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Non-HDR (LDR) maps crashing clients

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If what @KiD Fearless says is true and that maps not compiled with HDR are the cause of crashing clients then we have a big problem with JB.


The following list are the only maps on the server that are compiled with HDR



Any map that isn't one of those will crash player's clients after a number of map rotations.  Ever notice on some map changes about half to majority of the server disappears only to later connect and say their client crashed?  Apparently LDR is the cause of this and a majority of CUSTOM maps are compiled in LDR.

EDIT: Read more on vauff's post at https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/33504-the-cause-of-panorama-map-change-client-crashes/



Fixing maps isn't really an easy solution because of the many bugs that arise from decompiling, plus trying to match the settings that the mapper had when he compiled is hard to get a hold of.  Right now I can fix the maps that I have on file listed below.  Hopefully this will hold off the crashes until we switch to a map not listed (like avalaunch, @thorgot plz fix).  If we can get enough maps fixed though we can hope that it will lessen the amount of players that crash on our server so that it isn't impacted as much. 







@JFK plz fix dojo, or I can if ya want me to.


@Mappers if you still want the LDR look you can compile with HDR ONLY!!! and add a `env_tonemap_controller` and output (SetTonemapRate → 0.25)(SetAutoExposureMax → 1)(SetAutoExposureMin → 1)(SetBloomScale -1) via a logic_auto on MapSpawn.  NOTE: If you set BloomScale to 0 instead then you will get a flashing map that looks like disco shown here






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12 hours ago, Jodas said:

What about maps that are compiled with a full compile? (HDR and LDR)

i think fearless said that it should use HDR but its just better to not compile it using LDR at all

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On 2/17/2019 at 5:33 AM, Jodas said:

What about maps that are compiled with a full compile? (HDR and LDR)

I'm not sure if it will induce a crash or not, but it's pointless to compile in both.  LDR doesn't work anyways and you are just adding file size to your map for no reason.


Also I forgot to link this thread from gflclan on the issue (edited into main post)


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