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      Warcraft 3 Map Event Winners!   08/03/17

      I would like to congratulate all the winners as well as thank you for the effort you have put into helping Warcraft 3 get better with more maps. I hope you all enjoyed playing these maps - and i look forward to seeing what our mappers of sG can do in the future.     Winners [First Place]: $60 Steam Gift Card, 4 Months Premium Admin and 100,000 Credits and also receive a Mapping Event Grand Winner Badge @Jodas 23 Votes [Second Place]: $20 Steam Gift Card, First pick between Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Donated by sG | KiD Fearless), or Wolfenstein: The New Order (Donated by sG | Tyrone [SO]) , 4 Months Premium Admin and 50,000 Credits @KiD Fearless 10 Votes [Third Place]: Second pick from the donated games, and 30,000 Credits @Mr.Thaco-Olmon 9 Votes [Other]: All maps that did not place and get used on the server will receive a 1 Month of Premium Admin as well as 20,000 Credits @KiLLeR    @skitt is still deciding which map he enjoys the most, they will receive $40 regardless of whether they have won a prize already or not (Donated by sG | skitt [ENG])   The Winners will all receive a sG Map Creator Badge                          

TTTGO Raffle *-*

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Hidey ho gamers! First off I want to give a big thank you for everyone who's been partaking in the event! It's because of people like you who truly help to make sG the amazing community that it is!


While there are still A LOT of main prizes left to be claimed (let's pop and get those achievements!) 

it's come time to reveal the winners of the raffle! 


Bad Rats-- @im meanryd

Bit Blaster XL-- @FreeLancer

Greyfox-- @Tyrone

Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun-- @-Sharp-

Protoshift-- @krony

Reveal the Deep-- @jehovas witness

Shake Your Money Simulator-- @DerpyPwny

Shower with your Dad Simulator-- @Papyrus

Surf Fingers-- @Hawk

Swiftly-- @Leeroy

Turbo Pug-- @Rufus

Yet Another Zombie Defense-- @Booch

Yet Another Zombie Defense-- @Birthday Senpai

Lucius (donated by Birthday Senpai)-- @Shiro

Escape This (donated by TheLJH)-- @Apache

Dead Bits (donated by TheLJH)-- @Midnightx

The Lord of the Earth Flame (donated by TheLJH)-- @Nav


If you see your name on this list, you've won!

Contact me immediately to figure out the way to get your prize.


And if you don't see your name here fear not because you're all winners in my eyes-- you just don't get anything to show for it. :)


Lastly the most important part, and my favorite thing-- a huge thank you to @TheLJH, @Swed, and @Birthday Senpai for donating prizes to the event! I can't thank you three enough!

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