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Stepping down as SO

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I find it hard to believe that I'm doing this again but as like the titles say - I will be stepping down from server officer. I am moving in to college next week and I don't want gaming to be an every day thing in college. More than likely, I won't be able to play on TTT every day due to my dedication to music/viola, my grades, and my new job. Also, I want to get out there and actually makes new friends that aren't from video games. Anyways, it's been a great couple of months of moderating the TTT server! I'm sad that it isn't as popped as it was before the major update to the server happened. But I'm sure the server will get going once something happens. All in all, I will still game occasionally but not as often as I do during the summer. But yeah, I hope I have done a great job moderating the server and that the community have the best wishes happen.


Thank you.


- Kung

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