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Jailbreak revival?

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It's been a rough patch for JB down the line but honestly since we're able to get people on again we're actually getting new members. We need to do this routinely and try to convince new members to actually stay on the server when they come on. Best way to do it is explain the rules, don't be a killwhore towards them and once they get settled in just free kill them every round. ez pz right? 

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1 hour ago, Booch said:

Although there is a fine line between kilwhoring and then not following the orders 

what? I feel like if you are a super tedious ct who just wants to kill them for every single detail they didn't follow, then it puts you as a killwhore. Yeah, i mean, there is a fine line between the two. But I feel like killwhoring is even done throughout a simple order command. Just depends on the CT's, and if anytime they do start to killwhore. Get rid of them. Restrict them and make them a terrorist. It's why most people don't want to play is because CT's will knit pick at everything or find a way to do it.

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