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    You may have noticed some changes...

    By Travesty, 0
    We have amalgamated a few sections of this forum.
    We moved all threads from General Gaming, Teamspeak, Strategy (Dota2, LoL, WoW) and Overwatch, etc. into one... now called General Gaming and Teamspeak.  Here you can talk all things gaming related (new games or current games you want to play or discuss with other sG members, etc) with exception to our own hosted server discussion... save that for the Divisional Forums.
    We also moved the Entertainment Center, Fitness, Sports, etc threads into The Pub. I kept some of the more prominent stickies but most of the others are now a 'Featured Thread'. They won't be stickied but have a star in front of the title. However, most of them weren't posted in for over a year, so it's cleaned up a little. If you think your recent stickied topic should be stickied again, post in here and we'll consider it. In the future, please use The Pub for anything related to the amalgamated topics of General Discussion.
    Anything that has a more serious tone like News, Politics or any serious topics you'd like discussed without trolls or funny memesters, please use the Serious Discussion subforum. Any trolling done in that subforum will result in a loss of privileges to post in that subforum.
    Now you may be wondering... why the changes? Well we wanted to promote more discussion within the rest of the forums for any General Discussion or Gaming. Really the main section of discussion happens in the Talk Mad Shit threads in the 'Members Only' subforum that only the Members of sG can see. Having these threads all one place will allow more people to see each topic rather than sifting through each subforum and subsection. Hopefully allowing more people to click on the thread you created and want discussed. 
    Right now we don't get a lot of daily traffic in any other part of the forum except in 'Members Only'. There really wasn't a big need for all the subforums because the lack of new topics generated each month. So hopefully with these changes it will give more people the chance to see what others are talking about, rather than using the 'Unread Content Stream' (which is pretty much every thing all in one place). Also General Gaming and our Teamspeak server go hand-in-hand so we are hopeful it will get more people talking about casual games we can pick up and play with other people from the community.
    These aren't big changes but they are changes nonetheless and might take some time to get used to. One thing I will suggest, that I've had all along, is to change the settings in your profile to Automatically Follow Content. Simply go into your Profile Settings -> Notifications. This will give you a notification in the top right of the forums and it will keep you up to date on any post that is made to any topic you have created or replied to. I find it really handy and lets me know anytime there's a new post in a thread I'm interested in.
    See below for a picture of what to check off:

    Let us know what you think. Positive or negative. Feedback is welcome. If it's becoming an issue after the summer, we will consider moving it back into the separate subforums and subsections. For now... we hope you enjoy the new layout.
    Now for all the Thank You Threads... I will be combining all the thank you threads into one mega Thank You sG thread where you can make a post within the thread rather than creating a new topic each time.
    Thanks for reading. Have a great summer.
    - Travesty
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    CSGO Summer Tournament ! (July 15th-17th)

    By Bite, 0
    Be registered on the sG Forums.
    Have a minimum of 50 hours on any of our servers.
    Not banned during the duration of the event.
    Go to this thread to sign up for the CS:GO tournament. Include your gameme link, mm rank, and whether you are interested in being a captain in your post.
    *Make sure you are available for the dates July 15-17*
    ***If you no-show during the tournament you will be banned from the next CS:GO Tournament***
    sG's Global Server Guidelines apply.
    No excessive flaming and trolling. (Keep the shit-talking to a minimum)
    No exploiting.
    No intentional griefing of teammates and other players.
    Sky-walking or wall glitching is forbidden.
    Boosting is fine unless it is to places where textures/walls are missing in view.
    Planting bombs in places where they cannot be defused by the other team is forbidden. Boost plants or plants where many players are required to defuse are allowed.
    Grenade bugs are not allowed. (ex. Throwing into certain spaces to create infinite sound loop.)
    Using any form of hack, cheat, script, or any other 3rd party program to further aid you and your team is STRICTLY forbidden and you will be held to the same punishment as a normal sG Server. (Does not include voice programs such as Teamspeak or Ventrilo)
    Remember you are playing on sG servers so all punishments will be global.
    Sitting in spectator, regardless of team, is not allowed during a match. (Not including GOTV)
    Absolutely no subs.
    If the a team is not ready in within the 10 minutes after their time started they either have to play with what they have or forfeit the match. (If a player is late to the prior match they may join in at anytime of the game)
    **Failing to comply may result in disqualification from the tournament and the next tournaments**
    To have preset times so everyone knows when you have to be available in the day we have decided to limit the number of teams to 12.
    Times are in CST
    Friday 15th - 7pm to 10pm
    Saturday 16th - 3pm to 10pm
    Sunday 17th - 3pm to 6pm
    Captains Pick
    Teams are comprised of 6 team members for which you can cycle people in and out. No sub system, meaning if more than one person doesn't show up you have to play with what you have.
    Teams will be picked on Saturday, July 9th. All captains that have been notified must be on sG Teamspeak by 4 PM CST to pick their teams.
    Player List
    This will be a traditional 5v5 Counter-strike tournament using the same rules that other leagues do.
    1:55 round time
    40 second bomb timer
    15 second freeze time
    128 tick
    Knife for sides
    Best out of 30 rounds (16 rounds win)
    Side change after 15 rounds
    Matches will be best out of 1 or 3 maps depending on match. (See bracket for more details **subject to change based on team numbers**)
    Maps will be chosen in an elimination format. The first team to eliminate a map from the pool will be randomly chosen. The last remaining map will be played first, second to last second, and third to last third in a best out of three. In a best out of one the last map remaining will be played.
    During a tiebreaker teams stay on their previous ending teams.
    Each team is required to screenshot the final scoreboard after the match ends
    The winning team will be required to post the final screenshots of all the maps to prove their victory (In the appropriate forum)
    Teams are required to be on time to their scheduled match. Teams will be allowed to have 10 minutes from the schedule time before they will be forced to forfeit in case of an absent player/s
    It is the team's responsibility to make sure their fellow members show up to the posted times.
    Remember you have 6 players who can all play on your team throughout the tournament. If one person doesn't show up cycle in your other teammate.

    This tournament will be using a double elimination bracket.
    If a team wins the placement match they are moved into the upper bracket.
    The upper bracket will have the upper hand in the finals.
    If a team in the upper bracket loses a match they are then moved down into the lower bracket.
    If a team loses in the lower bracket after the placement match they are out of the tournament.
    A graphic will be put up for display before the tournament to better help teams visualize who they are playing and how to get to the finals.
    The finals will be the winners of the Upper Bracket versus the Lower bracket. (To be BO5 upper bracket gets map advantage)
    Example : http://challonge.com/excsgo2016summertourney
    Any prize with a "*" at the end is for sG Members ONLY!
    1st Place
    Forum "CSGO Winner" Badge One item from the donated prize list StatTrak AWP | Corticera (Field Tested) (x6)* 2nd Place
    One item from the donated prize list (after first place has chosen) Not decided yet Donated Prizes
    $20 Steam Gift Card (donated by Bite) Custom Title (x6)  
    If you like to donate any prizes please pm Bite on the forums.
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    Summer Poker Tournament (2 July)

    By ChosenOne2000, 0
    Summer Poker Tournament

    The poker tourney is back! The tournament will be on July 2nd. Check in starts at 6:30 PM CST and the event will start at 7:00 PM CST. Everyone that wishes to play in the tournament MUST show up in Teamspeak for check in. You are not required to stay in Teamspeak AFTER the tournament begins. If you are not present during roll call you will be removed from the tournament.

    To CLARIFY, for one to be removed from the tourney you must be removed from the club. DON'T WAIT TILL THE TOURNEY STARTS TO SHOW UP AND TRY TO JOIN!!! If you're removed it's YOUR OWN FAULT!




    If anyone would like to donate a prize to the prize pool message ChosenOne2000 on the forums.

    Current Prize Pool:
    - Jason has authorized $150 from clan funds to be used for the upcoming tournament.
    - Yunki has donated $25.
    To win the Pocket Aces Award:
    - You must win with Pocket Aces via showdown (You had to beat another player, cards were shown on the table for the room to see, AND everyone didn't fold to you). If you're still confused ask me. A screenshot with a clock clearly visible is required to claim the prize.
    How to register:
    1. Download pokerstars client (pokerstars.net)
    2. Register your account
    3. Click on the right tab that says “home games”
    4. Click join a poker club. Type the ID as 709399 and the code is: UV > sG bitches!
    5. An event staff will receive your membership request and validate it.


    1. Sign in to Poker Stars
    2. Go into sG's House of Poker lobby
    3. Go to the Schedule Tab
    4. Double click the tourney
    5. Register

    Registration will open no later than 10 days prior to the tournament. Watch the forums for an update to this announcement. All are welcome to play, but to win prizes you must be:

    -Part of the poker club
    -Registered on the forums (for at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament)
    -Not banned from the forums or servers at the time of the tournament
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    • Games on the Playstation
      I'm gonna be honest, I hate sport games (because people rek me everytime lol), But my brother does yeah.
    • [Serious] Supernatural and the Unexplained
      The only "supernatural" thing i've experienced was when I first came to California and I was staying in a hotel. I woke up in the middle of the night to a ghostly black figure at the end of my bed. I felt startled, but not enough to like yell or get up. I was too tired to care I guess? I kinda just closed my eyes and looked up a couple times and it still was there. Eventually I just fell back asleep and it never came back for the rest of the week in that hotel.   I asked some of my family about it and they decided it was sleep paralysis which is this weird waking dream thing that can happen to you. Scientifically from my experience, this would explain a lot of those ghost stories where its "I woke up and there was this figure" or "I was so scared I couldn't move" because from my understanding it's that your body is still entirely asleep as well as you are dreaming, but your mind wakes itself up? So your bodily functions are frozen, but you can see and experience things in the dream you are having in relation to the real world around you.   Ultimately since I had one of these "waking nightmares" and it is a very vivid and real memory over 2 years old, I could see how this could leave an impression on someone and lead them to believing in a supernatural force in their life which follows that whole "if you are looking for it you will always find it" premise. In the same way traumatic experience change people, without an understanding that these sleep paralysis episodes happen all over the world, I could see how one episode could lead to a spiraling belief of your life being taken over my supernatural forces.   tl;dr Sleep paralysis can lead to a unfounded belief and fear of supernatural forces around you   edit: I just remembered my little brother had a similar episode where he had thought he woken up, but didn't, and couldn't breath. He started panicking to where he woke up and started just walking to my parents room screaming bloody murder.
    • [Serious] Supernatural and the Unexplained
      I dont really believe in ghosts or spirits or anything but I had this really weird incident     So me and one of my boys were chilling in my car and we had picked up 2 cigarettes on a random summer night and pulled up to an empty parking lot in my town to have a quick smoke.   So we pulled into the far left corner of the lot, so imagine there is a tree line to the left of the drivers side and the whole parking lot pretty much and the empty building were to the right of the passenger side.   I was looking to my left and I noticed a weird figure standing in the trees.   It looked like someone in a black hoodie with the hood over his head, hands in his pockets, and was looking down.   My friend was completely looking the other way, to the right, and saw the same exact figure, hands in pockets and all, on the complete other side of the lot.   We saw the same figure at the exact same time, in two completely different places. It actually looked like there was a person standing there and it looked very real.   But it was only for a moment and you could no longer see it, and we floored it the fuck out of there.   Dont really believe in ghost stuff, but that shit had me believing for a good hour. 
    • [Serious] Supernatural and the Unexplained
      Anyone have stories they just can't explain or eerie coincidences? Post them here.   Okay, story time.
      So my cousin had bad heart problems from the second he was born. He was in the hospital too many times to count before the age of 7. traveled across the country going to visit many different doctors to take care of his weak heart.
      One summer it was looking good for him. So much so that he could even swim with us in the pool. We got a good photo of that day. But later that summer he had to be put into the hospital once again. This was at age 8. He had to travel to the Ronald McDonald House in Saksatoon, Canada. (It's basically a children's hospital with some really talented doctors. My cousin was there with a bunch of other unhealthy kids.  
      During his stay he was kept in one big room with a drywall divider that didn't reach all the way to the ceiling. So you could kinda hear what was going on on the other side of the wall. My mom and my aunty were with him at this time (so keep in mind this is all hearse from them). They were sitting next to his bed not sure if he was going to make it out of this one. There was legitimate concern from the doctors during this summer.
      He had fallen into a deep sleep and had finally just awoken.
      He asked his mom, "Where are they taking her?"   "Where are they taking who, Dale?"
      "The girl in the other room. I saw a man and a woman take her."
      My mom and aunty were confused as to who he as talking about but not even two seconds go by when they can hear a monitor from the other room go beeeeep.
      The young girl on the other side of had passed away right then and there, seconds after his vision.
      I'm not religious by any means but I suppose you could say I'm a bit of a spiritual individual. I can't explain that type of shit but it is just simply one hell of a coincidence for him to have this vision in his sleep and to wake up and ask that specific question.
      Dale didn't make it in the end and passed away on my dad's birthday the next May.
      I thought I'd share it with y'all and wonder if any of you have or have heard some crazy experiences similar to that one. It's just an interesting story that i've been fascinated with for a long while ever since his passing.   My mom isn't a religious person really either. But my aunt is now, I think because it just brings her comfort that Dale is in a better place because it can't be easy losing a child. And I don't think she'll ever get over it, but who could.     Before you send your condolences, this thread isn't meant for that. While I appreciate the thought, please only share stories or thoughts on similar experiences in this thread. He passed away a long time ago and I've come to peace with his passing.   I'm fascinated with these types of stories so share them if you have any.  
    • CS:GO sG Jackpot?
      If people under 18 can't gamble, what makes you think you will be allowed to make a site where people can gamble?
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