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GRIS - A beautiful platformer

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This game came out a little more than a week ago and a friend of mine bought it for me, and god damn its one of the best looking, and sounding, games of the year I think.


The soundtrack and aesthetics of the game are really what sells me on it, and I think that's why I enjoyed it. In terms of gameplay, some people compare it to a 'walking simulator' so if that's not the type of game for you then you may want to look elsewhere. However, its a traditional puzzle platformer but the gameplay is dynamic and engaging enough to the point where you wont be bored. Its also pretty short, about three hours long. 


Its one of my favorite games to have come out this year, saying a lot due to it having only come out so recently. While it doesn't have a lot of replay value, its still an interesting experience that I recommend you check out. Its best if the game is done in one sitting, so I would suggest if you do want to play it that you have at most three hours to sit down and play it.


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I'll probably buy this. I'll update whenever I finish it (If I buy it).


Edit: I bought it lmfao


OK Review time.


Sound / Music is really well done. Solid 9/10.


Gameplay: This one was kind of a odd one. Most of it is exploration and puzzle solving. Personally I found it not especially challenging but enough to make you think which is a pretty good spot for a game like this.  7 or 8 / 10


Storyline: Yeah there really isn't one. It's up to interpretation for the most part unless there is something you are supposed to know before playing this game doesn't really explain it. ?? / 10


Overall: Game has a fantastic feel and there is a lot of passion put into this game, simply walking or stopping in some area's you can look at little creatures moving around and feel like the environment is lively. It's a nice game not to sprint though but take in some of the design and art that was put into it thats for sure. The game really is beautiful. Coupled with the soundtrack its awesome. It almost had a sort of interstellar (film) type soundtrack at times. My only gripe with the game is that by the last area I was kind of waiting for it to end, mainly to understand what the game was really even about and what sort of conclusion it would come to. Honestly I don't really know even after I finished it. For the 16 dollars this game costs its probably worth it for sure. Just know you probably won't understand what you're doing but that's ok the experience is worth it.


fps_trucka score of 8.5/10


You really FEEL like GRIS

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