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PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

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SYNDICATE GAMERS will be paying entry for 3 Teams ($20 each) to be entered into the

GCC PUBG Battle Royale Tournament on Saturday, October 6th!


Moved to October 20th




  • Make a team with a Squad of 4 players and submit your team in this thread with your team name.
  • Make a post in this thread indicating that you'd like to play but don't yet have a squad.
  • Sign up ASAP as there are limited spots.
  • If you can't make October 6th, please do not sign up. There will be penalties for no showing and/or dropping out.




  • TBD: GCC will be divvying up the prize amounts once we know how many teams have entered. There is a three team max per community. Each community will have to pay $20 per team.







  • Games For Life
  • HeLLsGamers
  • Syndicate Gamers
  • Super Central
  • Steam Gamers
  • .sneaK’s Servers



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Would there be any penalty if we drop out, but can find a replacement for our squad?

Currently, I'm on C-shift at my department and I'm free that day, but there's a possibility I could change shifts come October 1st, so I could possibly be working if I change shifts, but as of now I'm good.

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1 hour ago, ATG_AGENT said:

I'll still be here the 6th, im up for playing - long as we get some people who wanna actualy win together.

I want to be on your team with rootbeer and lindsay!

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