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If anyone is interested in ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13 Boss fight [Guide]

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This is a guide I made for people who are interested in beating tilex insane level.


Purple Boss (Insane)


Occurs only once during the entire boss fight.
All CT’s HP drops down to 1, so use heal.


Zombies can enter the boss stage from one side. You must defend and keep the zombies off the boss stage.


The ABYSS item plays a huge role during this boss attack.
Use the item ABYSS in the middle.
All humans enter inside the ABYSS, and stand still. (DO NOT MOVE)

After ABYSS, you return back to the boss stage.


This attack sucks you into the center of the boss fight. If you touch the center, you die. 
Areas of the boss platform may be broken, position yourself so you do not fall into the hole.



You must use heal during this attack.
Count 5 seconds and use heal.


During this attack DO NOT shoot the boss. You and your team will take damage by shooting the main boss.
Instead shoot/destroy the surrounding STATUES around the boss stage.
Once you destroy all statues, you will stop taking damage.

Destroying all statues takes a while. Even if the boss uses their next attack, the boss will continuously damage you until all statues are destroyed. DESTROY ALL THE STATUES!


Using your compus, look at the arrow. The arrow is pointing NORTH.
Crouch behind the NORTH statue. (The edge of the boss platform) 

Keep in mind that after every attack, the next attack is quick. 

If you do not understand something from the guide, feel free to ask me anything.

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