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Mini-Games Play test!

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Mini-Games Play Test



We will be play testing a Co-Op Course map which you can earn credits doing.



  • For every hour played you will get 2500 Credits for the server of your choice.
  • Playing for the full 2 hours will reward you with your choice of (1 month of CS:GO Supporter, 2000 bonus credits, or Gmod supporter).
  • The first group to Complete the course will receive one of the following:
    • 6000 credits on the server of their choice.
    • 1 month of premium admin.
    • 1 month of war3 donator(Limit 3 available Nov. 1st).






  • Players will have access to checkpoint menu and autobhop
  • Damage will be enabled
  • Auto-respawn will be disabled.
  • If all players die then the round will restart
  • Other maps will be disabled during the event
  • Send any bugs with the map to either @KiD Fearless or @Raphi

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It's a minigame map, it's clearly not winnable by casual players. I made it for an Halloween event and it's only 1 part out of 3.

I hope you will enjoy it (even better if you know Resident Evil 4 :P) 

Edited by Raphi

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Thank you everyone who joined for playing on minigames during the event! I hope everyone had fun. It was nice seeing the server popped again even if it was for a short amount of time. If you guys liked events/things like this feel free to suggest them.

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