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Toreba Crane Game Winnings Thread

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Toreba Crane game is an online Japanese crane game where you take control of a physical machine in japan and any prize you win will be shipped to your house once a week for free.


You get 5 free plays for signing up on the app and if you spend a certain amount of money you get 1 free play a day for months. (not sure the specifics to this, I think it's only 5 bucks for at least 6 months of free play.


Here is what I've won so far (minus one thing I gave to my sister). I've only spent around 15 bucks of actual cash, I use google reward survey cash to get more plays too.




Here are some videos of the wins





Not sure if anyone else here is playing, but I wanted a place to brag before I throw them back in my closet.

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