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First Build

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Hey guys,

After years and years of only playing on a laptop or my friends computers, I'm finally gonna be putting a build together. Long story short, my good friend is going to create a new build entirely here soon, and since his current build works pretty decent (minus the hard drive being SUPER slow), he's going to sell me his old computer for only $500.

His current build I'll be getting:



The CPU cooler is just the base cooler, and he didn't know what memory he had, which I'm changing anyway.


My build from his build:



I'm replacing the graphics card, memory, hard drive, power supply, and going to put in new fans. Most of this I'm getting with these Black Friday deals going on. I don't care to have the most powerful thing on the block, but a decent amount of power would be nice. The fans I'm going to go look around in stores because my friend's tower is a little small, so I need to go in store to really look at the sizes and make sure, unless any of ya'll know of any good small CPU coolers and possibly smaller extra fans I can put in.


Let me know what you guys think!

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