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I gotta go with playing jb:

-Getting freeslapped and freeslayed by Mitch a bunch as a T

-Getting mad as fuck

-Getting all that evidence

-About to post it before realizing...

-Who am i gonna report it to? Fucking Toxygen? Mfw.

-Alt tab back

-Get tp'd out of the cell with an m249

-Ok, we good


Good times...

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Trying to CT as noballs in like 2010 and getting raped by iCop. After that, honestly my favourite moments were immediately kicking noballs off of ct for... noballs.

Too many memories haha.

Constantly rebelling, basically anytime the server was actually populated. When T's got killed in funny killwhore ways. When I'd be warden and T's would randomly and poorly rebel right in the open just because I'd ramble on about random shit and they chose death over my warden abilities. 

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God were there good memories of JB.


Late night JB was da best, everyone had a sense of humor.


My fav moments had to be Wardens killwhoring creatively. Simon says was great for that, had one warden who had everyone dead but two Ts playing that game, he screams "ok now follow me" and the two idiots follow him to get gunned down.


Likewise when we had CTs accidentally murder all the Ts with jumprope and we didn't get a single person complain, in fact we were all laughing too hard.


I heard a ton about MG and wish i could have seen it.


I miss the old ZE days back when the regulars had Papaya, @Chewy, @Rayne, Groov and a few others. That was back when you had to think creatively as a zombie to get a good kill too. Not this "no failnades" crap they have now. Also back when the mag 7 and sawed off launched zombies straight up.


Can't forget all the fun we often had playing Mako Reactor all the time.


Or when we all hit up a korean server to steal all the maps and upload them to our ZE server.


God it was fun to troll creatively, and just as fun to bait people into the traps on the good maps.


I'll always have nostalgia lenses for that. Good times.

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Best memory i had was when people who were Warden tried to make JB fun not boring and not killing whoring.


I think it was wave started massacring the CT's with only a pistol.


Mitch power abusing on JB long time ago and he gave someone admin for free for "banning" that person for a minute and to compensate for it.


Someone was using sG money for pizza.


War3: when the server is 128 tick and the max population was like 32(or higher i dont remember) and shit storm start at the very start of the round.

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On 9/30/2018 at 6:13 AM, Hawk said:

The classic /kick @all spec

Also when someone joined and type out the N-word with the name @all 


Miss the good times when it was super popped and T's would rebel at any chance given and the select few who knew all vents and would manage to find a way to rebel every round


Also when I had eventually learned all the vents and started to learn how to bhop really well so that i was able to rebel all the time


I think its about time that we get an event or something going for JB and get it fully revived get new maps again and just mess around with the homies

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On 9/29/2018 at 10:08 PM, Demon said:

Sometimes I think back to when those two servers were in their prime and I was just some fat kid in highschool, Ive personally gone through so many changes both physically and mentally since then and its fun to look back and think of the memories made with countless hours of just playing with everyone. I know everyone has done the same maturing, Its just a nostaligic thought. I'm super innactive with real life but occasionally like hopping on and see how everyone is doing and it got me thinking


My question is - What was your favorite memories of those servers? Funniest most memorable moments that just stuck with you to this day?


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On 12/19/2018 at 12:51 PM, Zachmanman said:

I'm exactly the same person I was when we booted up the JB server for the first time.

Still chasin' the fat black chicks?

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I'm out here, been a little while. CSS jailbreak days were the good ol' times.

On 10/13/2018 at 11:06 AM, Carl Sagan said:


fight me

This is accurate. I don't think anyone can make a significant argument against this except for maybe comp.

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