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      Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event   04/20/17

      We will be having a Map Creator Event for Warcraft 3! Please go to the following link for more details!  


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    An Update

    Hello, As some of you may know, academics and other real life events have taking up most of my time as of late. While I've tried my best to stay involved with sG alongside my other commitments, it has been increasingly difficult. For the next 8 weeks, I will also be virtually non-existent around here (which has become the case anyways) studying in preparation for my first round of boards. I don't think it is fair to the community and other staff to remain in my position with my current and future level of activity. I've been in sG since 2008 (here is a fun trip down memory lane at a time where recruitment was much simpler: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/8761-xklarks-app-accepted/). Users have come and gone since then, but as a whole, sG has been a second family for me. Throughout my tenure on staff, I've seen this community evolve and collapse several times (its a miracle this place is still around). I've been fortunate to be involved in something that has been so great and so cancer at the same time -- but that is what makes sG unique. Just as sG has changed in the past, it will continue to adapt and grow. With my step down, I hope that someone else (HoboInArmy) can take up the role with new motivation, new drive, and new ideas. Innovation and creativity has been key in establishing sG in the CSGO/GMOD community (see War3, ZE, JB, and TTT) and has brought thousands of people together over the years. This has been hard for me to do. sG has been a part of a big chunk of my life, which makes it that much harder to let go. But it is time for a new chapter for me and for sG. After discussion with Eddy, Mimic, and centran, I will remain in a very limited Engineer role to help with some website management (who else is going to break everything?). I initially came onto staff long ago as an engineer so it's kind of funny to end up back here. Once I am done with my boards, I will be back around on the forums, servers, TS, and discord. And with that, I think I have a thread or a database to delete... See you around. fontaine (fail klark)
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    Community Digest - 4/1/2017

    Hey Everyone! It’s spring time again… so it’s time for another round of Staff changes as well as some very important updates! Firstly, I would like to first announce the newest addition to the JCS team: Me -- Beerman! Somehow I successfully won the Community Vote for Joint Chief of Staff and it will be an absolute pleasure to be a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Please give me your warmest welcome and congratulations. The rest of the team is looking forward to the changes I will bring to the community; for the community. Now it’s about time that we formally announce our thanks and appreciation to Tristan for being our Climb Advisor. He stepped down 8 months ago when he attended last year's Coachella but since no one really noticed, we forgot to inform the community. You will be missed, and best of luck with your future endeavours. On that note, we would like to send a special, long-awaited shoutout to the best Recruitment Officer that ever graced our community, and give him the proper recognition he deserves... Piero was truly amazing at what he accomplished as RO and it was an absolute shame that we forgot to mention him in the digest after he stepped down from his position. It was a great oversight from our Head JCS Mimic, but Piero shall not be forgotten! Thank you Piero for all the hard work you did during your time on staff, even if you let HUF in with less votes than required… water under the bridge. We appreciate Fugner for all his hard work, but moving forward we will be using Google Calendar instead. Google Calendar includes notifications which was severely lacking when Fugner was the Staff Calendar. The increase in response time should give our ROs the help they have been requesting for months. However in keeping up with tradition, any and all updates to the calendar will send a notification to the user who created the event: “Fuck Off.” We are pleased to congratulate Driz as our new Head Server Technician of JCS. He will replace Centran, who did amazing work as the Rust Server Officer, but we are excited to see the potential of Driz’ tyranny. His presence will be greatly appreciated during the JCS votes as he will be able to assist Eddy in combatting against Mimic’s authoritarianism. As a result of this change, Staff and the community will finally be held accountable for their actions, including those who self-ban themselves (Rootbeer). Driz can be recognized for sending fear into the hearts of many that have shown their presence ‘round these parts and his work will be welcomed with open arms. Congratulations to the other members of our community that have finally received the promotion they’ve always wanted, but could never achieve: Firefighter - Joint Chief of Staff Swed - War3 Engineer Sweetrock - Recruitment Officer Narwhals - Server Officer Look for more Staff changes in the future as we as a community are going to repeal and replace all of Staff, but mainly the decision to add a dozen Recruitment Officers. Special thanks goes to notable community member and forum warrior Junzou for putting in countless years of activity on our forums and servers. Due to his devotedness, we have decided to draw funds from the donations and award him with an ergonomic keyboard, an arthritis wrist brace, a Yeti branded shitting bucket, along with a lifetime supply of Kraft Dinner so that he can continue his habitation on the forums. However with that being said, due to the blatant rep manipulation and abuse of his Legend rank privilege during the Kino Rep War, his ability to rep will be limited to one rep per day. Last but not least, everyone please send their thanks to the weebs of our community. Thank you for leaving the forums and making your own teamspeak server as to not spread the cancer of anime in our community. Eddy whole-heartedly appreciates your absence. That being said, Cory in the House and Family Guy (and any other related animations... American, Japanese, etc) is considered anime under our leadership and will not be tolerated on the forums any longer. Posts with any anime will be subject to a 20-point forum infraction. More Changes in our Community: After a lot of consideration and a myriad of meetings between our JCS and their Staff team, we have decided to merge with Slayers Gaming to become the biggest circlejerk in the CS:GO community. We will now be going by Syndicate Slayers. Please change your steam name tags accordingly, “sS | ”. Obviously, this is not to be confused with the German SS, however this was the best we could come up with. Moreover, due to the demands of the community, we are finally getting rid of Jailbreak and bringing back our most popular server ever, Dark RP. We hope this will settle any and all drama in our community and players can hash out their issues in the new Dark RP server. It comes with great enthusiasm that we are also going to introduce our very own ARA (Affordable Rep Act), where we will give unlimited rep back to you, THE PEOPLE. I understand many people voted for me due to this promise so I will take great strides to repeal and replace the current system. It’s now time we talk about the elephant in the room. Seeing as how there has been a significant decrease of activity in the Serious Discussion subforum after being spoiled by OrdinaryGamer and Ted’s toxic political values, we have decided to create a brand new subforum specifically for them. Fortunately for everyone, only Staff and the aforementioned can view this new subforum. In addition, they have lost their privileges to comment or create posts in the original Serious Discussion. And finally, due to the nature of his posts, we have decided to also change OrdinaryGamer’s forum name to ‘SJWGamer’. To end on a high note, we had four community members reach the chopping block for the Janitor’s Project: Grayson Levi, Slyfox, Peewee, and Travesty. We understand this is a high number of members but we have just cause. We have decided to go anti-trans and pro-mental health so Grayson is a grey area we would like to sweep under the rug. Slyfox recently inhaled a condom during the most recent brofest when failing to put it over his head. This is something which was very concerning to us. Peewee, you’re just fucking annoying. ‘Nuff said. And while we understand that he is the crowd favorite, Travesty has constantly attempted to overshadow our ROs with his events, making our own look bad. This stealing of the spotlight will not be tolerated any longer. Now, we will not be instantly JPing these members. Similar to the ‘Vote for JCS’, giving more power to the community, next week we will be having an event where you can decide who gets the Axe! Every two dollars donated will provide for an extra vote in this process. More details to come... Thanks for taking the time to actually read this thing unlike the rest of the community who just simply wants to get their free post in. Be sure to rep all posts and pop Dark RP. P.S. Mimic, this digest was incredibly easy to do. P.P.S. In the name of Dojima of House Syndicate, First of His Name, the Ruler of Rep, Protector of the Realm, Sultan of Shitposts, Inspirer of Coups and the Rightful Heir to the Shitpost Throne...ALL HEIL DOJIMA! OUR ONE TRUE KING! What is dead may never die.
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    Syndicate Gamers Digest - 4/8/17

    Hi Everyone! It's been a while since we've created a Digest and with all the recent changes in the community we figured one was well deserved. It has been well over a year since our last Digest, so various changes throughout the year will be skimmed over as well as various Staff changes, Reformed Ranks and Recruitment, new members, and ranks and recruitment promotions. In addition, upcoming events will also be announced! News: Staff Changes Server and Behind the Scenes Updates Server Officers Server Updates Events Ranks & Recruitment Donations Staff Changes: Hey everyone, along with the other tons of information in this Digest we figured as though a Staff Update should also be included. As many of you are aware, recently one of our JCS stepped down to pursue his goal of becoming a doctor, and has decided to prioritize his education. While pursuing his goal, he will be available in a limited capacity to assist with the development of our servers and our site. Due to this, Fontaine / Fail Klark will be taking the role of Engineer for the foreseeable future. I would like to personally thank Klark for his continued support throughout the years in the community. He has been a huge asset, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Please wish him the best of luck in the future! Moving forward, we are glad to welcome Bulletford to the JCS team! He has been instrumental in the development of our servers, website, and community in general throughout his tenure on staff. We believe through his past experiences and actions that he will contribute significantly as a member of the JCS focusing on Operations. In addition, we are pleased to announce Moose will be joining the Manager team in Bulletford’s old position as Content Quality Manager. To those who are interested in a position on Staff please visit our Staff Applications page located here. If you have already applied, feel free to apply ONCE FOR EACH POSITION YOU ARE INTERESTED IN after every announcement containing Staff Changes. - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS Server and Behind the Scenes Updates: Engineering team updates: Good Bye Driz Welcome Nugget Technically, Moose, Karma, and AntiTeal are all new since the last digest as well Welcome back Fontaine! So, there have been LOTS of changes since the last digest, but here's what's happened recently, and some things that we're currently working on. FastDL: You may have noticed a few issues with FastDL and the servers in general, all this along with a few server outages too. I am happy to say that those issues have been fixed, and the servers should be even more stable then they were before! What actually happened? For those interested, there was a series of hardware failures on the box that hosts the FastDL server; That took a few days to fix (originally thought to be only a motherboard issue, turned out to be more than that). Along with that, we noticed the servers would lag when a CSGO update came out (noticeable the most on all the GMOD servers due to them not going down for the update. The host has adjusted the update priorities and reinstalled a potentially problematic operating system; we are happy to say that issue should now be resolved. New Servers: Since the last digest, as many know (maybe some of our newer members didn't), we moved back to Chicago. This move saved us money, while also allowing us to provide a more reasonable ping to a larger majority of our players. For those of you that don't remember, we had originally moved to LA for reasons such as better DDOS protection, but we were able to get the same moving back to Chicago. Zombie Escape: Recently, there have been some major changes to help out the server! We're also happy to announce that the server has been upgraded to 60 slots, so happy hunting (running?) from more zombies! For those of you interested in what was done to improve performance (no, a new box was not the solution), our engineers were able to do two things: 1) Hitboxes were removed on Human models on everything but the feet, so they can still be hit by a knife. Essentially this reduces the calculations the server had to do with shooting thru teammates among other things. 2) Some server cvars were changed which greatly reduced the choke and other issues players were seeing. We're super excited about these, and this is what allowed us to up the player count. Sourcebans: Bulletford has been hard at work on another project. He has added to sourcebans a tab to look up CT restrictions in JB. Great job. TTTGO: Speaking of Bulletford, he also has done a great job revisiting TTTGO and fixing many of the game-breaking bugs that were killing the server. Hop on the server sometime and check it out! Changelog Threads: All servers should be maintaining a changelog, to keep everyone better informed about changes that are happening. Any major changes will obviously still be a part of our digests, but keep an eye on the changelogs for your favorite server(s)! Server Officers: We would like to send out a big thank you to all the current and past Server Officers. Our servers wouldn't be as popular as they are, if it was not for all of you making our servers enjoyable. Server Officer Roster: Jailbreak Dr.Pepper - Taz Trouble Terrorist Town Bluestreakid15 - Darren - DMODW - Wintergreen - Ian Kinsler - Krony - Lotmoshr - Sith - Mnkeydude Zombie Escape Dashe - Zerosz - MistaChang Surf HELP WANTED, Please apply here. Minigames BabyNicol3 - Tyrone - Demon Warcraft 3:GO Bear-man-thing - Swed - Wall KZ/Climb ajsimeon TTTGO Jodas - Lindsay Server Updates: This section is going to be a bit different than past digests instead of giving you crucial updates about some of the servers, we'll be giving you little updates on what's been going on with every server and any plans for future if there are any. Jailbreak: Jailbreak is, without doubt, one of sG’s most iconic servers. However, it is no secret that Jailbreak's recent population has been struggling. Why this has happened is still not concrete. Luckily we have seen an influx of people expressing interest in wanting to help the Jailbreak server grow again; although unfortunately most of it has only been discussion. Enough of that! It is time to take these discussions from Discord, Teamspeak, or the forums and move them to where we need them: the Jailbreak server! Anyone is able to help populate the server, it really doesn't take much. Simply grab a few friends, hop onto Jailbreak, and play around! There are already a few groups who have done this, and it has worked. I personally want to thank those groups for doing such a great job. Here at sG we are doing what we can to help this cause too. Because the population has been what it is, we decided to temporarily remove the store. Doing so will reduce the download time, which if you've never connected to the server before can be quite lengthy. Faster download times should bring about more players. Fear not though, as the store will be added back once population increases-- possibly with new skins! Stay tuned! Minigames: It's been a great couple of years on minigames. We've seen a lot of people come and go, a big thanks to all those who have stayed with us. We're hoping to get a new timer system set up sometime in the near future. The new timer will have more functionality and reward players more for completing maps. Along with some general bug fixes and new minigames. There are some event ideas being thrown around with more updates to come over the Summer. Surf: Surf recently was given an upgrade with the server moving from the old rpg system which was not supported, buggy, and outdated since the THC Plugin was made prior to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. To our current system which is extremely more manageable and is in the server's best interest. This wouldn't be possible without bulletfords help with setting up and implementing the plugin. With the new system we are able to add custom upgrades to the rpg menu, so if you have any please message @bulletford, or @iafunky with these suggestions. Also, the R8 has finally been added to the server. TTTGO: We are slowly arriving the two year marker for our TTTGO server. The server was released for sG in June of 2015 and has seen a major improvement from day one. We have had many ups and downs these past two years. TTTGO has seen some major improvements these past few months. The server has tons of new features we couldn’t even dream of having when it first released. This is one example of those features: We owe it all to our manager bulletford for his hard work and effort on the server! The server’s advisor Jeff the Flying Shark has been coming up with event ideas with some of the ROs of sG. We currently have a spring event planned for the server this April. The event can be viewed at this link here: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/75131-tttgo-spring-event-april-10th-17th/ We have more plans for the server and future events this upcoming summer, so keep an eye on the forums for those updates. We hope to see you all on the server soon! Zombie Escape: Thanks to the effort of Chewy, Crobat, Antiteal, Nugget, all of our ZE SO's, and most importantly all of you who play on our server, we have been able to increase our maximum slots to 60 players and have added tons of content to the store, and we've added benefits to those who purchase Supporter every month. Without you guys ZE would not be thriving as much as it and we hope to give back to the community in our upcoming ZE Challenge Event on May 1st with more updates to come over the summer. Hope to see you around! Trouble in Terrorist Town: As many of you already know, we decided to discontinue our custom TTT server after multiple attempts to revive the servers population. However, it has been replaced with a 2nd 24/7 Minecraft vanilla server that has been thriving in recent months. In other news, It's been almost 2 years since we've had an event, so I'm pleased to announce that we have one scheduled for late April/Early May, be sure to check the forums for more information in the following weeks! Warcraft 3: With the departure of Face, war3 development has slowed down a bit and we have suffered a bit of downtime recently due to FastDL. However, with the addition of @ATG_AGENT and with the help of events the server is consistently popped almost all day. Thank you to everyone who continues to play and support the server with donations/war3 supporter. We wouldn't be where we are without you. We have a few plans for the server, one of which will be announced soon - make sure to keep checking for updates! See you on the server. Quality of Life Changes since April of 2016 New races: Events: Here are some events you can look forward to in the next few months: Heroes Never Die Overwatch Tourney (April 8-9): After many trials, tribulations, and mostly delays, sG is semi-proud to host it's first Overwatch event! Organized by @Mark from Facebook and ran by @Reaper0470 this Overwatch event pits teams of 3 against each other to see who the best of the best is! If you think you've got it takes then you better sign up quick, registration ends on the 7th of April. Sign up here. TTTGO Spring Event (April 10-17): Now that some of the more annoying bugs have been fixed thanks to @bulletford we're proud to host another TTTGO Event! This is a more casual event meant to have fun and populate the server. Spring Poker Tournament (April 15): ZE Challenge Event Vol. 2 (May 1-8) Jailbreak Event (May 12-18) Here's a look back at all past events and winners too: Ranks & Recruitment: Ranks and Recruitment Changes (April 1st, 2017): On April 1st we announced some pretty big changes to our Recruitment and our Rank structure, this changes can be found HERE! We are aware some of these changes are controversial and we have been discussing possible additions to these changes, nothing is set in stone yet but when we have something ready for the community we will make a thread in members only asking your your input. Keep an eye out for the thread! - Eddy Member Updates: We would like to congratulate all of our new members: Also congratulations to all of our members who received promotions since the last digest: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4: Level 5: Veteran: Donations: October - $900 Krony - $260 Paul_Waffle - $209 Destin - $177 Yunki - $130.02 Dr. Vojislav Seselj - $95 TrinityCrush - $85 DMODW - $63.14 Arctic Freeze - $60 Sean - $55 Ctark - $50 Cthulu’s Penis - $50 Lindsay - $50 Noah - $47.66 Agrippa - $40 Mimic - $40 Sweetrock - $35.55 Ironic - $35.30 Grayson Levi - $34.00 Iafunky - $32.32 Tacky - $31.55 Anonymous - $30.00 Kordless - $29.20 Baked Potato - $25.00 Bbhblackout - $25.00 Elliott - $25.00 King1Arthur - $25.00 Moose - $25.00 Smash - $25.00 Tazmanianxdude - $23.40 Nagito Kimaeda - $20.99 A Horny Moose - $20.00 Piero - $20.00 RoseAmherst - $20.00 Sixheadkyle - $20.00 TheWaffler - $20.00 Bulldog - $19.91 Gemma - $18.00 Natsu - $15.00 Remi - $15.00 XbFTB - $15.00 Branden - $13.01 MistaChange - $12.10 Ajsimeon - $10.00 Apple Juice - $10.00 Avenger - $10.00 Booch - $10.00 Chet - $10.00 Cody - $10.00 Daft2thePunk - $10.00 DarkFalcon - $10.00 Don Juan - $10.00 FreeLancer - $10.00 Frosty_VooDoo - $10.00 Ian Kinsler - $10.00 Jodas - $10.00 Koriko - $10.00 Polky - $10.00 RandomDudeNumber005 - $10.00 Scaurs - $10.00 Skully-xs - $10.00 Tyrone - $10.00 Zip - $10.00 Albert Einstein - $8.45 Velo - $8.00 Nau - $6.69 Vexer - $6.66 David - $6.48 Birthday Senpai - $5.00 =Buring Legion= BoomJenny - $5.00 DiscoFiasco - $5.00 Owl - $5.00 DR3Y - $3.00 ...for a total of $3201.43! Because of all of the wonderful people that donated, we have been able to improve our services and increase our number of events as well as the quality of the prizes. We greatly appreciate all those that have helped financially support us!
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    Syndicate Gamers Digest - 4/8/17

    I'm orange!
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    Guess who's back fuckers.

    Alright, I'm leaving again.
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    Ranks and Recruitment changes (3/31/2017)

    Ranks and Recruitment changes After many hours of discussion amongst staff, it became pretty apparent that we weren’t really happy with how recruitment had changed since the addition of the recruitment application tool. To a lot of us, it seemed like it removed that community involvement that we were fond of and it made it feel like your vote/voice wasn’t really that impactful, so without further ado here is our new recruitment:Recruitment: No community or staff vote 10 referrals, 2 must be from staff 100 hours playtime on any of our game servers 50 posts on our forums Forum account must be at least 1 month old No bans of 30 minutes or more within the past 3 months of submitting your application. Under these new recruitment changes, all members giving referrals must give a detailed explanation as to why the member deserves entry into the community, failing to do so will result in the referral being removed from the application. If it wasn’t obvious the recruitment tool will no longer be used and we will go back to the old way of recruits posting their own recruitment threads. Ranks: With these recruitment changes, we would also like to change up the way our ranks are structured. The removal of a community vote has worried some people, mostly due to our tenured rank granting some form of admin powers within our servers. To ensure that we do not misplace these admin powers we have decided that the addition of staff vote to all rank applications is a requirement moving forward. All rank applications must reach an 8/8 staff vote before they can be accepted. All staff members votes are equal to 1, so a yes=(+1) and a no=(-1) and all votes must be followed with a detailed explanation for why they voted the way they did. The voting period lasts exactly 14 days from when the application is put into the [STAFF VOTE] period, if an applicant is denied he/she must wait at least 30 days from when their last application was denied. This is what the new Rank system looks like: Member Level 2 Requirements: 6 months clan tenure. 250 forum post count minimum. 200 hour minimum requirement on our servers. 10 referrals from Level 2 Members and above. Perks: Ability to wear sG | and [L2] tags. Ability to refer Recruits. Member Level 3 Requirements: 1 year of clan tenure. 500 forum post count minimum. 450-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 10 referrals from Level 3 Members and above. Perks: Ability to wear sG | and [L3] tags. Ability to refer Recruits, Level 1- Level 3 members. Ability to change your user title on forums. Access to the FFA forum. Basic Admin Admin Immunity Level: 2 Member Level 4 Requirements: 2 years of clan tenure. 1000 forum post count minimum. 700-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 10 referrals from Level 4 Members and above, 2 have to be Staff. Perks: Ability to wear sG | and [L4] tags. Ability to refer Recruits, Level 1 - Level 4 Members. Ability to change your user title on forums. Access to the FFA forum. Premium Admin Admin Immunity Level: 3 Member Level 5 Requirements: 3 years of clan tenure. 2000 post count minimum. 1000-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 10 referrals from Veteran Members and above, 2 have to be Staff. Perks: Ability to wear sG | and [L5] tags. Ability to refer Recruits, Level 1 - Level 5 Members. Ability to change your user title on forums. Access to the FFA forum. Premium Plus Admin Admin Immunity Level: 4 Veteran Member Requirements: 5 years of clan tenure. 3500 post count minimum. 1500-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 10 referrals from Veteran Members and above, 2 have to be Staff. Perks: Ability to wear sG | and [VET] tags. Ability to refer Recruits, Level 1 - VET Members. Ability to change your user title on forums. Access to the FFA forum. Premium Plus Admin, a Veteran forum badge, animated spray. Admin Immunity Level: 4 The Veteran rank now requires 5 years of tenure in order to achieve the rank, all current Veterans who meet this 5-year requirement will keep their veteran rank, anyone who doesn’t meet the requirement will automatically be moved down to Level 5. Returning Members: Another rule change we would like to clarify is our rule on returning members applying for ranks. Currently a member is only required to show some sort of activity for 30 days before submitting an application. Going forward we would like to announce that we will be increasing that activity requirement to 60 days. During this period we will require some form of consistent activity, we aren’t asking for anything crazy, just some minimal activity that shows you’re an active member within the community again. All new changes go into effect starting April,1st, 2017. If anyone has any questions regarding anything to do with these recruitment changes feel free to ask and staff will do our best to answer them. -sG Staff
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    New donation from Sooners

    Thank you, Sooners for your donation of 100.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Thanks Bulldog

    Thanks for the potato @Bulldog. I must say you gave me a scare... I got the package and held it in my hand freaking out because I thought it was an organ or something because it didn't have my name on it and my ign. It took me 10 minutes to open it and I threw it out the bag because it got me super on edge. I hope this is from you heh.
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    Guess who's back fuckers.

    I've missed you guys a ton. Just got a PC again, so I'm installing CS:GO, and hoping it doesn't nuke my system. I need to earn my ranks back. Tell me what I've missed in a year.
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    Thanks Destin!

    Thanks for the game Destin! I don't know what it is though, it looks weird EDIT: Just figured out what the game was.
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    How to help/fix JB

    After reading @Mimic's digest I decided it was time to post my thoughts on how to improve JB and restore pop. TL/DR suggestions at the bottom. Unmute/Mic problems In my opinion, this has been an oversight of many. The bug with unmuting T's and having CT's or even other T's not able to hear them is a big detriment to the server, this restricts many LR's that we are capable of doing which generally makes the game less fun. Many times I've had people not understand why other servers don't have this problem but what I'd like to point out is that none of the other servers have an entire team muted by default like JB does. Ever since the sourceBans plugin for muting was placed on JB it has caused this issue with unmuting terrorist. Low pop, Startup troubles (Mic, and games) What I and most others have noticed with JB is that it just isn't fun with less than 10 people on the server especially when only 1/3 (3 CT's 6 T's) of the server can actually talk. This is even more compounded when 2 CT's won't talk and the other CT is just plain fucking retarded. Now straight away I hear "Well just CT them then if they won't talk/warden" but this usually just ends up pissing the person off enough to leave the server, and with only having 9 people on that is effectively 11% of the server leaving. When the server is 20/40 then that 1 person is just 5% of the server and usually never results in a noticeable server decrease. The other issue is not having much to do with less than 5 or 6 people. No one wants to give orders because rounds would be 1 minute long and LR would suck because all you have is basic or some LR next round that only last 1 minute. all that again with only 1/3 the server being able to talk really sucks. Other servers like War3/MG/KZ don't have this problem. Reason being is that they always have something to do (games or dm) and everyone can communicate with each other freely. War3 can easily be fun with just 3 or 4 people on. I do understand though that with 20+ players on the server we can't have everyone unmute because ever with just the CT's unmuted it can get out of hand trying to give orders. But when the server pop is less than 10 I find it to be very managable. Map Voting I believe most casual members on the server either spam 1 or vote for the map they know or one that someone in chat spams everyone to select. Not being able to see what map other JB players are voting for really does hamper the voting process as it just makes people spam 1 or vote for Clouds. Allowing the vote counts to show for each map being voted on (Like War3 and ZE) would allow players to vote towards the server's #2 instead of its #1 pick and allow players to try new and interesting maps that might not have gotten voted for. And when players don't know what the #2 map would be they scatter their votes to other maps which results in them not having a voice for the map's choice, so why vote anything else than the #1 pick? For instances, if 35% of the server wanted to play clouds and they vote for it but the other 65% of the server doesn't want to play clouds. So the 65% vote on the other 4 choices which results in [Clouds=35% / #2=16% / #3=16% / #4=16% / #5=16%]. So even though most of the server DIDN'T want to play clouds, they are now forced to play because their vote wasn't concentrated enough. Also don't have any map on 1, just like ZE does it so to cancel out the 1 spam. I mean we already do 1=x 2=accept 3=deny for server wide LR's but not map voting? The Auto map-pool is also really shitty if no one nominates a map. I'd say change it to the top 20 or so maps or like a mid 20 or something else. Map Pool I think it would be interesting if we had some sort of incentive to play less played maps like War3 does. This is a hard thing to do since we don't have Exp like War3 does. But I do think it's something we can look at to improve. Which also leads me to the map pool. I don't think its much of an issue but there are maps that see little play/drop server pop. I did graph my view on the current map pool as well as graph what I think the server would think of the map pool. http://i.imgur.com/LNhfQd9.jpg A rating of 9-10 is popular with 7-8 being a great map and 5-6 being good and 3-4 "ok/playable" and 1-2 bad/awful. I would find it interesting to get a poll of what people think of the server's maps pool. Server IP (Pop decrease reason not a suggestion) As many have seen in the past the changing of server IP has caused a great drop in player count, even though active players (the ones who visit the forums) always tend to come back, the players who just had the server on their favorites list most likely did not. I was one of the people who had to readd the servers to my favorites because of the move. Now that was mostly just a reason for some of the population drop and past actions can't really be reversed but what can be is the current state of URL's. Right now most of the old "jb.joinsg.net" links do not work. I'm not sure if this was intentional or just forgotten about but this is what the links go to. jb.joinsg.net → http://i.imgur.com/DmU96l2.jpg (doesn't work) should be mg.joinsg.net → (works) ze.joinsg.net → (connects to mg?) should be surf.joinsg.net → (bad password? dev server or something?) should be war3.joinsg.net → (again connects to mg) should be tttgo.joinsg.net → (again bad password) should be kz.joinsg.net → (don't think this was ever set up, or i have the wrong address) should be So 3/7 of the url shortcuts connect to MG, and we wonder why they are doing so well. @KiD Fearless easy fix though. Nvm Cow's pointed out what I wanted to know. Still really sad because it's harder for people to remember port numbers Suggestions →Have a game to play to occupy people's time while dead/low pop. (I think I've heard of "/games" but haven't checked it out just yet. I really liked @bulletford 's plugin that allowed people that were dead to play a sort of Deathmatch, which made it really sad that it had to be taken down due to its bug of interfering with active players.) →Fix the unmuting issues and allow T's to be unmuted when the server pop is under 10. Since there is no LCT when the server is under 10 population I think it would make sense for the T's to be unmuted. →Have the map voting numbers show (like War3/ZE) and/or have runoff voting. →Adjust the auto map pool suggestions and the map pool itself. Tagging people I think are relevant to this post: @Pike @Iherdcows @Moose @AntiTeal @thorgot
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    As you guys know, i was the primary point of contact for our hosting provider. I was just informed that they were hacked and our database has been compromised. This probably doesn't sound bad to you all, but secretly, staff digs into the history of every member. Our database contained numerous pics of every member, home address, parent phone numbers and yes, even paypal/credit card info for those who sub. All of this info has been claimed by the hackers are is being held for ransom. They will delete all traces of the files if we concede to their demands. If we do not, they will leak all data. Their demands are the following: removal of @Mimic from JCS, deletion of MG, nudes of @BeauutifulChaos We have approximately 4.5 hours to comply.
  13. 18 points

    Addressing "Detailed explanations"

    So it seems there is some confusion as to what we're expecting when we say "detailed explanation" so I'll just take a moment to give everyone a run down on what we're looking for in referrals. First, we aren't expecting anyone to write a paragraph about the person or why he should be allowed to join our community, this would make referring anyone a pain in the butt. Everything we want in an explanation can be given in just a couple sentences, obviously writing more is a plus. As an example here is something along the lines of what we're looking for- confirm ref. Spons-- Although he has gotten mixed up with some of the toxic little children of this community, he is one of the more laid back and non-toxic ones. He has had his moments, and he won't deny that, but for the most part, he's been a nice little squeak. When you aren't playing Rust, Sponsored is a fun guy to play games with. I'd ref him any time. example #2. I'm ref'ing. He is easily one of the chillest of the youngin's and is genuinely enjoyable to play any game with. He had some accidental autism on the forums one time, but it's not representative of how he is on a daily basis. I think most can agree that him and Dash are still the best of the "squeakers". An explanation should go into detail as to why you think he would be a good addition to the community, off the top of my head here are some things I would use as a explanation I would give if I were to refer someone. Forum/game presence. admin ability reference their past and then give examples as to how the recruit has improved. How they treat other players. bring up your experience with the person in or out of the servers. These are just some examples that I came up with off the top of my head. Anyways, I hope this helped clear some things up. -Eddy
  14. 17 points

    JCS Step Down Thread #12

    It comes with a heavy heart to inform the community that I must step down from community JCS in favor for my VET position. It's been 24 beautiful hours, but heads collided when I tried to make changes to better this community. It is because of this that I do not feel that the leadership is ready for a wildcard such as myself. We made history with the first democratically elected JCS, and I assume a LEGEND status will be in the works. Thank you all for the chance to serve and bring about great change, but it's back to the old ways for me. Stay gold sG
  15. 17 points

    Post a picture of yourself

  16. 16 points

    Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    SYNDICATE GAMERS JAILBREAK EVENT! May 12th - 18th EDT Hello everyone, it's time for another JB event! The goal is to get 13/15, 14/15 or 15/15 out of the objectives. You do not have to get them in order, you can get everyone but say 7 if you want. If you get 13/15 you can either cashout or go for the 14/15 or 15/15 with better prizes. The first one to send their screenshots in a PM to me, Cows and Pike, will receive the prize. Example: http://imgur.com/a/ZHIsX BE AWARE! You can only win one prize out of the objective prizes, if you choose to send in your screenshots at 13/15 that is what you are gonna get, you can not keep going for the 14/15 or 15/15. Me, Cows and Pike will update this post as soon as we confirm the PM and remove that prize. You also have two more ways to get a prize, either get the most playtime during the event or be one of the winners in the playtime raffle. ----- The player with the most playtime during the event will receive a 40 dollar steam card, a custom title, and 25k credits! ----- Every 12 hours played during the event will be 1 ticket for a raffle to win the following prizes (You can only win one prize, the first drawn will choose first): CSGO Premium admin 2 x 25k credits donated prizes... ----- Objectives: (Details will be posted when the event starts) 1. Kill them all 2. Dusty 3. The Dream 4. Die Hard 5. Pacifist 6. From the sky 7. Ez Lr 8. ZAP! 9. Vain Margarita 10. Black Hawk Down 11. Extreme 12. Legendary rebeller 13. Traitor 14. BAM! 15. Nicki Minaj ----- Prizes: 15/15 - 40 dollar steam card and JB event winner badge 14/15 - 20 dollar steam card, 25k credits and JB event winner badge 13/15 - One month CSGO Premium Admin and JB event winner badge ----- Rules: Follow sG global guidelines at all times. Must have at least 6 players on for achievements to count. Must be a registered user at www.joinsg.net. Going AFK/spec for longer times during the event will get you disqualified from the playtime prizes. No cheating or loopholing. No exploitation in any way. No favoritism. To be eligible for prizes, a player cannot be banned during the duration of event. Staff are not eligible for objective prizes, but SOs are. However everyone but me is eligible for playtime prizes. ----- If you have any questions or wanna donate a prize pm me on steam/forums or simply post it down below. Good luck everyone!
  17. 16 points

    Thanks Bulldog

    I AM SORRY. I WANTED TO SHARE MY LOVE OF POTATOES WITH YOU. @October Also I ordered that like two weeks ago. Phhsshhh
  18. 16 points

    Populate Jb. 4/8/17

    Hey all. As you know the server has been doing poorly in performance which is why I want tomorrow to be a mini-event esk type thing going on. Let's all hop on JB tomorrow and fill the server up. Saturday is a great day to try and get the server filled up and running. If you are not doing too much tomorrow join my dumb ass in Jailbreak and lets make jb great again. Hopefully it gets a few more regulars joining again. Spread the word, thanks.
  19. 16 points

    A Poem for Eddy - Forgive Me

    https://soundcloud.com/fugner-stoned/a-poem-for-eddy Enjoy.
  20. 16 points

    JCS Step Up.

    With my dear friend Fail Klark stepping down, Im here to lead this community to greatness. Make SG Great Again NAU 2017-2018. Can an admin give me my JCS tags please.
  21. 15 points

    Not been here long but I'm considering leaving.

    We never tried to get you kicked or banned we simply wrote "-5/50" which is a refrence to our old voting system. It is something that we used to do a lot and in no way is it meant as "kicking or banning" someone. You need to grow a thicker skin dude. We weren´t attacking you, we were making jokes.
  22. 15 points

    Thanks, Start!

    Have fun playing it!
  23. 15 points

    I am Back Bois

    Whats up guys I know you have seen me get off and on lately but i am officially back. I have been busy with life as of recent and glad i got all that figured out. on a side know i am going to try and get alot of graphics and animations done so if u have any request and you want it made in a 3D esk design post it in the graphics forums with a ping of my name
  24. 15 points

    My First Day Back We Populated JB

    Thank you guys so much for helping me populate JB. It was a wonderful reintroduction. I enjoyed meeting new people, and receiving well wishes from old friends. I'll keep helping JB get populated, and if everyone pitches in a little bit here and there I may just write another fan-fic. I'll do it for the people.
  25. 14 points

    New donation from iafunky

    Thank you, iafunky for your donation of 5.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  26. 14 points

    Bonus Credits For Playing On Weekends!

    With the help of @KiD Fearless, @bulletford, @AntiTeal, @Tristan., @Moose, @skitt, and @Jason. I managed to fix up a plugin that grants an extra 10 credits every 2 minutes for everyone playing during weekends! When JB soon becomes more and more populated and skins come back you can spend these credits on whichever player models, titles, etc. you want! Just one more reason to hop on Jail Break boys! See you in game, and again thanks for everyone who helped!
  27. 14 points

    TTT:GO Mic Limit

    This really shouldn't be a thing when there's less than five or ten people on the server. Quite a few times we've had three or four people on just goofing around and it gets pretty irritating. Mic spam isn't much of a problem with that low of a pop. Tried to teach a friend the game the other day in intervals of 5 seconds. I made it work, but damn was it annoying.
  28. 14 points

    New donation from Mimic

    Thank you, Mimic for your donation of 50.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  29. 13 points

    Jailbreak Event, May 12th - 18th!

    Glad that @Fugner is featuring prominently on the header photo. He's really getting involved again and I'm proud of him.
  30. 13 points
    Mark from Facebook

    Overwatch Event

    Heroes Never Die Overwatch 3V3 Tournament In order to start the year in the right path, I have gotten the green light to do an Overwatch event since the game is extremely fun! And why not? We have Rocket league events, poker events, might aswell branch out to other games. Event will take place between 8-9 of april. Sign up thread closes at 12 PM EST on the 7th, the matches will take place throughout the 8th and 9th of april. Matches will take place on the 9th of April starting at 2 Pm EST(1PM Central) Rules: Must have a Forums account registered and minimum of 1 week old (From this posts date.) Must Follow sG Global Guidelines at all times, failure to do so will result in disqualification. One Post per team please! Everyone is Eligible for Prizes (Including Staff that will be participating.) How the event will work: Sign up for the Event. To Sign up for the event you must have at least 50 hours of playtime within sG servers, must not be banned throughout the duration of the event (Including its announcement period). Due to Overwatch not having its own dedicated server box the event will be held in a tournament style fashion: Someone (from staff that will not be participating in the event) will invite the participating teams to a 3v3 match and the winner will be selected from there. (I understand the issues this may cause, but I could not find a work around this) SIGN UP HERE Prizes: Winning badge. Prize Pool will follow these rules: The First Place Team will get to pick one of the following prizes listed below. The Second pick must pick from the remainder of the pool, so on and so forth. The Second place team will get their turn to pick the games after the First Place winners selected all of their prizes. If you would like to donate prizes for the event, please contact me via steam, discord or PM. No prize will be exchanged for currency, upon selection of prize you may not change it after someone else selected their prize. Mirror's edge DerpyPwny. Rust x2 Rocket League Rootbeer $20 Steam card x3 Claimed by team#69 (rufus, Nick and Shikaku) (All Prizes are donated by Syndicate Gamers) Bonus Prize Godlike- Whoever has a flawless tournament gets to upload a Gif Spray to our servers, or pick a custom title. In order to achieve this prize, whoever has most play of the games will be receiving this award. Screenshots are a requirement for you to be considered (You can always Pm me or send a Pm to staff with the proof). If more than one player get the same amount of POTG's, both will be eligible to receive it. Prizes may be subjected to a small delay upon deliverance. Special thanks to @iafunkyfor helping me format and organize the event, and @Reaper0470for being able to run the event (won't be able to due to work).
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    Happy Birthday, Leeroy!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone @Bulldog @Jodas @Dr Pepper @Grayson Levi @Zerosz @krony @Ironic @Dakka @Sponsored @dash @Tyrone @Lindsay @tazmanianxdude @Bite @KiD Fearless @LVL4ROCK @Poseidon @Husky @Zip @infested marine @Rufus @Juice Box @buster @gemma @DannyShr @Chowder @AntiTeal @BabyNicol3 @spiderpigrider Enjoyed it heavily
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    New donation from Battlemech7

    Thank you, Battlemech7 for your donation of 110.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  34. 12 points

    Not been here long but I'm considering leaving.

    First off, sorry you feel like you were being attacked. Second, Chang is a retard, don't be friends with him anyways. Finally, and most importantly, we have hundreds of people that are a part of this community. Ignore the ones that you don't get along with, and continue playing with the ones you do. It looks like mostly what was being said was joking, but even when people are trolls, just remember that's only a small fraction of the population that you came to be a part of.
  35. 12 points

    Insecure mode CS:GO

  36. 12 points

    Stepping down

    From L4, would like to be L3 again
  37. 12 points

    Stepping down from LEG

    To voice my disdain for the new JCS policy, I am stepping down as a Legend in the Syndicate Gamers Community. I can't support a group that is so completely retarded. sG has been dying a slow death for some time now and my attempts to slow it failed (which led to my leaving staff) Our leaders continue to lack the vision to make sG great again and thus, I cannot continue being a legend in a completely unlegendary clan. get gud faggots. out.
  38. 12 points

    Community Digest - 4/1/2017

    Nah dude, we had a big ole discussion about in the staff forums. Didnt you se- oh.... right....
  39. 11 points

    When you win Poker

    When you win you get paid in New Israeli Shekels
  40. 11 points

    Thanks Destin!

  41. 11 points

    US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

    America dropped a MOAB. I guess you could say America got a 25 kill streak!
  42. 11 points

    US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

    ALL THOSE POOR CHILDREN LIVING IN THE TUNNELS, WHY WONT ANYONE STOP TRUMP!!!!!! real talk what "civilians" do you think were targeted in the bombing of some fucking tunnels. It's not like he bombed some village or city, the picture they show looks like its in the middle of fucking nowhere. "“US forces took every precaution to avoid civilian casualties with this strike. US Forces will continue offensive operations until ISIS-K is destroyed in Afghanistan,” read the statement from US Forces Afghanistan." "the extent of the damage and whether anyone was killed is not yet clear. The military is currently conducting an assessment." Like you don't even know what happened and you just start talking like he murdered innocent children or something.
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    Karma For JCS

    +1 For JCS
  44. 11 points

    Discore or Team speak!

    Deep down inside I pray that you are just the most elaborate long conning troll. I prefer discore over teamk speak
  45. 11 points

    Eddy Sighting

  46. 10 points

    Negev and R8 added back to comp?

  47. 10 points


    Thanks to the efforts of @AntiTeal, Supporters now get access to a number of perks for ZE. Always able to spectate/Immune to afk manager. Access to "/leader <name>" command. +$15000 starting cash. Total = $35000. Spawn with healthshots, Heavy Kevlar, and a tactical grenade. Able to respawn once per map at the beginning of the round, if spawned as zombie, with the "/revive" command. /glow and /rainbow commands to stand out more (glow saves on mapchange as well) You can get these perks by buying the CS:GO and CS:S Supporter package in store. Finally, Thanks again for supporting sG servers.
  48. 10 points

    DR3Y's Application [ACCEPTED]

    After tonight sG will never be the same. Application accepted
  49. 10 points

    Community Digest - 4/1/2017

  50. 10 points

    CS:S- 2 new videos of old JB ~2011

    Here are 2 more videos that i found out i hadn't added yet. IherdLegos (25:14 mins) 05JUL2011 - 8/10 Video is lego jail with mitch and cows as SO (this is also the before part of the other popular video from http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/71767-sg-jailbreak-css-video-dump/ stars:[@Iherdcows[SO], @Mitch[JCS], @Frosted Butts, @skitt, @Sandy, @Phoenixx, @MrMoo, @Church, @Broseidon, @Renegade = James bond] 0:00 = Mitch takes warden, give orders while everyone else has high grav. 12:25 = Cow's breaks the rules, post a formal complaint if you feel it upsets you. 18:35-20:00 = best bachelor contest (@Iherdcows vs @skitt vs @Frosted Butts vs @Renigade vs @Sandy) Fail_jail Times (2:05 mins) 21FEB2011 - 7/10 video that has a lot of ppl in it for a short time, note that mimic is sG3 This video stars [@Iherdcows, @Papa, @weekill, @Mimic, @Jewinator 5000, @Goldentongue, @centran, @Illogical, @King Deltron, @JMaFia, @Skotti, @Someguy, @Martyr Shu, Its 2mins just watch it.