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sG | Kz-Climb Server is dead

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Hello my name is Cthulhu Long time csgo and mainly kz player. Since I started kz I have played 3500+ hours and this server was a big part of that, I miss it dearly. So i've come to inform that sG Kz Climb is a dead server and that it is broken currently (can't connect to it) it was a dead server before it broke. But it can return to its former glory if one major change is made. 

1. All you're gonna wanna do is revert from the simplekz update back to the old Kz Mod. The reason for this is because I am led to believe most of the Kz community don't like that update as many servers don't actually use it, SNG and Sneaks are good examples of servers that aren't dead and use the old kz mod. The second reason for this is because most people especially new kzer's like the point system and the SimpleKz update got rid of that. 


I hope that someone who can help out sees this.

Dearest Regards, Cthulhu. 

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