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Fall TTT Event

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Time for a Gmod TTT revival!



October 19th, 2018 @ 12 AM CDT to October 26th, 2018 @ 12 AM CDT



Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town has been lacking in population in the recent months. Since it’s October there’s not a better time to bring it back from the dead. Come spend some time on the TTT server. Have some fun and win some prizes while you’re at it.



  • All server rules and sG global guidelines apply     
  • Excessive RDM and bans for 30 minutes or longer will result in disqualification     
  • One prize per person
  • Everyone with an account  on our forums is eligible for prizes     
  • Must provide screenshots for prizes (Screenshots from damage logs or end round credits are both viable)     




Ironic: Most kills in a single round with C4 (If you get 20 or more kills with C4 you get a second secret prize) - Copy of PUBG [Donated by @Ironic]


Freedom Fighter: Most kills as a traitor in a single round - $20 Steam game [Donated by @Ironic]


Juan Deag: Most headshots with a deagle in a single round - Copy of Rocket League [Donated by @thew]


Rambo: Most kills in a single round with a Huge-249 - $20 Steam game [Donated by @Ironic]


Electrician: Most kills in a single round with a UMP - $20 Steam card [Donated by @Ironic]


Too Much Clout: Most credits as traitor or detective at a single time - 1 month of GMOD admin [Donated by @thew]


Loyalist: Most traitor kills in a single round as an innocent/detective - $20 CS:GO skin [Donated by @Danny]


Stolen Identity: Most traitor kills as an innocent (not detective) with help from DNA scanner - $25 Steam game [Donated by @thew]


Picasso: Best crowbar artwork (artwork will be judged anonymously by the Gmod Advisors and Gmod SOs) - $20 Steam card [Donated by @Ironic]


If you have any questions, or have screenshots to claim your prize, please contact me on discord @thew#7711

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11 hours ago, Booch said:

Wait second question is the c4 achievement a single one or multiple 

Multiple. It's just how many C4 kills you can get in one round. Doesn't matter if you use 1 or 7 C4's.

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Last call for screenshots for prizes. Either post them here or send them to me on discord @thew#7711. I won't be accepting any after 10/30 @ 12 AM CDT.

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