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Hello! Im YourPokemon :P. I was inspired to join this community when playing Zombie Escape playing with Aristocrat and Mudkip, seems like a chill place to be. Im 17 and asian... though that a good ass gamer, i know its sad (the gaming gene was not passed on to me T_T) lol. I am a former Admin on pG (yea i know cringe) but i would love to start anew here! I hope you welcome me with the biggest of arms. Main games are Gmod, CSGO, OW, Fortnite and some other games to keep me from being bored! I do play  football at my school so if ya a FB fan, then i think we could be the best of friends, if not then it doesnt really matter lol. Anyways good to have you guys and good to be here as well! 

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