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My time is now.

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This is cringey af blame @Lindsay for telling me to post it.


In the most lucrative part of Pizza Town, a castle loomed over the landscape, bearing the blue and gold of the once mighty Syndicate Gamers. However, the palace was a shadow of its former glory, with the appearance of crumbling after a massive assault some time ago.


In the center room of the once grand structure sat a simple looking chair atop a risen pedestal, with banners of victory tattered about the room as if torn asunder in anger. However, it was the chair that drew the eyes, as it exuded an aura of greatness and untouchability.


Sat upon it was a hooded figure, shrouded in the darkness of the room and enveloped by an aura of terrifying power. In front of this otherworld being knelt eleven figures, trembling as if bowing before an angry god.


”You have failed. This does not come without consequences.” The hooded figure spoke without moving in his chair. A cold chill ran over the room, shaking all before him to their very core.


”But my liege, we can rebuild! We can bring back Mitc…,” one started to say.


”Silence!” The hooded figure did not raise his voice, but his fury could be felt as the room started to heat with his words. ”You interrupt me, he who failed the most? You dare mention that buffoon in my presence? He could not even make it to the promised land, even accompanied by the Usurper.” The being let out a heavy exhale so to retain composure. “You, Jeff, are banished from this place, never to return. I care not where you go, get out of my sight.”


The disgraced advisor turned and ran from the palace so not to incur any greater wrath. He had heard tales of Piplup, and did not want to meet the same fate.


The hooded figure remained motionless, but the room returned to the previous chill. ”Pike. Fugner. ATTG. Sean. Remove yourselves from this place. Only return if summoned, otherwise do not enter this domain again.”


Four figures rose and solemnly walked out. They were merely thankful that the monarch had treated them with indifference rather than contempt. Pike fell on the stairs walking out before composing himself to leave.


The hooded figure turned to look at one of the remaining subjects. ”Cows. You served me to the best of your ability, however it is not enough. Rather than exile, you shall be given to the Legends as a gift. Do not waste this mercy I have granted you.”


The figure stood. “Thank you my lord.” He bowed and then left, knowing his chance of greatness had passed him by.


”Rise, Eddy.”


The once proud warrior stood, unable to look into the eyes of a being he had failed.


”Once, you served me well. No longer. However your talents have not completely dwindled, and you once were akin to a brother. I send you to the land of raids, so to rest in return for your years of service.” He raised a finger, and Eddy was suddenly transported to the land of WoW.


”Your kindness is unparalleled.” He pointed his fingers as a pistol out the door, toward the sea and the bounties of the land called the retirement region. He put down his thumb, becoming a bullet that shot across the horizon.


Only five figures remained. Three knelt to the side, huddled as a unit. Two, obviously younger, knelt before the deity.


”Avenger. Lindsay. Once you were akin to flesh and blood. Now you must go, to fight our enemies and defend our home. Safe travels, my friends.” One of the kneeling figures melted away into a shower of golden liquid as if teleporting, while the other turned into a small bird, looking once at the god before flying away, a robin in the wind.


”As for the rest of you. These walls must be bolstered. Where are the new blood?” He looked to the door.

As he did so, in walked several beings. One bore the horns of a devil, another blinding white garb. One smelled of chicken and walked with a twitch, as if he was unhinged.


The hooded being merely looked at the medley, ”These will do for now, but they are not enough. Did any great warriors answer my call?”


”Yes, I did.” In the doorway stood a man bearing a katana, with a chicken tender adorned banner to his back.


”Nau. You enter my domain?” The hooded figure was still unmoved by the entrance.


”I have come to join you. We shall crush all in our path. You shall….” The warrior was interrupted by a blinding light from the entrance accompanied by a gust of wind.


All turned to see a radiant and powerful being, levitating in a meditation like pose with many arms of light emerging from behind him. He nearly matched the hooded god’s shadows with his own light. He floated into the room without breaking his pose.


”Destin.” The dark god rose from his chair, casting an immense shadow across the room that brought all but the newcomer to their knees. He levitated and floated over to approach the new entrant, and the room quaked as the two forces of nature approached one another.


When they stood a mere meter from each other, the room rumbled as the competing light and darkness fought. The dark god’s hood was blown back, revealing the Demon King himself, Bulletford.


The two stared for mere moments, but to all in attendance it seemed like hours. Destin then extended his hand to Bulletford, an offering of alliance. Bullet was slightly taken aback, but extended his own in a handshake that would be felt the world over.


The two gods then spoke as one,


Now. To take back what is ours.





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