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The Expanse

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Has anyone ever watched this show or read the books? Back in the Fall I fell in love with the show and I've become so engaged I even recently ordered a signed copy of book 8 which came out this last week. For those not aware The Expanse is a sci-fi series that explores a future where humanity has colonized the solar system and the need for resources to keep civilization going has led to those living in the asteroid belt becoming second class citizens while Earth and Mars are the opposing powers in a future cold war. Think of the Earth and Mars as the USA and USSR with the Belt being the third world and you can get a decent understanding of the world at the start of the expanse. From this premise the series gets going and pretty much never stops and every single person I have introduced the show to have loved it and several have even begun reading the books like me. Here's the trailer for season 1 down below with the 4th season premiering in a few months.




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