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Nau's Application. [PENDING][APPROVED]

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10 minutes ago, Beerman said:

Are you retarded? You literally cant take back a vote anymore. If you vote yes it stays unless they somehow get banned during the month. Nothing you say or show to somebody who has already voted can change that vote, even if their mind has been changed. Learn the system. 

The rest of his post reflects our clan perfectly. You only quoted the one part that is incorrect. 

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if i recall, you're only supposed to type in an app if you're voting


(yes i realize I'm doing this aswell)

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7 hours ago, Rune said:

Never mind. I'm derailing a recruitment thread at this point and I don't care to argue.


Vote stands at:



You aren't, you just think you know what's going as per usual. Swan in with little to no information and just go on and on and on about it. 


I appreciate the response Nau, everybody else seems convinced, I guess I'll just sit back and see. 


Congratulations on all the referrals. I'd prefer to be wrong on all of this... Believe it or not. 

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Abstain: current vote- 41/20

On 1/16/2019 at 6:06 PM, Rune said:

To those who don't like the current system- For starters, I have a good feeling you rarely even vote as it is.

I literally stopped voting because of the new system.  Not being able to really do anything to stop someone getting into the clan gives me no motivation to do anything other than to vote on people I like and know.  You guys act like anyone is going to listen to our pleas of the recruit being toxic.  Do you remember how that turned out 2-3 years ago? and why the new system was put in place?????

I'll let you guess, but here is a hint.  It might be related to this recruitment thread.


On 1/16/2019 at 4:56 PM, Nau said:

I just want to clarify that nothing that Rayne has said is wrong. I was a piece of shit 4 years ago and very toxic. I was not in a good place in life physically or mentally. I have spent the last 4 years improving those aspects of my life instead of bringing them around a gaming community that just wants to have fun. I don't fault him for wanting to make it known to a community that he has spent a long time in. I originally got upset seeing this but just needed see it from his perspective.

IMO, I think giving yourself 4 years is a bit generous.  Considering the JP was in JUL2015 after which you reapplied in MAY2016; and we just barely got into 2019.


I went back and dug this up

This is the shitshow that nau caused in 2016.  I remember it really clearly.  Nau (and his clique) were spam messaging everyone, ANYONE fucking alive in sG.  People came from out of nowhere and voted yes on Nau.  It later turned into a fuck @Junzou vote, where people were just voting "yes" on Nau to get at Junzo.  It was all pretty fucking stupid.

But because of all that chaos it was decided that we needed to change the voting system to prevent that fuckery of chaos we had going on.  So then we went through like 2-3 systems before we landed on the one we have now.  But most if not all of this came because of Nau.



IDGAF.  You probably saw that's kind of the way I am now on the servers.  I don't really have the time to put into the servers or community like I used to.  I agree with @Rayne, I don't think you've changed all that much but I hope I'm wrong.  The clan really has changed in the last few years since you've been gone.  Your coming back has bumped the servers up a bit and if Nau coming back brings back Jailbreak then I'm all for it.  I just want to make my maps and have them played on sG servers.  While I do want my maps on other servers and played there, it's just not the same if the servers here aren't played.  Nau even got me and some others to come back to the forums to discuss shit.  That I cannot deny.  But to sum it all up again IDGAF, you can join the clan.  With the way shit is now I don't think it matters anymore TBH.


Just for reference  Here is the "JP" thread and the final vote on Nau's last sG application.



Yes [Community] + 1: chris, Killer, Ollie, TCUFROGS, Rune, Renegade, HotSauce, Jodas, Tacky, Gary, Dreamhack, Minjou, Leeroy, Jiffy, Im not gay, Dogu, Dette, Destin, Jewinator, Demon, cookie, DJD, Shiro, Xlite, kevinbotz, Latias, Mr.Panda lvl 315, Meomix, Youngz, Sack, Eeiu, King Arthur, Lux, Tuxedo, RandySavage, B-cock #1, Zed, Mata, Mark, Tyrone, ven [+41]
Yes [SO/VET] + 2: Ted, Howard, El_Patron, Avery, Nothing_but_fail, PeeWee, Attg, Cman, Zip, Chowder, fps_trucka, Prosak, Triv, Papyrus, Bluestreak, Towelie, Rootbeer, Rayne, Matty, iCop, Sandy [+42]
Yes [Staff/LEG] + 3:  Bulldog, Pike, Kordless, fontaine, Fugner, Tristan, Bite, Karma, Marine Putin, c12k, Travesty, driz, Wave, Gerald, [+42]
Abstain: Jeff, Risto, Yunki, Darren, MisterTurkes, Autstin88Fan, Crobat, Jason, Vege, Reaper, scrub, Ian Kinsler, beerman, duex
No [Community] - 1: Ordinary, NARWHALS, YORK, vexer, Musicfreak, Sakaro, Mofl, Ghost_a2w, Coldfuse, Cubix, Chewy, Okami, Velo, Tonee, Blue, Joscal, Piero, Water.exe, BananaPee, JOCKE, Cat-o, Freekiller #3, funky, Poseidon, dakka, sean, Mickeyy, knox [-28]
No [SO/VET] - 2: Princess, xmen, Sith, Libreals, Hornycat, Swed, Taboob, ex0, Groot, lnternet., Pepper, Elmo, Sports, Revoker [-28]
No [Staff/LEG] - 3: Clamps, Mimic, Face, Moose, Zach, bulletford, Eaglewonj, Crobat, AntiTeal, Eddy, Iherdcows, Junzou [-36]



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Helps out with populating JB, does giveaways to increase the population, not nearly as toxic anymore, etc.


Hopefully your current behavior isn't temporary.

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@Revöker has hit the nail in the head. And I'll post what I've written in discord to naufrage directly that best sums up my thoughts on the entire voting system.




But the biggest thing is that there is no more incentive to really vote, but Naufrage is bringing population back to the forums, which has been dead since discord has been the biggest way we've talked to one another. 

But in the end of the day, Its about what the community wants. 

If we're wrong, we're wrong and he'll get Jp'd again. If we're not and he actually matured, it will be a good addition to the clan.


Best of luck Nau. 

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Copied from person above me. Apologies.

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1 hour ago, Sean said:

when did r&r become x/40 guys???


referral count is at 42 out of 20 required.

When I decided it was time for some drama.


It had gotten a little stale. 




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idk what the fuck the vote is after wave so ill just say yes and let the next person fix it.


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