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Please fix the server

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The sG zombie escape server's settings are kind of messed up right and no one has really said anything on the forums, so I was wondering if  their was some sort of backup, where the settings aren't weird. If you go on to the server you'll see what I mean, the humans are just way to slow making it so doing something like a crouch jump is hard. If possible someone who has some experience being an advisor for a server should become the advisor for the sG zombie escape server.

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I agree. The movement speed for humans are way too slow. We will need to increase the movement speed and decrease the gravity for humans by a little. Also a lot of the maps outdated, so I could make a suggestion on that. In some scenarios like boss fights, you will need faster speed to dodge attacks and beat bosses. For an example, there are maps like deadcore and gris. Both maps are hard ZE maps that have mini-game like levels. It would be much harder for us to make the jumps and dodge attacks. 

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