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    • Yunki

      Rust Event October 28th-29th   10/22/16

      Details here - http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/73312-sg-rust-deathmatchgun-game-event/#comment-984757  
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    • 29 October 2016 01:00 AM Until 30 October 2016 03:00 AM
      Details here - http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/73312-sg-rust-deathmatchgun-game-event/#comment-984757  

    sG Rust - Deathmatch/Gun Game Event

    By Yunki, 0
    On October 28th and October 29th (Friday and Saturday), we will be hosting a Deathmatch and Gun Game extravaganza! Many in-game prizes will be offered as well as special prizes for completing objectives. To play all you need is to be registered on the forums and be on during the time of the event!
    How to play:
    Starting at 6:00 P.M. PST until 8:00 P.M. PST on our designated days, we will be alternating between Deathmatch and Gun Game events every 30 minutes (5 games total a day). Win each event and choose an in-game prize!  
    In-Game Prizes - Choose one of the following:
    Full armor set: Metal Facemask, Metal Chestplate, Road Sign Kilt, Hoodie, Pants, and Gloves Weapons and ammo: Bolt Action Rifle and an LR with 100 rounds of .556 Materials: 10k Wood, 10k Stone, 10k Metal Fragments  
    Special Prizes:
    Most events won* - Any Steam game $20 and under 2nd most events won - Create a Deathmatch kit for the server for the rest of the wipe. It will be placed on rotation and can be requested as well. Tansen's Scavenger Hunt - Traverse the lands and find clues to find buried treasure! Your puzzle solving skills might come in handy! 3 stashes/chests will be hidden and have a super duper secret code. Use the clues you get to find the treasure and send a FORUMS message to both Tansen and me (Yunki). Find 2 codes to win a $25 dollar Amazon gift card. More detailed explanation below.  
    Tansen's Scavenger Hunt - All around the map will be structures marked with a "T" that will contain clues needed to find the treasure with a code in it. Send the code over to Tansen and Yunki through the FORUMS as a private message in order to lock the code in. When somebody finds two codes they win $25. In order for the 2nd prize to be given out, you must use one of the other codes. For example, if Tansen wins by sending over code #1 and code #2, in order for another person to win they must have code #3 as well as either code #1 or #2. You can work as a team of 2, but only one person gets the prize. Maybe being generous has it's own reward. You may choose to destroy the code if you wish in order to prevent others from obtaining it. Will you work together or let no one win? Your choice. This event starts on October 28th and ends until all the prizes are given out.
    *If players are tied for most events won, they will fight it out in battle with only one life.
    If you have any questions or want to donate, please message Karma or me.
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    NEW War3 Supporter Package

    By Face, 0
    You can now purchase a package from the store to support to War3 and gain special bonuses in the process. All funds go to help pay for sG/War3 events, servers, and other necessary community expenses.
    Supporter Benefits
    When a supporter is in the game, all players gain 1% bonus experience (bonus experience stacks if multiple supporters are present, up to 10% bonus experience). You can access races up to 250 levels above your total level. e.g. if your total level is 500, you have access to races up to 750 total level required. You will also get an additional "New Races Unlocked" text print showing what races you unlocked because you are a Supporter. You can use "/suppcash 16000" once per map to give cash. This has the same rules as admin cash. Every 5 rounds, can only use it for 15 seconds after freeze time, and you cannot give 16k in addition to an admin giving 16k. Ability to nominate maps, no matter how recently they have been played (currently must use /nominate <mapname>, it will still show on the nominate list as disabled). You can use "#" in ALL chat to send special messages (similar to (ADMIN) or [STAFF]). (W3 SUPPORTER) Face: Hey! You can use "#" in TEAM chat to send messages that only supporters can read and respond to. (TO W3 SUPPORTERS) Face: Hey!  
    All players can type /supporter to see the active supporter XP bonus and a list of all supporter benefits.
    When Supporters join and leave, custom joining and leaving messages print:
    [W3 SUPPORTER] Face has joined the server! Supporter XP bonus for all players is now 1%
    [W3 SUPPORTER] Face has disconnected! Supporter XP bonus for all players is now 0%
    Click here to purchase the War3 Supporter package.
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    sG 10th Anniversary Poker Tournament (Oct 22)

    By Funger, 0
    sG 10th Anniversary Poker Tournament Results
    This was a tough one folks, but there can be only the chosen few to prevail...


    Current Prize Pool:
    - Jason has authorized $200 from clan funds to be used for the prizes ($100 Amazon gift card goes to Grayson, $50 Amazon gift card goes to Sweetrock, and the $50 Steam gift card goes to Quayle)
    - ChosenOne2000 has donated a steam game from his gift library for the 1st Pocket Aces Award. Congrats Krony! Krony, PM C12K so we can arrange a transfer. 
    - Tacky has donated a CSGO skin Gut Knife | Factory New for the 2nd Pocket Aces Award. Congrats Ace! PM Tacky to arrange transfer of the knife skin
    - Ordinarygamer has donated Shelter 2. Ollie, see Ordinarygamer for Shelter 2.
    DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT attempt to renegotiate your prize or ask for a substitute. Any attempt to do so CAN result in forfeiting your prize.  
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