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sG Stock Market Simulator - Season 2!!!

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Hello fellow WOLVES!!!

We're back at it again with another season of STOCK MARKET SIMULATOR!!!


This season will last from December 1st to January 31st


Rules are pretty straight forward to play

1. You start with $10,000

2. Commission fee is $7 per trade (Everytime you buy or sell, you have to pay $7)

3. There is no shorts available, you cannot short ANY shares.

4. Everyone's portfolio will be private, no snoopin allowed.


You might be asking... "Sean, why should I play this crap? It's fake money, there's nothing on the line..."


Well my fellow wolves, you earn two rewards for being 1st place.


1. Fame and Glory




You can flaunt your badge every time you post, letting your fellow community members know that you are the





Password: joinsg




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Just now, Rock said:

I would play but I’m scared avenger is going to do the same thing he did last season and just shit on all of us

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No longer possible, we've disabled shorting.

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No longer possible, we've disabled shorting.


Ahh well then count me in doing the same shit I did last time... spend all my money on one thing and hope I make some money

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2 hours ago, Travesty said:

I found this to be the most informative:




2 hours ago, krony said:

what is shorting?

To put it simply: buying a stock is a bet where you win if the price goes up, shorting is where you win if the price drops.


Read: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/shortselling.asp if you wanna read more but here's a quick summary:

The idea is that you can borrow some stocks and sell them for the current price, say you shorted 10 stocks of Google at $100 each (you're "short" 10 Google stocks). Your account now is worth +$1000 but also -10 Google stocks. The next day the stocks drop to $50 a share, so you "buy to cover" those 10 stocks that you owe, 10 x $50 means it costs $500. Now your account is worth +$500 and you don't owe anything -- that's your profit.

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On 12/1/2017 at 2:33 PM, krony said:

I don't know much about this market stocking stuff but what is shorting?

The most basic way that it was explained to me when I started it's when your broker loans you shares you don't have of a certain stock so that you may sell it to the market. You're still obligated to return those shares by buying them back in order to clear your order. 

The way you make money is if you sell stock A @ $100 for 100 shares and it ends up dropping to $99 you're position is now worth $100.
Inversely, if the stock rises to $101 you're out -$100 for as long as you're in that position until you clear your position.

**This part's a little more advanced in terms of your account**
In the real world if you do want to be able to short stocks you need to do it on margin and you do not get extra buying power.
ex. Your account has $10,000.
-If you're buying and your leverage is 10:1 for example you can buy up to $100,000 worth of stocks. This is referred to as buying power.
-If you're selling your you can only sell stocks up to $10,000 no matter what your leverage is. 

The reason why Avenger isn't a millionaire irl from shorting is because in addition to capital needs your broker wouldn't always have shares available because the stock he played was an obscure stock. Unless you knew about it before hand and requested it from your broker there is a high likelihood there isn't shares available for you to borrow.

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8 hours ago, ChosenOne2000 said:

Wow, no reaction time. I guess I'll sit this season out...


What?? It just started! Literally just started this morning since market finally opened. You have more than enough time to play.

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