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Went MIA for a little while.

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Hey, whats up brothers and sisters i don't know if anyone even remembers who i am but I've come back and wanted to say hello and give you a little update.


I'm still a filthy Weeaboo, that part hasn't changed, i'm 20 years old now last time i was super active was when i was about 17 turning 18 been quite a while hasn't it.


As soon as i got out of high school i immediately decided to go to college and get a major in Psychology so i had no free time and focused on that but stopped after going for a year. Had to sell alot of things in order to pay off my debts and finally am able to commit some time into the community once again.

Ended up getting everything back quite a while ago but i had family matters i had to take care of.


How has everyone been, what did i miss?


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4 hours ago, vexer said:

are you gonna bring tonee back too? Glad to have see you again lux

Lol I dont think so i do have him on snapchat havent talked to him a whole lot though wish I could bring him back really miss the guy. Had some good memories.

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1 hour ago, Bluestreakid15 said:

Yo, welcome back Lux!




Yo Tonee is in the Snapchat you're in!





I need him back on jailbreak is the thing.

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