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R&R Changes - August 2019

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As we reflect on the current and ongoing changes to our community, we must continuously evolve the way we accept and promote new members to our community. Previously member discussions were held on our forums and since the inception of the sG Discord it was clear that most (if not all) discussions have moved to the plethora of channels we currently have in our Discord server. It is clear that members utilize our Discord for its convenience for discussion. We are content that our Discord server is alive and well with the activity that takes place.


You have likely noticed our community servers have taken a big dip in population and activity (similar to most CS:GO communities). Currently we rely on our recruits and members to play on sG servers to increase their hours for acceptance into the community or to promote their rank. Since CS:GO Custom Servers have become less popular for members in our community to play in their free time, we must also update our R&R model to reflect these changes.


We still have a few popular niche servers with Surf and Bhop growing everyday. Shoutout to Kid Fearless, Daniel and Zebra for continuously working hard on those servers to maintain a steady population. However we can no longer expect our members to consistently play on all of our servers. It has become increasingly clear that our members enjoy playing other games than CS:GO with members and we look to still capitalize on that for our community. Our community was built on members playing games with each other and we want that to continue rather than see our community activity fizzle out. We need to find a way to encourage growth and welcome new members.


With the combination of Discord being used more frequently and with CS:GO Custom Servers becoming less and less popular, I'm sure you can see how our current Recruitment and Ranks model will have to adapt and change for newer members to continue to rank up. Most of our senior members would be able to rank up in our current model but we need to focus on new members of our community for it to continue to strive. 


Staff took a vote and we agreed that removing server hour and post requirements would be a positive way to evolve. Recruits and members would still need to be active enough in order to be known in the community, whether that's through conversations on Discord or some remaining activity on our servers. Members will still need to get the votes required to get their rank and in order to do so they will need to be active within our community. We continue to encourage members to vote on applications or refer new recruits as that will be the main way a recruit/member gets accepted. As well we stress that you should only vote yes if you feel the applicant deserves their new rank or if they have been active enough to receive it. 


The following changes to be put in place are more welcoming and less daunting for new members who want to become a member of sG and for those that would like to rank up in our community.


These changes, just as any other changes, are far from permanent. If another game comes out where we can see consistent activity and population on custom community servers, we will continue to update our R&R model to reflect that.


Now with all that being said, we are also planning to roll out more incentives for being a member of Syndicate Gamers. Stay tuned for more details regarding small raffles that will be held on a monthly basis.


Please see all changes below which will be in effect starting on September 1st, 2019.


Thanks for reading...  inb4   wE'rE  a  DiScOrD  cLaN  nOw






Member Level 1


  • You must receive at least 20 referrals from Level 2 members, Server Officers, and above. Three referrals must be from Staff.
  • You must join our Discord prior to submitting your application. You are not required to be active, but it is highly encouraged.
  • You must create an introduction thread on the forums






Member Level 2


  • 6 months of clan tenure
  • 15/15 Community Vote from Level 2 and above
  • 2 Yes votes have to be from staff




Member Level 3

  • 1 year of clan tenure.
  • 15/15 Community Vote from Level 3 and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.




Member Level 4


  • 2 years of clan tenure.
  • 15/15 Community Vote from Level 4 and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.




Member Level 5


  • 3 years of clan tenure.
  • 15/15 Community Vote from Level 5 and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.




Veteran Member


  • 5 years of clan tenure.
  • 15/15 Community Vote from Veteran and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.

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3 minutes ago, Destin said:

Another R&R change goes by with no mention of a new rule allowing tenure to carry over if you leave and come back FeelsBadMan

Don't leave :) 

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