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    sG 2018 World Cup

    By Travesty,






    First come, first serve.


    Pick a team. Once a team has been picked, it can no longer be picked. One team per player. sG Members Only!


    Who ever picks the team to win the World Cup, will get a super secret surprize!!!!!




    • Argentina - KID FEARLESS
    • Australia - GRAYSON LEVI
    • Belgium - SEAN
    • Brazil - SAKARRA
    • Colombia - NOM NOMS
    • Costa Rica - SPARTAN SAKARO
    • Croatia - THEW
    • Denmark - BEAT
    • Egypt - KRONY
    • England - BOOCH
    • France - SWEETROCK
    • Germany - RAYNE
    • Iceland - TRAVESTY
    • Iran - FAZE
    • Japan - IRONIC
    • Korea Republic - BEERMAN
    • Mexico - BEN
    • Morocco - FUFU
    • Nigeria - WOLFSHADE
    • Panama - MISTACHANG
    • Peru - RUFUS
    • Poland - BANANA JOE
    • Portugal - SWED
    • Russia - VEXER
    • Saudi Arabia - SHARP
    • Senegal - TERUMI
    • Serbia - IAFUNKY
    • Spain - ARISTOCRAT
    • Sweden - TURTLE FRENZY
    • Switzerland - BABY NICOLE
    • Tunisia
    • Uruguay - LINDSAY


    Community Update 5/31/18

    By Mimic,

    Hi everyone,


    It’s been a while since the last update, and I know a lot of you are anxious to see Staff changes, but due to the immediate need to make an announcement regarding a few of our servers, this announcement will be made in the meantime. That being said, expect a Staff update in the near future.


    In order to save server costs and due to them being largely un-played and underpopulated, it has been decided that the following public servers will be shut down:

    • 1v1
    • Retakes
    • Rust


    Back in March of 2016, we started an sG Rust server. It started with a moderate and steady population which decreased over time but had some high points, even requiring an increase in slots to handle the player base. Lately, however, the population is almost non-existent and after two years (longer than anyone thought it would last, right?) we've decided it's time to let go of the rust server. I would like to thank those who were involved in running, voting for, making events for and populating the server over the past two years.

    Karma, Rust Engineer


    These servers account for 1 VDS and the Rust server, but do note that we are still looking into expanding into different games and/or servers in existing games. Keep on the lookout regarding these changes moving forward!




    - Mimic

    sG Summer Bhop Event [June 1st to June 8th]

    By Sean,



    Hey Guys!


    Is there any better way to start the summer then with a Bhop Event?


    Prove yourself as the best bhopper in the community by completing maps, challenges and racking up playtime during this one week showdown! Winners will be drawn from a raffle, and the prizes will be given based on first come first serve after the member/non-member raffles.


    You will be able to get an idea of who is in the lead by typing !top during the event.

    And typing !tickets will show you how many raffle tickets you have earned so far.




    • Friday June 1st to June 8th.


    How to play:

    • To be eligible for the raffle draw, please post post in this thread stating that you are participating


      How to accumulate Raffle tickets:

      • 1 tickets per hour played on the Bhop Server.
      • Each style has a base value for how many tickets it will give you, and that is multiplied by the (tier*tier). See post below for more details.
      • Complete side challenges for specific maps will win a pool of raffle tickets.


      Raffle Prizes:

      • $50 (Steam/Amazon Gift Card) to the winner of the sG only raffle
      • $30 (Steam/Amazon Gift Card) to the winner of the non-sG raffle
      • 1 month of premium admin
      • 1 month of Donator
      • Custom title
      • Animated Spray


      Map Challenges:

      • Complete bhop_24 on 1.5x speed (50 raffle tickets)
      • Complete bhop_frankerz on legit easy (50 raffle tickets)
      • Complete a tier 3 on legit (20 raffle tickets)
      • Complete a bhop_insanelyserz_csgo on normal (40 raffle tickets)
      • Complete bhop_mg_harero on normal (30 raffle tickets)



      • sG Global Guidelines Apply.
      • Staff and SO are eligible to win prizes (Except for KiD Fearless).
      • There is zero tolerance for scripts, macros, or hacks of any kind, you will be banned immediately.