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Syndicate Lounge Episode 3 - Moose's Movement

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Things we learned from this one:

  • Mark is not so good at audacity, I lowered his volume so the podcast wouldn't be earrape but you cant edit out the mic clipping.
  • Maybe have a looser script, we interrupt moose a lot in efforts of trying to stick to a script, maybe be more conversational and less topical

There's probably more we did wrong, I know I need to work on fade ins and outs for the intro and outro, but we're open to more feedback.




Mark says the intro and Introduces the new Co-Host Destin

Also explaining why were doing another co-host (Rotation of host incase someone cant make it)

Vexer having a wet dream this morning whilst we’re trying to make the script

Bring up Lack of recruits in current month

Talk about how each one of us is recording the audio


Join us tomorrow for PUBG and WRESTLEMANIA (no one cares about Cards against humanity) with trav and next week is 4/16/2019 Block N’ Load hosted by Krony (explain the game)


Moose Enters -

Talk about Hiatus of podcast - We couldn’t get together so we decided for this one to come back with a bang and bring someone that can answer some questions.

How long Moose has been in sG and how he found sG

What made him stay

How he has matured throughout his stay in sG

Talk about how we made a doc and asked sG to write questions

How do you expect the questions to go?


“Open Retard Forum” Q&A


“This next question comes from “Destin”": So how does it feel that your shitty C9 team just lost to TSM in the semi-finals.

Was there a big difference when going from a normal staff position to a JCS? and if so what was it ?

Has there been someone, JCS or other, that you have used as a reference on how to act in your position ?

Who is one old member of the clan that you wish would make a return ?


What would you say the biggest fall of a Staff member is? When do you know he's burned out but doesn't want to step down?

In light of a underpopulated Gmod server, how are you and the other JCS holding zach accountable for innovating instead of being our incumbent Sports color commentary

What are the biggest traits you are looking for when to deciding on who to promote for managers/future JCS?

Do you think Old Town Road Ft. Billy Ray is country enough for Billboard?

What does Iggy Azalea "Mo Bounce" say about existentialism in the modern west?

How do you feel about what Eddy said about Branching out to GTA V RP server? Do you think it's a possibility for sG?

Edited by Destin

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My audio this time is shit, I'm sorry. First time using audacity and didn't really know how to set it up. My gain was all the way down, and I was moving back and forth to have discord being picked up, I'm sorry for the horrible sound quality. I'll make sure to have it fixed by next podcast.

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