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Halloween War3 Event

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Warcraft 3 Halloween Event


The Night of October 25 through October 31


Hello boys and girls, it's been a while.  An event to get you guys going sp00ktacularly.  We busted open the chest, battled the spiders which took it over, and pulled out old and new treasures alike.  As we closed the chest, we felt a powerful magic which made us feel much wiser...

50% More Experience!!!


A new being is being unleashed upon the town folk... 

The Necromancer is a force to be reckoned with. 

Beware! For he brings back the dead to fight for him.


Look out for Pumpkins and Candy Bags scatter throughout the maps!



  • Highest Level as Necromancer (25 levelbanks) -- $20 Steam Card (Donated by sG | Bear-Man-Thing)
  • Most Kills as a Reanimated -- Choice of Steam Game (Donated by sG | Sharpie)
  • Top Pumpkin Collector -- 1 Month of Supporter and $20 Steam Card (Donated by sG | Bear-Man-Thing)
  • Top 5 Pumpkin Collectors will receive 10 Levelbanks in a race of their choice!
  • Top 6-10 Pumpkin Collectors receive 5 Levelbanks
  • Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 25 Levelbanks
  • 2nd Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 10 Levelbanks




After the event has concluded we will be doing a raffle for WAR3 Supporters!

The winner of the raffle will work with @Face to make an expertise in a race of their choice. 

In order to be eligible for the raffle, you must have War3 Supporter by October 31st. 




  • Follow sG | Global Guidelines
  • You must have a forum account to win prizes
  • No Loopholing, Cheating and/or Exploiting

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Highest Level as Necromancer (25 levelbanks) -- $20 Steam Card - Shifty

Most Kills as a Reanimated -- Choice of Steam Game - D4nk

Top Pumpkin Collector -- 1 Month of Supporter and $20 Steam Card - Shifty - he has decided to FORGO the free month of supporter, so it is being given to #2 pumpkin collector - Xiplitz

Top 5 Pumpkin Collectors will receive 10 Levelbanks in a race of their choice - Shifty, Xiplitz, Mentos Cloud, Heavy Gloom, D4nk

Top 6-10 Pumpkin Collectors receive 5 Levelbanks - Asspancake, Jah, Mr. Eagle, Marzu, Toad

Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 25 Levelbanks - D4nk

2nd Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 10 Levelbanks - Shifty


Shifty: $20 steam card x2, 45 levelbank

D4nk: Choice of Steam Game, 35 levelbank

Xiplitz: 1 month of supporter, 10 levelbank

10 levelbank: Mentos Cloud, Heavy Gloom

5 levelbank: Asspancake, Jah, Mr. Eagle, Marzu, Toad



AS REANIMATED: D4nk was reanimated the most, died the most, scored the most kills, survived till round end, survived till his master died, and survived the full duration more than any other player. Shifty had the 2nd most survivals for the full duration. No one was close to Shifty on number of allies reanimated while playing Necro. Shifty was close (4 away from D4nk) on number of enemies killed while reanimated and 2 short of D4nk on number of times the full duration was survived.

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