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Community Digest - 10/8/17

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Hey guys,


As promised, we are delivering another quarterly community digest providing updates on the community, servers, and Staff. In this digest, we will be discussing some new Staff changes along with some major changes to our Recruitment and Ranks system! We will also provide you guys with the latest updates on our servers.


Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the digest!




  • Staff Changes
  • Recruitment Changes
  • Server Updates
  • Server Officers
  • Donations



Staff Changes


Hi everyone,


We are delivering on our promise to make additional Staff changes to further assist with our goal of keeping Staff active within the servers and the community. This time around we are pleased to announce the addition of one new JCS, and welcome back an old one, as well as pleased to announce the addition of several Staff members to assist in the development and overall upkeep of our servers.


I am pleased to announce the following members will be joining Staff:

  • ESDaman - Recruitment Officer
  • Swed - General Engineer
  • KidFearless - Minigames Advisor


In addition, I would like to welcome Moose on as a member of our Joint Chief of Staff roster. Throughout his time on Staff he has proven to be diligent in both a technical role and a community role and we are glad to welcome him into the fold. In this position Moose will be overseeing Ranks and Recruitment as well as Public Relations and Community Affairs.


Lastly, I would also like to welcome Eddy back to his role as a Joint Chief of Staff after an extended leave of absence due to personal issues outside of the community. As a JCS he will be overseeing the community financials and ensuring the delivery of our subscriptions.




- Mimic, Chairman of the JCS



Recruitment and Ranks Changes


New Recruitment System


Recruitment is returning to Open and Closed Recruitment!
Applications are Open during the first 7 days of the month and Closed for the rest of the month.
Recruit Application Requirements:

  • At least one referral from an sG Member who is Level 2 or above.
  • 100 hours* playtime on any of our game servers.
  • 15 posts* on our forums.
  • Created an Introduction thread in the Introduction subforum.
  • No bans of 30 minutes or more within the past 3 months (from when the ban ended).

*Applicants may substitute server playtime hours for posts by adding the percentages.

In order to be accepted as a Member Level 1:

  • After application is made, the Recruit will go through a one month long Recruitment period.
  • Recruit will be able to wear sGr | tags until application is accepted or denied.
  • Recruits must meet at least 20 referrals from Level 2 members and above, Three referrals must be from Staff.


sG | Member Referrals, Comments and/or Concerns:

  • Members will have the chance to refer the Recruits during the month long Recruitment period.
  • Members can also voice legitimate comments/concerns with the Recruit without referring.
  • Members must make it clear as to whether or not they are referring the Recruit.
  • Members may not rescind referrals. So please do not be hastily with your referrals and make the right decision the first time.
  • Any referral is heavily encouraged to have an explanation, but is not mandatory.



New Rank Changes:


Ranks are also Open during the first 7 days and Closed for the rest of the month.


Rank Application Requirements:

  • Must have played on our servers within the past month of application date.
  • No bans of 30 minutes or more within the past 3 months (from when the ban ended).
  • If your application reaches 8 No Votes from Staff, your application will be automatically denied.


sG | Member Voting:

  • Members may only vote Yes or No.
  • No detail explanation required but encouraged.




[Yes: +1] Ctark, Moose, Clamps, Fugner
[No: -1] Mimic, Bulletford, Centran


Member Level 2

  • 6 months clan tenure.
  • 250 forum post count minimum.
  • 200 hour minimum requirement on our servers.
  • 20/20 Community Vote from Level 2 and above.
  • 2 Yes votes have to be from Staff.


Member Level 3

  • 1 year of clan tenure.
  • 500 forum post count minimum.
  • 450-hour minimum requirement on our servers.
  • 18/18 Community Vote from Level 3 and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.


Member Level 4

  • 2 years of clan tenure.
  • 1000 forum post count minimum.
  • 700-hour minimum requirement on our servers.
  • 16/16 Community Vote from Level 4 and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.


Member Level 5

  • 3 years of clan tenure.
  • 2000 post count minimum.
  • 1000-hour minimum requirement on our servers.
  • 14/14 Community Vote from Level 5 and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.


Veteran Member

  • 5 years of clan tenure.
  • 3500 post count minimum.
  • 1500-hour minimum requirement on our servers.
  • 12/12 Community Vote from Veteran and above.
  • 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff.


These changes will take effect immediately. Any Open Recruitment or Rank Applications will continue with status quo until application is accepted or denied. Recruitment and Ranks applications are closed as of the 7th.


Along with these exciting changes, we have also been looking at rewarding our existing members, however those details have not been finalized just yet. Please stay tuned...!



Changes to New Users on the Forums


Thanks to Bulletford, we've added a new automated PM that goes out to new members who join the forums! This PM has information such as Global Guidelines, how to apply to sG, how to appeal a ban, and a ton of other incredibly useful information. Along with this, we are working on rewarding players on specific servers that sign up on our forums and link their steam account. Details coming soon.


Server Updates



Through much hard work from our staff team, namely ZachPL, Moose, Avenger, Jeff The Flying Shark and Reaper, we have brought back our GMOD Custom TTT Server! Come hop on the server and try it out if you haven't yet. Server IP:


Warcraft 3:GO

People who purchase the War3 Supporter package can now join the #war3_supporter channel on the sG discord. This gives them exclusive access to staff discussion and server changes multiple days before they take effect. Pick up War3 Supporter and join the conversation today! See more information here.


Face is back, guns blazing. With changes coming every week, be certain to keep up with the changes on this thread. Over 80 races have already been buffed/nerfed, and we expect to see Air Elemental, Warrior, and an unannounced race released in the near future!


Zombie Escape

With the help of fps_trucka, Mimic, Bulletford, Moose and Crobat. The server is stable once again and has gained quite a bit of population. As always, a big thanks to the regulars and sG members that helped populate the server.


As well, a big thanks to AntiTeal for working hard for our ZE server, he's not with us anymore sadly, but he is still willing to help us, just not as a Staff member. He also coded the ZE Supporter perk, which includes features such as extra cash, reviving at the middle of the round and immunity to AFK Manager.



The Newton Launcher is finally on our TTT CS:GO server! Get your hands on this puppy and launch the enemy into space!





Populating our servers

We know the population of our servers has been less than optimal. However, we have seen dedication, not only from our Staff and Server Officers, but also from the Community Members to try and get the servers repopulated and back to their former glory.


We'd like to send a special shoutout and thanks these following sG | Members:

  • sG | Bluestreakid15
  • sG | Chowder
  • sG | Cman
  • sG | Crobat
  • sG | Dr3y
  • sG | DrNarwhalsNumbNuts IV
  • sG | Dr. Pepper
  • sG | fpstrucka
  • sG | Groot
  • sG | KidFearless
  • sG | Krony
  • sG | Lindsay
  • sG | MistaChang
  • sG | Noah
  • sG | OrdinaryGamer69
  • sG | Rock
  • sG | Rootbeer
  • sG | Sean
  • sG | Sweetrock
  • sG | Tazmanianxdude
  • sG | TheOrangeGrape
  • sG | Velo
  • sG | Vexer
  • sG | Yunki




Server Officers
Thank you to all of our Server Officers! The community would not be the same without any of you! You guys are the backbone of our servers. Thank you for all of your hard work and continue representing our community in the best way possible.


Server Officer Roster:



   Don Juan Dracula - Chowder - Groot - TheLowki - Papyrus


Trouble Terrorist Town

Get Schwifty - Lotmoshr - Sith - SpecialBrownies - Wintergreen


Zombie Escape

 Chet - Dashe - Freelancer


RPG/Skill Surf

Cman - TrinityCrush


Mini Games



Warcraft 3:GO

Bear-Man-Thing - DarkFalcon - Dash - Sharp










Dr. Vojislav Seselj - $30.00

Krony - $15.00

Leeroy - $10.00
Nagito Komaeda - $10.00

YouGaveMeASpook - $10.00

Birthday Senpai - $5.00

Bluestreakid15 - $5.00

Codenick - $5.00

Crobat - $4.00
Sweetrock - $3.00

Edited by Sean

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Just now, Moose said:

idk what sound mooses make


congrats everyone

Moose go "REEEEEEEEEEEEEE"    (credit to Avenger for the 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEE')


Just now, TrinityCrush said:




Just now, Travesty said:

I wonder who will be our first rank app next month. much excite!


this is gonna be 'uuuuuuuuge!

yuuger than the waallllll


This is definitely helpful though; I have always wondered how exactly the rank structure was supposed to work... now it's explicit & public

The new application system is definitely going to be nicer though... (even if it is more difficult in some ways)


Though, a question: can the "added percentages" to sub hours for posts be applied to rank apps too, or only clan apps?

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Just now, nymical said:

Though, a question: can the "added percentages" to sub hours for posts be applied to rank apps too, or only clan apps?

You've always been able to sub hours for posts and vice versa for rank applications.

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Just now, nymical said:

Though, a question: can the "added percentages" to sub hours for posts be applied to rank apps too, or only clan apps?


its for both Recruit Applications and Rank Applications.


So if you don't have enough posts to apply, etc. you can sub them for server hours.


Hope to see you apply @nymical. I like your forum presence a lot. Quality posts.

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