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sG | OSCARS Nominations 2018/2019

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sG | OSCARS 2018/2019



Please choose one film you saw that was released in 2018 that you think should win Best Picture at the Oscars.

  • It can be any movie of your choice as long as the IMDB says it was released in 2018.
  • Doesn't have to be Oscar nominated


I will then make a poll with our movie selections and then the people who nominated a movie will choose the movie we will watch.


We will likely watch the movie the night before the Oscars (Saturday, February 23rd) or do a Sunday Matinee on the day of the Oscars (Sunday, Feb 24th).








Note: You can nominate the same movie if someone already mentioned it. You may only nominate once.
If you don't nominate a movie, your vote will not be counted towards Best Picture.




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I haven't watched all that many movies this year, but the one that i enjoyed the most has to be Mission Impossible Fallout. The opening of the movie alone was by far the best shit i had seen from any 2018 film. 


And if i could, best sci fi this year has to be Annihilation. 

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A Star is Born

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

I, Tonya Realized this one came out in 2017 :( 



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8 minutes ago, Travesty said:


Damn Ive never even heard of this one. Looks good!

Check it out whenever you get a chance. It is out for purchase and is at Redbox etc.

It is a fantastic thriller, plus it has the dude in it!

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10 hours ago, SpartanSakaro said:

lol did they actually put black panther in best picture?  Now that is comedy. 

It broke box office records and racial boundaries so because of that, it was a shoo in.

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