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Jeff The Flying Shark

Its about that time

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Gonna try not to drag this on any longer. I should of done this quite some time ago, but kinda forgot about it honestly. I've mostly lost interest in csgo except for really just war3 and occasionally skill surf. I really don't play our Gmod servers either anymore since they're not the same experience anymore sadly. I'll still be around in discord if ever needed and I won't be quitting since I've invested a lot of time into this community.

I do appreciate being given staff back in 2014 and for the short time having the chance to help run a skill surf server. Hell we even brought back custom TTT for a good couple of months, but sadly it did not last. Hopefully current sG staff find someone with passion for TTTGO and revitalize the server.

Thanks again @bulletford for all you've done to help me out.


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Thanks for all that you have done for sG. You’re one of my favorite guys to chat with every so often. You can be very down to earth and a major troll and I love that about you. Cya around in discord whenever you pop in. 

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