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ZE Credits Halp!

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Hey! ✿ S m ツ e y here... so I was told by the admins on the server to post about the credits I lost on the recent character model wipe initiated by an upper division admin. I originally didn't want to post as I was really lazy but seeing as how I am here lurking, I thought I'd post this thread. I am unsure if this is the right place to post and also have no proof on how much credits I lost. However, much that was all I know is I had every single "anime" skin in the server, so whatever that amount surmounted to I would like to be reimbursed as to be able to invest in other endeavors. Thanks guys, I am sure a lot of admins and members will vouch for how many credits I have lost. Thanks again <3


Edit: Sorry forgot to post Steam ID
"✿ S m ツ e y" STEAM_1:0:46124813

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Usually you should receive the credits back if you stay until the next map. Re-check your credits on map change please.

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