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GMOD Custom TTT Server

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After a few years of custom being dead, it's finally back after much community support and nagging Zach :P to approve of it.  24/7 sG | TTT Custom Resurgence is now up, come join us!  Server IP:


The server currently features:


*  50 Maps (including the few minecraft ones from Vanilla)

*  Map Voting

*  Multiple Custom Traitor/Detective Weapons

*  M9K Weapons Pack

*  Spectator Deathmatch


While the server is currently up and playable, things like the custom weapons (including traitor/detective weapons) may be unbalanced/broken ect..  So expect some updates/restarts in the near future as we add/remove/balance things.  This is a collection made by Jeff of some of the items on Custom, so you can subscribe to it to shorten download times. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130184236 (probably going to be changed/updated in the future).  Please feel free to make suggestions/provide feedback here 


Huge thanks to these guys for taking time out of their day to help the server!  @ZachPL @Moose @Jeff The Flying Shark @Reaper0470



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