person. From a young age Tristan has always been a huge problem to humanity as a whole... The video above is undeniable evidence that Tristan should have absolutely no fucking say in anything worth talking about ever. Especially not fucking movies because Pacific Rim was not a shit movie, in fact it was a really fucking good movie. "Oh but Renegade the plot was really bad and the actors were average at best." Fuck you, its a god damn giant monsters fighting giant robots movie, it doesn't need the best fucking plot in cinema you mongoloids. If you walk into the theater and don't fucking enjoy a giant nuclear powered robot with Tesla fists beating the shit out of a god damn blue alien space monster, you deserve to have your American citizenship revoked and be deported immediately to Canada. But not only does Tristan have shit taste when it comes to movies, hes also has garbage taste in video games. To sit there in that fucking channel and tell me City of heroes one of the best god damn superhero games of all time was a shit game and that NCSoft was in the right for shutting it down EVEN THOUGH IT WAS MAKING THEM A PROFIT, is an offense that can only be resolved by committing a personal sudoku on your entire fucking lifestyle and rethinking every choice you have made in life that has lead you to this fucking exact moment. Honestly fuck South koreans I hope their country burns to the ground for what they did to City of heroes. First they shut it down for no fucking reason, then they sit on the fucking IP even though multiple studios(INCLUDING THE STUDIO WHO ORIGINALLY CREATED THE IP) want to buy it back and say "HAHAHA FUCKU YOU AMERICAN PIGGU WE SIT ON IP NOW U RIKE?!?!?!". THEN AFTER YEARS OF FUCKING NOTHING THEY STUFF THE FLAGSHIP CHARACTER OF THE FUCKING IP INTO A SHITTY GOD DAMN MOBA THAT THEY WILL STOP FUCKING SUPPORTING IN A FUCKING MONTH. I HOPE SOUTH KOREA BURNS TO THE FUCKING GROUND AND EVERY FUCKING KOREAN COMPANY WITH IT. Forums LOOK AT THIS SHIT. IT IS THE BIGGEST SLAP IN THE FACE TO ANYONE WHO FUCKING PLAYED CITY OF HEROES WHEN IT WAS STILL UP. TLDR: TRISTAN IS A HUGE NURD AND I HOPE HIS CAT GETS A FORM OF CURABLE CANCER THAT SO HE SELLS HIS COMPUTER TO CURE IT AND I NEVER HAVE TO FUCKING TALK TO HIM AGAIN AND SOUTH KOREA DESERVES TO BURN
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    I'm leaving sG!

    i'm actually not just wanted some free rep. @Beerman told me it works 100% of the time.
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    Mini Moose

    Mini Moose's Application [COMMUNITY VOTE]

    Name: Oliver Age: 0 Location: USA SteamID: STEAM_0:0:15143200 Gameme: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/484680 Sourcebans: Bans Microphone: yes Favorite Server: Warcraft3 GO Previous Member of a clan?: no Questions/Comments: About me: I'm the best there ever was. CSGO Recorded Hours: 522 hours, 36 minutes, 18 seconds
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    Oh look, someone accepted me!

    Showing this thread to the University to have them reevaluate your application.
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    centran's Daily C12K Fact: 01 Mar 17

    @ChosenOne2000 is a black male human.
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    Ben Carson refers to slaves as "Immigrants"

    You are both retarded
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    im 14 and this is deep

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    Oh look, someone accepted me!

    Throughout the year, I have upgraded to get enrolled into university. I applied and received this! I'd like to thank the academy!
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    New donation from sweetrock

    Thank you, sweetrock for your donation of 25.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    im 14 and this is deep

    Clamps introduced me to this glorious subreddit and I think some of our fellow comrades have appeared on the top posts. @driz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- @gemma ------------------------------------------------------------------------ @Moose --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Demon ---------------------------------------------- @Swed --------------------------------------------- @October -------------------------------------------------- @Clamps --------------------------------------------------- @ZachPL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @Lindsay ---------------------------------------------------------------- @ChosenOne2000 ----------------------------------------------------- @Ironic ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @Grayson Levi ------------------------------------------------------------ @Carl Sagan ------------------------------------------------------------------ @Jeff The Flying Shark ------------------------------------------------ @Taboo ---------------------------------------------------- @Ordinarygamer96 - ------------------------------------------------------------------- @centran -------------------------------------------- @water.exe ---------------------------------------------------------- @Eddy -------------------------------------------------- @Karma ---------------------------------------------------------------- And lastly my post on there: deep
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    Jeff The Flying Shark

    TTTGO: Spring Event April 10th-17th

    TTTGO Spring Event! Dates: April 10th - 17th It's been awhile since we last had an event for the server. With the recent fixing of most of the bugs that have plagued the server in the past gone now would be the perfect time to have an event to get the server jump started again. Without further ado here we go!. RULES: No cheating/exploiting Excessive amounts off rdm will get you disqualified Must follow the server rules and sG global guidelines Must have a registerd forum account at www.joinsg.net Will be disqualified from event if banned during duration of event May only win 1 prize per person SOs and Staff are eligible for prizes Don’t be a jerk and have fun! OBJECTIVES/PRIZES: 1: Grand Slam: Most kills with the Homerun Bat- $20 steam card 2: Retro Gun: Most kills with the mp5 - $20 steam card 3: Godfather: Most kills as a traitor - $20 steam card 4: Master Sniper: Most kills with a Scout(silenced counts) - $20 steam card The top 5 players with the most playtime will be able to choose from a prize pool. The more playtime you have, the better chances of you getting a prize from the pool selection is great. If you have the highest playtime or an objective completed, YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH. So it’s either playtime or objectives awards for you. If you choose the playtime award then the person with the second amount of kills will get the objective prize. Same goes if the choices are reversed. Any questions about this, please add Jeff on steam or PM him directly on the forums. PLAY TIME WILL ONLY COUNT IF THERE ARE AT LEAST 6 PEOPLE ON THE SERVER The donations will vary and it’s first come first serve,so if you are not on and do not claim your prize, someone else will be able to! I will give you up to two days to respond if I PM you or send you a steam message regarding your prize. 1: A month of premium admin and a prize from the donation list 2:Choice of a month of premium admin or a prize form the donation list 3-10: Choice of any available prize from the donation list. If there are any remaining prizes they will be saved for future sG events. DONATED PRIZES: 1. 20 dollar steam game of your choice - Donated by Jeff 2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut - Donated by Jeff 3. Dues Ex:Mankind Divided - Donated by Ruffles 4. Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) - Donated by Ruffles If you would like to donate, feel free to add @Jeff The Flying Shark on steam or PM him on the forums! Any questions regarding any situation, please message Jeff! I would like to thank both @bulletford and @Ruffles for making this event possible! Hope to see you all on the server!
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    BREAKING: JCS Bribing staff members!

    JK, thanks @centran <3
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    JB is more dead than Batman's parents

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    New donation from Destin

    Thank you, Destin for your donation of 57.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    New donation from iafunky

    Thank you, iafunky for your donation of 10.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    My name is Will and I live in Alaska.
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    Hey guys, im back

    What's up SG? After a pretty long hiatus from, well, pretty much the internet I decided to jump back onto here to try to rekindle some lost connections I had made here. I had applied back in June but missed the acceptance by 1%, and I thought that was pretty funny to me. Since my time off, I got my first job at a electronics repair mom and pop style shop, and I've also gained about 30 hours of fly time towards my private pilots license, and I'm pretty stoked about that. So yeah, how have you guys been? Excited to be back.
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    cs_assault rule change

    i didnt read all the discussion. with that said, im deleting the rule
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    Dr. Vojislav Seselj

    New donation from Dr. Vojislav Seselj

    Thank you, Dr. Vojislav Seselj for your donation of 20.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    sG Bracketology 2017

    sG Bracketology It's that time again folks. Where people who haven't watch 15% of the NCAA games all season pretend to know everything about an 8th seed. http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2017/en/group?groupID=1569310# Create your bracket, post your ESPN account name, and let the trash talk begin. Prizes: @Fugner has been kind enough to sponsor my tournament this year with financial support from @Jason and the rest of the staff. $50 Amazon Gift Card and a $25 Papa John's Gift Card are being donated from the staff., but we need additional support from the community. If you are interested in donating, please contact Fugner. Good luck everyone (except @Junzou)! - ChosenOne2000 [LEG]
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    FINAL: 1st: Pike 2nd: Reaper 3rd: Swed 4th: Trav 5th: Eeiu 6th: Destin 7th: Sean 8th: Water.exe 9th: Rootbeer 10th: Krony 11th: Rayne 12th: Jiffy (with tiebreakers) THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING And thank you to the donators! See you at the next sG | Golf Tour Cup!
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    Thanks Krony

  33. 11 points


    @Bulldog this is your fault and @Swed you took my drunk shit post far too literal, but thank you.. Guess I'll do my impersonation of your Wings next monthl and hit the links for a few.
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    Claiming A Room

    It isn't RDMing if they enter your claimed area, so no one is getting away with RDM.. That's just plain idiotic. The rule states "You may claim a room during Overtime, you must describe the room over voice chat or normal chat", open areas like "I claim outside" aren't allowed. Refer to my first 2 points.
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    Ben Carson refers to slaves as "Immigrants"

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    Post a picture of yourself

    excited for the new zelda game
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    centran's Daily C12K Fact: 03 Mar 17

    @ChosenOne2000 was once a member of the highly regarded Syndicate Gamers staff. Women would often ask to see his staff after he mentioned he was staff as staff are almost as popular as boy bands with how women want to hold their staff.... staff
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    A lot of risk? It's just bigots being bigots. It's no different than black discrimination, people don't choose their race and neither do transgenders. Far more pedos will touch girls in the girls room than transgenders ever have. School is already tough enough, go to the fucking bathroom do what you need to do then leave, it isn't tough and you taking a shit shouldn't effect anyone else.
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    Staff Changes 3/12/17

    TRIGGERING INTENSIFIES Seriously though, gratz to everyone else. Let's not suck
  40. 10 points

    Claiming A Room

    Dont mute the voice chat then.
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    Detective Nom Noms

    Thanks Skitt!

    Thanks a lot @skitt. That was extremely kind of you my dude.
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    New donation from DR3Y

    Thank you, DR3Y for your donation of 3.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running.   Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community  
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    Political Compass

    One of us. One of us. One of us.
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    cs_assault rule change

    When was this added and what's the justification? This seems super arbitrary.
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    No problem bossman And remember: We're gonna smack you tonight like we smacked the hawks
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    I'll Keep This Short - Peace Out

  47. 9 points

    Thanks ruffles!

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    HEY GUYS ITS @Bite's BDAY, 17TH BDAY HE CAN WATCH AN R RATED MOVIE ON HIS OWN NOW ROFL, HE CAN ALSO FINALLYYYYY GO BUY RATED M GAMES ON GAMESTOP SOMETHING HES BEEN WANTING FOREVEERRRRRRRRRRRR, LETS ALL GIVE HIM A WARM HAPPY BDAY, and ladies he is 10/10 single for now please pm forr his number/snapchat dude hes so cute tho he plays hockey did u guys know? man i got him to supreme before his bday im just the best friend ever ONCE AGAIN HAPPY BDAY @Bitebtw hes also 6'1 180 yes 6/8 abs 2/2peks and uh he has a snakey voice thats a bit attractive if ur into it.
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    Playermodels on !store (updated 3/4/17)

    This list will be updated when any changes occur. Star Wars Resident Evil Final Fantasy Lord of the Rings Comic Video Games Miscellaneous VIP Skins (supporter/admin)
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    Admin For Hire

    Hi, pals. It's me, Shanka DaWanka. I love this server, and have noted it lacks order. I'm offering help to keep it centralized and stable. Please consider adding me to staff. I am very calm and can deal witb people well. -Shanka