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Anyone interested in ZE training?

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This is a ZE training command list I created if you want to practice some ZE mini games!


Training Setpos and commands 

Mist admin room:
setpos -6600 -9730 11900

Westersand Lazers:
ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin -5182 -12419 5271";give weapon_bizon

Dreamin lvl 3 lasers:
ent_fire final_relay Trigger;ent_fire chronomia PlaySound;ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin 9185 -6977 832";ent_fire physical V;give weapon_bizon

Wanderers v5 admin room:
setpos -8700 -11200 -1300

ent_fire Garland_HP_Counter Add 1000;ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin -10369 -63 -287";give weapon_bizon

setpos -12551 7964 2790";ent_fire Rage_End_Trigger enable;ent_fire Genesis_Counter add 350 1;ent_fire Genesis_Model enable;ent_fire shinra_3d_sky forcespawn

Deadcore Redcore (Extreme):
ent_fire invert enable;ent_fire escape_laser_timer1 RefireTime 2;ent_fire escape_beam_timer1 RefireTime 8';ent_fire escape_pre 

Tilex RTV TP to lasers:
rtv-ent_fire stage6_entrigger enable;ent_fire "track hurts" disable;ent_fire player AddOutput "Origin 764 -1220 735";ent_fire stage6_relay trigger;ent_fire stage5_slash* kill * 5

Admin room:
-1024 -75.66 140.12

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