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Hey o, Here we go!

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Hello everyone!

I'm Artorias/Elrichzann, and I'm new to the whole Forum-posting thing. This would be the first post of my life (I think?) I originally joined SG in Autumn of 2017, after hearing of the server from Icewolf while playing on another warcraft server. I decided to try this server out and haven't gone back to the old one ever since. I hope I get a hang of this whole forum thing and can become at least a semi-active member of the community! I only really play on the War3 server so far, but who knows? As of right now I am 18, in the process of graduating High School and have enlisted in the U.S. Navy! Thank you for your servers and for all the fun I've had. :) 

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Yo Artorias you’ve finally stumbled your way to the forums. Well glad you did and it’s fun playing war3 with ya. Make sure you try our other servers like zombie escape, jail break, bhop, mini games, and much more.

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