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Potentially Wanted Sg Member

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So the great @Detective Nom Noms alerted me today of a Code Blue, where a certain member by the name of @Jeff The Flying Shark was missing for a few days. I have also noticed a certain member of the syndicate missing @Gerald. This is surprising as this member is also coincidentally not been seen.

Using Nom's Canine instincts and my police resources we have found that Jeff maybe the prime suspect in this missing persons case.

We surveyed hours of footage to come across some pretty damning video evidence against Jeff.

As you can clearly see @Jeff The Flying Shark assassinating Gerald in horrendous fashion.

At this moment we're asking you, the members of the public, not to approach him and avoid contact. If you see Jeff please report it right away to your nearest sG Staff member.

This has been brought to you by the SG family watchdog.

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