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      GCC and our Global Rules   11/12/17

      With our new partnership with GCC, we want to make sure everyone understands you are representing sG when you join other communities' forums, servers and discords etc. All sG global rules will be enforced strictly when visiting other communities, including GCC.  Trolling and harassment will not be tolerated and will result in punishment across all of sG.  This is your only warning, represent us well out there.
    • Lv. 100 Crobat

      ZE Event Signups   11/13/17

      Since the event was delayed. I've reopenned the signups once again. Don't miss this opportunity   http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/76777-ze-team-war-signup/    


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    Breaking News! 11/11/2017

    Dearest members of this community, I am here before you bearing ill news regarding one of the BIGGEST members of our esteemed community. With the recent sexual allegations involved with many of Hollywood's greatest coming forth, such as Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, George Takei, and C.K. Lewis, I was shocked to find out that one of our own would stoop down to their level. I was simply having a nice wonderful day training with my team for the PUBG Community tournament, when suddenly I received an e-mail from my local internet police department with the following picture... This is sickening news to me my fellow forums goers, to think... I've been browsing the same Vanilla minecraft server forums with such a person for so long... I just don't know how to feel. If this 'man' is not brought forth to trial and convicted then there will be no hope left for the innocent souls still browsing this DARK ERP recruitment forum board any longer.
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    We are excited to announce that we have voted unanimously to pursue a partnership with GCC (Gaming Community Central). I have been discussing with their leaders what this would look like for us, and how it will affect us as a community. This doesn't mean we're giving up control or anything of the sorts, we opt into anything we want to participate in. But they are a growing centralized community, including Hells Gamers, Prestige Gaming, GFL, Tango Worldwide, Serious GMOD, and others. This gives us another outlet to advertise our events and bring some of the bigger communities together and participate. They also host events (such as the PUBG one which got us interested in this opportunity), and invite all communities to participate - as one of the largest partners, we get first invites on events that are size limited. We're hoping this will bring many more opportunities for growth and fun in the future. Also, a big part in this is communication. For example, when we identified who breached our forums, I was able to forward this information on to them, and they notified the Advisors of the other gaming communities to do with that information as they saw fit. As part of this, they request that we assign some staff members to be the chain of communication between communities. Due to the size of our community, we fall under their highest tier of communities, and have asked for a total of five volunteers. The three Ambassadors (those that organize events between us and them) will be @Fugner, @Travesty, and @Sean, while the two Advisors (higher level communication, as noted above) will be myself, and @Clamps. We did not feel that extra staff roles would be required for this, as there will be very little additional work for us to do. If you would like to join GCC discord, her is the link https://discordapp.com/invite/34HHzZH . They will be adding a bot command soon which after accepting their rules upon joining, you may go to the #roles channel, and through an automatic command be assigned to the community you specify. We look forward to the upcoming opportunities this will bring, including (hopefully) the usage of their ( not actually theirs, but a friend of the leaders of GCC's ) PUBG custom server to host our own PUBG events in the future. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to express them. Here are their forums as well, if you want to check them out. http://gamingcommunitycentral.com/forums/ EDIT: Forgot to mention, our global and server rules (as well as theirs) are to be respected at all times in their discord, forums, etc. Breaking rules, excessive trolling, etc. in any of GCC's or other communities (this is nothing new) can also result in a punishment here.
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    and now the people behind it (and in it- james franco lol) are being accused en masse of sexual abuse, extortion and pedophilia? its okay its never too late to stop being retarded and convert to trumpism
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    HYPE poster designed by sG | sean What: CS:GO - Hide N Seek When: Thursday, October 26th, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. CST to Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 10:00 p.m. CST Where: connect How: Play as Jason and kill the CTs or play as a Citizen and try to survive Jason's wrath! Players will be randomized each round to be Jason (T) or to be a Citizen (CT). Jason to Citizen ratio is 1:4 Buy grenades anywhere on the map to dodge Jason's looming and inevitable attack! Why? Because it's Halloween you dip! Rules: sG Global Guidelines must be followed. You must have a forum account to be eligible for prizes. No door spamming to prevent people from entering/exiting. No smoke spamming. Admins will use discretion. No boosting of any sort. We will be monitoring logs throughout the event, you will be DQ'd. Ghosting will result in a ban. Contest: Most Kills as Jason Prize: Custom 17" SteelSeries QcK+ Mousepad with sG Logo And a supa cute Jason Badge: Raffle: Also you can have a chance to win a raffle prize! We'll be giving away: $25 Steam Gift Card (donated by sG) Dead By Daylight (donated by sG | Sean) Simply post "HYPE" in this thread and have played on the server for 30 minutes to enter into the raffle! Follow this thread for any and all updates! Trust me... Trailer of the map:
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    KiD Fearless

    sG CS:GO Bunnyhop Server

    We are please to announce that Syndicate Gamers now has a B-hop server for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server IP: bhop.joinsg.net:27018 ( Many of you have asked for a B-hop server so here it is. The server will be all tier maps, with a little over 100 maps on the server already. The server features: Skill groups Replays Custom styles and modes Kz-Timer jumpstats 128-tick/1000 Air Accelerate Sixth Jump Speed Workshop & Fastdl If you have any map suggestions please message and I'll take a look. Here's a quick peak at what the timer looks like, With all the hud elements enabled:
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    The Mousepad

    Dunno what else to say but here's pic of the front and backside of the mousepad I won. FYI it's fucking gigantic compared to my old mousepad. Thanks @Fugner and @Travesty for the hidenseek event and the mousepad.
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    Grayson Levi

    Stepping Down

    So, you read the title. I'm stepping down from RO. Lately my activity has been sub par and I haven't been motivated to do as much as others are. I feel that it's time for me to take some time to focus on school, especially since I'm a junior. Obviously I am not leaving the clan, I am just going to distance myself a little while I get my grades up. I'll keep my discord and steam open if anyone wants to talk. At the moment, being on staff just doesn’t fit with everything else that's going on in my life. Big thanks to @Mimic for the opportunity and @Fugner for being a good calendar. I'm a little sad that my name will be green, but I think this is a good decision. At least I lasted longer than ironic
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    The Empathetic Peacemaker

    GCC PUBG Squad Event!

    Hi, I'm the owner of GCC. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there! Feel free to reach out to me in the Discord if you have any questions
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    Carl Sagan

    Hey i guess ill do one of these :)

    Hello, I'm Carl Sagan. I'm a 15 year old computer hacker (If this affects my up coming application to sG then please tell me). I specialize in hacking webservers (proof will be posted at the bottom of the post) but i also dabble in Social engineering and other forms of hacking. I'm a programmer in Visual basic 2008 (Vb.net) and Visual CSharp 2008 (C#), I'm planning on learning PHP and C++.net when i get around to it (Atm, I'm starting (Havn't started actually coding Yet) a PHP Botnet (Google if you need to) in C#). I Also have access to low priced game servers, webservers (Unlimited bandwidth for $5 a month) And plenty of other things. If Mitch wants to PM me about it that's fine. Proof Of my Skills (Note: If you do not want to click that's fine. (If an admin has any problem with me posting links the please PM me)) http://zone-h.org/archive/notifier=SequenceInitiated (This is a link to mirror sites, And it will not in any way harm your computer) And also http://forums.vr-zone.com/chit-chatting/454281-sgclub-forum-get-hacked-people.html (This is a link to a forum where it has pictures of the defacement) Hope Everything is in order :3
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    sG Warcraft Halloween Event

    Come enjoy Halloween on the Syndicate Gamers' Warcraft 3 server! From 28 October to 4 November 2017 every member wearing [JoinSG] clan tags in game will receive 25% MORE experience for a total of 35%. (default is 10% with tags) In addition, the usual pumpkin plugin will be active during the whole event. When a player dies, a pumpkin will spawn on that location. Grab it to increase your counter! Random pumpkins will also spawn throughout the map granting extra abilities and the chance for Levelbank levels. All event, our race that thirsts for brains (Infected) will receive a lot of attention: Health increased 50% (Subject to change) Speed increased 25% (Subject to change) Infected player limit on the Terrorist team will be unlimited, while Counter-Terrorists will not be able to play the race. Prizes: The top 10 pumpkin collectors will receive 10 Levelbank levels. The top 4 pumpkin collectors will also be able to choose from the prize pool below, in order of most collected. Work with Face to design a race - Little Bunny FuFu 25 Levelbank levels - MrThaco-Olmon 1 Month Basic Admin - Shodscroll 1 Month War3 Supporter - Autistischen Betruger I will contact the winners on 5 November 2017 for you to pick your prize. Please allow time for prizes to be delivered. EDIT: SOs and all staff are eligible to win prizes. *Winners must have a registered forum account, linked to their steam account* RULES: As with all times on the server, be sure to follow sG global rules as well as server specific rules. Linked below. Global: http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/global Warcraft: http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/war3 Please report any bugs to the Warcraft server SO or higher.
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    GCC PUBG Squad Event!

    Hey guys, GCC will be hosting an event on November 12, 2017 to play some PUBG! They have graciously provided us with an invitation to this event and you will all be teaming up and fighting for glory against other popular communities! We will have up to 3 teams set up to represent Syndicate Gamers. You must be a member of the community to participate. Event Description: - 3 Games consisting of 21 teams. (3 teams per community). Each community is allowed 4 subs. - In-game rules are default, with the exception of no red zones, 1.5 x ARs and first person perspective only - Point scoring https://i.imgur.com/7XJYG0g.png - We will have 5-minute intervals between matches, NO EXCEPTIONS. - Each team's participants must have been in the community he/she is in for 2 months minimum. - Be in Discord 30mins before the Event starts - First game starts at 5:05pm EST, second game starts at 5:50 EST, third game starts at 6:35 EST Rules: No cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give u an unfair advantage over other players. No ghosting Do not be disrespectful No sexual harassment of players Do not be racist or use racist terms No unless spamming of mic or text chat. No advertising other communities events No name impersonation of anyone. If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server you will be permanently banned. If you would like to join the event, please sign up here and join the GCC Discord Event times: PST 2:00 PM (-3) MST 3:00 PM (-2) CST 4:00 PM (-1) EST 5:00 PM (+-0) More details can be found on the GCC Forums Feel free to message Trav or myself if you have any questions.
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    these forums have zero content anymore and are taken way too seriously. we need to go back to the golden age where staff were actual nazi's and people didn't get banned for tasteful memes
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    JB Night - Fri 17th/Sat 18th

    Hey guys, Another JB night for the books. Who is down to play? Please leave a post in this thread, and vote on what day is best for you guys. Lets get some oldfags on again. If we get a full server, I'll give away a $20 steam game.
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    sG Stock Market Simulator Season 1

    Simulator Link: https://www.marketwatch.com/vse/sgmoneys Password: sgidiots Game Length: 3 weeks starting now Starting cash: $5,000 Commission Fee: $7.00 We got 15+ people in here so far! Who will be the wolf of sG!?
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    New donation from Leeroy

    Thank you, Leeroy for your donation of 3.51 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    Toxic Server

    As a staff member, and as a player of war3, this behaviour is unacceptable. If people are belittling you or bullying you, please demo, screenshot, or message a staff member to get on. Then we as staff will be able to rid the players being toxic in our servers. Feel free to add me on steam. If you have any more problems, please message me on the forums, steam, or discord.
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    I was told I should make an introduction, so here it is! I mostly play on the Wc3 server, when I have the time. I'm not entirely sure if I plan on trying to join sG, as real life often gets in the way of my videogaming, but most of the people I've met from this clan seem pretty cool. I guess this is just a first step to becoming more involved in this community.
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    Happy Birthday Vulcan!

    THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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    What up smellies. I'm still at Navy bootcamp till Friday but they let us into "recruit heaven" which has computers with unrestricted internet access :^). Why are there so many RO's, is JB still dead, how's war3?
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    Name: Martin T. Age: 22 Location: SC, Charleston Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:94058620 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1249240 Favorite Server: CS:GO sG ZE About Yourself: 22 year old college student. Mostly play on the ZE server on sG and a bunch of the regulars on their thought I'd be a good at being an Admin and really wanted to help @Lv. 100 Crobat upkeep the server and keep on eye on it with the other staff members been playing for about roughly around 326 hours on the server its really all I play when I get on CS Do you use a Microphone? Yes Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? None so far Questions or Comments: Not at the moment Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Lv. 100 Crobat @FreeLancer @Leeroy @Papyrus Link to Introduction Thread:
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    Name: Ethan Age: 21 Location: SoCal Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:45495799 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: I've mostly just done gmod so I don't have one -> GameTracker / Screenshot of time Favorite Server: Gmod TTT Vanilla About Yourself: When I'm inside I like to build computers and play games, but I also like hiking and biking when the weather is forgiving outside Do you use a Microphone? I do use a microphone Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? I don't believe so Questions or Comments: My cat is spoiled and I adore him Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Lindsay @krony Link to Introduction Thread:
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    Guardian's App [PENDING]

    Name: Ethan Age: 14 Location: Hawaii Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155452070 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1119383 Favorite Server: ZE and War 3. About Yourself: Been playing on sG servers for over a year now and would love to be a member of sG. I tend not to use my mic on sG servers, (Only used it once on ZE so far) but will use it if needed. I am actively on sG servers as well as the forums. I don't mind helping people out and giving friendly suggestions or comments. I also enjoy watching the NFL and NBA. Do you use a Microphone? Yes. Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? No. Questions or Comments: Nope. Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Lv. 100 Crobat @FreeLancer @AntiTeal @Leeroy Link to Introduction Thread:
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    https://imgur.com/a/Soykm @Sean's team won game two of the GCC PUBG tournement. @ThatOllieWhoDies had the most kills with 7, @DR3Y with 3, @Sean with 3, and @Rootbeer with zero. Giving them a total of 30.5 points for that match if I did my math right.
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    War3 sm_createmenu Suggestion

    Can the War3 server get the sm_createmenu plugin (created by AntiTeal for the Zombie Escape Server) added to it? The plugin allows each person to create their own Source Mod radio menus (see the picture if you don't understand what I mean). This command can be incredibly helpful if you have a lot of binds and cannot remember which key goes to which bind or if you dislike the provided menus that the server offers. The command is used in the style of "sm_createmenu Title | Command 1 | Menu Option 1 | Command 2 | Menu Option 2| etc." If you hit the max length of commands in a menu, just make the menu into an alias and make a new menu that has all of the aliases in it (also menu options each have a max length of characters). Any server commands can be put into the menu (not option changes like voice_enable though) and when you click the option, it will execute the command as if you put it into the console (so you don't have to worry about people using commands they shouldn't have access to). Here is an example of a simple menu I created that could be used for war3 (radio menu shown in picture): "sm_createmenu War3 Menu | say changerace rotd | Race of the Day | say CHEATER | Whine | say changerace random | Random | say buy tome | Buy Tome" Picture of the menu and console with the command in it If you have any questions about it, either ask me and I'll answer if I know the answer (or ask Teal since he made the plugin) or jump on the zombie escape server and try it out since it is already on there.
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    In case anyone doesn't read the CS:GO patch notes, they added one of the best things yet to CS:GO: voice_player_volume. If you don't know what this is, here is the patch note on it: Yup, that means you can now lower the volume of people playing music so you can hear the game while listening to great tunes at the same time! You know how you didn't use to be able to mute someone only over voice chat, even if you still wanted to read their text chat? Now you can! Is Lv. 100 Crobat using his old, incredibly loud mic again? No problem, you can lower his sound! Just thought I should mention this useful command here for those who weren't aware of it since it is a great alternative to blocking communication.
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    Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Not to mention online. If the internet has taught us anything it's that chicks like dick pics
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    New donation from yunmo

    Thank you, yunmo for your donation of 3.33 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
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    I am jahislove

    I am jahislove and I really really love the war3 server. I play it everyday and I hope that the population grows. ty
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    Big Congratulations to DerpyPwny for getting the Most Kills as JASON. Raffle Winners are BabyNicol3 who won the $25 Steam Card and Trelvick who won Dead by Daylight! THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING.
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    Alright so some updates after working out the kinks on Day 1: Roundtime is now 6 minutes Infinite Ammo will be off each round Jason to CT ratio is 1:4 Thanks to the hard work of @Swed @bulletford and @ctark it feels a lot more like Hide and Seek now! Scores so far...
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    "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    I really enjoy CS:GO. Replayability: Totes. Online matches always fun, plus lot's of modded servers like found on www.joinsg.net! Progression: Yeah, I mean the more you play the better you get. PLUS some modded servers, like you can find at www.joinsg.net, have credit systems where the more you play you get credits which can be spent to buy cool hings in the in-game shop! Room for improvement and skill development (Competitive ladder or Unlimited Progression): Guess I kind of answered this but yes, CSGO has a skill devlopement that's pretty good. You can even try to be ranked in skilled matches. I would suggest trying to play with some good friends to get better. I normally find some cool people over at www.joinsg.net! Community: Tons. So many it's hard for me to name them all--so I wont. Except for www.joinsg.net. Developer care (updates or expansions): Always updating the game. Even though it's a bit old they just released a new version for a classic map. Plus communicates have "mappers" who actually build new maps to use in game. I know of a few that are really good, like Thorgot, over at www.joinsg.net! (if it runs on a low-end PC would also be a big + but not necessary): Hell yeah it goes. Also, www.joinsg.net.
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    Orange*'s Application [PENDING]

    Name: Matthew Age: 18 Location: Michigan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81360185 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: I've pretty much only played on gmod https://imgur.com/a/faA9a Favorite Server: TTT Custom About Yourself: I have spent far too much of my life and money on video games. I am also going to start college in next fall, working for a major in biology. When I'm not working or playing video games, I like to skateboard, bike and play and watch basketball. Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? No Questions or Comments: Nope Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Avenger@Lindsay Link to Introduction Thread:
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    War3 Thanksgiving: Extra XP

    Thanksgiving is almost here! Join our Warcraft 3 server from November 23rd to the 25th and receive 40% bonus XP with [JoinSG] in-game tags on. RULES: As with all times on the server, be sure to follow sG global rules as well as server specific rules. Linked below. Global: http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/global Warcraft: http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/war3 I know you'll be full from all the turkey, but due to the 20 player limit, please no sleeping in spectator
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    @Rootbeer I'm amazed by how 2nd game you dropped in the very middle alone, made it to your team, made it to the end of the round and won. Without killing anyone, I feel like that should be a hidden achievement. Win a game by not killing anyone. Pacificism Unlocked.
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    Totes left the community guys
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    Breaking News! 11/11/2017

    He can be lured from the darkness with... Mac n' Cheese
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    Staff Leaks

  40. 3 points

    sG Stock Market Simulator Season 1

    We have a Rain Man in sG
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    Why is racism not allowed?

    Racism isn't allowed because allowing it attracts edgelords like you.
  42. 3 points

    Why is racism not allowed?

    dumb ass
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    Staff Leaks

  44. 3 points

    The Face of Twitch

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    A Bit Late :P

    Welp, this feels weird writing an intro post a year and a half after I started playing on sG, but I never made one before so I might as well now. My IGN is Ice and the only sG server I play on regularly is Zombie Escape. I have played on it for about a year and a half and have over 1,300 hours on the server (according to gameme). You won't hear me talk in-game because my dorm has 24/7 quiet hours and I just, in general, prefer typing over talking.
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    Toxic Server

    Getting really sick and tired of not being able to have any sort of conversation on the server without being told to kill myself, that I'm retarded or dumbshit or any number of other attacks on me just to get a reaction/make themselves feel better about themselves. Not gonna point out any names you know who you are and what kind of shitty people you are and can be. I come on cs to relax and love war3 but end up wound tighter than a fishing reel trying to interact with the community. Everyone I talk to says its my fault for letting "people on the internet" get to me but fuck that. If 10% of the time I can relax and talk with people / shoot the shit why the other 90% of the time do I have to get punished for putting myself out there and trying to interact by getting shit on and trolled. Anyway im not coming around anymore. Have fun guys, enjoy hating on eachother and berating everyone with "jokes". Not gonna get called retarded and told to kill myself anymore cause it makes me feel like shit.
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    Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    We went with Barry :c
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    Happy halloween

    I know I’m not a member or anything, but I was planning on making a recruitment post this week so I had to do some searching around. On your application you need one ref from any member level 2 or up. If you meet all requirements and have 1 ref, (Confirmed by sG member) then you should be a recruit and go through a 1 month long recruitment process. In that one month they will be watching you to see if you break any rules or do something rash which will lead to your recruitment post being terminated. In that one month you need 20 refs from level 2 members and up, 3 of these refs must be from staff. You need to ask each member and get a clear answer on whether or not they are willing to refer you. Hope I could be of assistance, (I’m new to this so feel free to correct me).
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    it is i

    Thanks for the link to that; ever since Lindsay mentioned it I've been meaning to join. But seriously @just reX, you come on to my intro thread and give -2 rep; moreover, when I tag you and jokingly ask why, you check my profile but otherwise remain silent? I see how it is. i actually have no idea how it is could somebody explain this to me so i can feel better about myself
  50. 3 points
    ttt custom server, we have one. we dont have to remove anything.