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Maps that are tucked away ready to be played.


  • ze_A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C_v1_1
  • ze_abandoned_bio_bunker_v1_4
  • ze_asiangirl_sgfix_v1
  • ze_biohazard2_sewer_004_p8
  • ze_castlevania_p1_7
  • ze_dangerous_waters_xmas_v2_4
  • ze_deadcore_v1_1
  • ze_diddle_v3
  • ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3
  • ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v2_11
  • ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v5_1
  • ze_ice_cavern_va4
  • ze_S_A_M_a36
  • ze_shroomforest3_p
  • ze_sorrento_xmas_v1_e2
  • zm_xmen_mansion

@Ice Heres the list so far.

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