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Making this thread for when all you guys finally watch it. I saw it last night.

Two parts, each two hours long.




Do you believe the accusers?


from reddit:



Acknowledging the truth about Michael Jackson's life means acknowledging some EXTREMELY uncomfortable truths about childhood sexuality, human relationships, and society.

Considering the implications of the following scenario (which I believe is what mostly likely happened) is so worldview-shattering and psychologically fraught for many, that it's understandable people fiercely reject doing so in a reflex of self-preservation:


Michael Jackson had a series of romantic and sexual relationships (potentially even monogamously) with very young boys his entire life, always starting when they were pre-pubescent. He usually had one "favorite" boy at a time with whom he would share his bed, have sex, and travel the world. Two prerequisites for these relationships to turn sexual were naive, starstruck, and/or willfully ignorant family in denial, and a mutual attraction between the boy and Michael. Many of his boys were already obsessed with him and dressed up and danced like him before they even met. Michael predatory-ily cultivated their innocent attraction into an unhealthy romantic attraction. In many instances, kids he viewed as potential romantic partners (and groomed for that purpose) didn't meet both criteria so he was never sexual with them, like Corey Feldman, perhaps Macaulay Culkin, and most likely many others.


His sexual relationships typically ended after months or years, often when the boys got older, leaving them with varying degrees of heartbreak and permanent psychological damage. The two accusers in the documentary were obviously both in love with and permanently damaged by MJ in ways they are still struggling to come to terms with.


His relationship with Omer Bhatti was the longest lasting, from when the Omer was 8 until his mid 20s when MJ died. For all practical purposes, Omar was MJ's lover, husband, and surrogate father/brother to his children during the last years of his life. Omar was in the front row at Michael's funeral as the only non-family member and continues to spend every Christmas with the Jackson family. I'm pretry sure he'll take their secret to his grave.


Many of these children probably believed they were in love with Michael, and he probably believed the same and used that belief to justify the sexual abuse he inflicted. It also explains why only some of his relationships turned sexual. However, accepting that means accepting the premise that not all child-abusing pedophiles have no self control and will abuse any child if given the opportunity (which is, of course, difficult for many people.) The love he shared with children was predatory, destructive, and fucked up in so many ways, but it was definitely something tangible that existed. Most distressingly, all of these boys' parents and most of society allowed it to happen. Many, many people were complicit in this abuse and profited from it in different ways.


Michael Jackson was probably the most famous entertainer to ever live, spreading love and joy to billions of people around the world for most of his life and still continuing a decade after his death. He also personally enriched the lives of hundreds (thousands?) of children with his wealth, friendship, love and companionship. He was also a pedophile that used his wealth, fame, and influence to systematically groom and rape children, destroying minds, lives, and families in the process, all while justifying it to himself as a kind of love.

He was all of those things. Acknowledging them as true, together, really fucking sucks, and may even be impossible. But the world is equally complex, chaotic and evil as it is simple, ordered and good.

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3 hours ago, Don Juan said:

Should have spoken out when it mattered, this information, true or false changes nothing and will be forgotten of in a month.


I take it you didn't watch the documentary.




It really does change things though. For future parents knowing the signs of a pedophile grooming their family and their kids. The signs that fame can warp your rational thought. What exactly is a romantic relationship? etc. etc. It's moreso information about one of the most prolific child predators so that people can learn from it.


It might not change things specifically to getting Michael Jackson charged, but it will certainly change things for the future.


I'd be willing to bet more people come forward. You already seem people coming out about their own past abuse in many of the threads talking about the documentary. Pretty powerful stuff.








When the police raided MJ’s home in 1993 they found, locked in his bedroom file cabinet, two naked photographs of young boys. One was of a boy named Jonathan Spence that MJ used to pal around with and have sleep overs with.


Page two: https://www.mjfacts.com/resources/011805pltreqaseemd.pdf


Also found locked in his bedroom file cabinet were two picture books of mostly naked boys called Boys Will Be Boys and The Boy. These books were created by Martin Swithinbank and Ronald Drew. Swithinbank and Drew are both convicted child molesters. Swithinbank was actually a card-carrying member of NAMBLA—the North American Man/Boy Love Association. One of the books was also personally inscribed by MJ in the cover (since MJ fans love to claim he didn’t even know he had the books in his possession).


One other copy pasted talking point you’ll see from MJ cultists is that the FBI investigated him for ten years and cleared him. This is not true. The FBI never really investigated MJ at all. He was investigated by local enforcement, who did occasionally enlist the FBI for specific tasks, interviews, whatever. But he was never under “FBI Investigation” per se, and certainly not thoroughly and for ten years straight. Which is a shame. Maybe if he had been he would be alive and in prison right now where he belongs.








The backlash you get from potentially believing what was said in a dOcUmEnTaRy is pretty crazy in and of itself:






In a lighter note:



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He is a child predator. No doubt. But people dont care enough for this to be any bigger news than it is. And being a bad person doesn't make you a bad artist. And liking a bad persons art/music doesnt make you a bad person yourself. I will not stop listening to MJ and if I like hitlers paintings I dont see why I couldnt hang them on my walls. 


It is unfortunate that being a popstar gives you this kind of "immunity" to crimes and that people will go above and beyond to protect them and hide their secrets. I hope we will get to a point where people get the justice they deserve regardless of popularity but i dont think we will get there anytime soon.

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