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[Race] Soldier of Sol

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Armor of Solaris ( 5 ranks ) Armor made from harnessing the energy of the sun. ( reduce the damage of attacks made against you the further away from you the enemy is and burn those foolish enough to stare directly at you ) ( each rank would reduce the damage you take from attacks the further you are from the enemy from a range of 50%-100% at max ) ( Rank range 10-50% and 60-100% ) ( burn players who look at you through zoomed weapons for 2,4,6,8,10 fire damage a second ) 


Blessings of Sol ( 5 ranks ) Blessed with the gifts of the sun you do not fear the burning and blinding effects it may cause others but embrace it. ( You become immune to flash bangs and fire damage. You also gain boosted effects when you are flash banged or would take fire damage )  ( each rank increases chances of immunity to flash bangs and fire damage by 20% ) ( when you are flash banged or prevent fire damage you gain a 5% movement speed buff for 5s per rank as well as a 5% damage buff per rank for 2s ) 


Solar Flare ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( 25s cd ) Explode outward with stored energy creating Solar flares in every direction ( create an explosion centered on yourself enemies hit by the blast take damage and are hit with a strong knock back ) ( each rank increases damage by 6 damage ) ( each rank increases the strength of the knock back by 10% ) 


Sword of Sunlight ( 5 ranks ) A sword forged with energy from the sun and mana crystals. It cuts almost anything. ( Chance to ignore all forms of damage reduction, evasion, and shields ) ( destroys enemies weapons on death ) ( your weapons have no damage fall off ) ( each rank increases chance to ignore defenses by 20% ) 


Dawn to Dusk ( 5 ranks ) ( on death ) When killed your vengeful spirit attacks your killer sending back the killing blow ( when killed you deal your killer the damage over your current health that killed you) ( Each rank increases the odds of this happening on death by 10% ) ( you have 10 health someone hits you for 100 they take 90 ) 


Ashes of Creation ( 5 ranks ) When you kill an enemy you store up their energy and use it to bring yourself back to life. ( when you kill an enemy you gain a counter ) ( when you die if you have counters you come back to life with health adjusted by how many counters you have ) ( each rank increases how much health you have when you spawn by 2 ) ( if maxed you gain 10 health per counter when you respawn yourself )  


Super Nova ( 5 ranks ) ( ultimate ) ( 30s cd ) ( 5s fuse ) You offer yourself up to Sol and burn as bright as the sun to burn out all who oppose your cause ( When triggered you disarm yourself turn white and become immune to damage. ) ( you create a radius around you that if enemies are in they are slowed by 40% and jumping is disabled ) ( enemies in the radius take 3 damage per rank per second they are in the radius ) ( at end of timer you explode killing yourself and any enemy in the radius ) ( ultimate immunity stops the death blow and damage only ) 

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On 2/12/2018 at 11:44 PM, turbulance said:

Sword of Sunlight

Sign me up... Ignore evasion >.>'!


On 2/12/2018 at 11:44 PM, turbulance said:

Sword of Sunlight ( 5 ranks ) ... ( destroys enemies weapons on death )

Inb4 people complain about wish not working... Seems a tad griefy. Skill is still really good without it.

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