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Alright bois and grils, it’s been awhile since our last Vanilla Event!  So let the fun begin! Let's go over a few simple steps before we start!



1No cheating/exploiting

2. Excessive RDM or a ban will result in disqualification

3. Must follow the server rules and sG global guidelines at all times

4. Must have a registered forum account at www.joinsg.net

5. Each player may only win one prize

6. SOs (not Staff) are eligible for prizes

7. Don’t be a jerk and have fun!


There must be a minimum of ten (10) players on the server for achievements to count. One ticket is automatically earned if a member plays on the server for at least thirty (30) minutes.  This goes for both TTT servers, meaning you can earn 2 tickets per day.  You may only earn 1 ticket a day per server.


*Anyone caught boosting will be disqualified *


Any form of cheating in this event may result in you being disqualified. That means absolutely no boosting for the achievements and no "staging" events for the achievements. This event is for everyone so please do not ruin it. If you have questions please ask a staff member or SO from TTT.


This event will be like an event held in previous years! This event will be an achievement based event! So the more achievements you complete the better chances of winning a prize you get! The prizes are separated by tier and based on a raffle ticket system!


To get into the lower tier ($5-$15) you must have a minimum of one (1) achievement.


To get into the middle tier ($20 - $30) you must have a minimum of two (2) achievements.


To get into the higher tier ($40 - $50) you must have a minimum of three (3) achievements.


Each tier will have their own prize pool and raffle. Once you have unlocked a tier by meeting or surpassing an achievement count, you can enter tickets into that tier. You cannot enter tickets into a tier you have not unlocked. Example: If Sith has 2 achievements and had played on both servers for at least 30 minutes, Sith would have 2 tickets. Sith could enter his 2 tickets into the middle tier, or spread his tickets across middle/low tier. He cannot enter tickets in high tier because of him not fulfilling the high tier achievement requisite.




The Red Mario Bro: Goomba stomp someone to death and not die from the fall as a traitor.


Centennial: Get over one hundred (100) points, in one eight-round match.


Everybody, do the flop!: Kill at least five people at once with a C4, without killing any of your traitor buddies.


C4 Roulette: Defuse a ten-minute C4 planted by a traitor. Only one attempt per person, per map will count. The player defusing the C4 must take a screenshot of the successful defused bomb with the cut wire. You can not use a defuser/defuse kit.


Useless T-Buddies: With at least five traitor buddies on the server, kill 75% or more of the opposing team, as a traitor, in one round.


I am the Detective: Get at least three (3) kills in one rounds, with a detective weapon as a traitor.


Mentlegen: Get eight silenced pistol kills and one knife kill, during one round.


Hunter: Get at least four (4) traitor kills, using the shotgun.


Kingslayer: Kill at least one staff member/SO per round, for five rounds, during one eight-round match.


Fly me to the moon: Use a Newton Launcher to “launch” 6 innocents to death on the map “Dolls” on your traitor round.


Master of Disguise: Use your disguiser and kill three (3) innocents in a crowd.


Mr. Detective: As an innocent, pickup a dead detectives DNA scanner, then find and kill a traitor by retrieving his DNA.


Pyromaniac: As a traitor, kill three (3) innocents with one incendiary grenade.


Overtime Hero: In overtime as an innocent, win the round by killing the last traitor.


Sherlock: As the Detective, kill three (3) traitors in one round.  


The real Flo Rida: As an innocent, claim a room (must type in chat that you claim the room, and specify what room is claimed) and kill two Traitors that walk into it. Must be achieved in one round.


“I’m the Freeman” - As a traitor, kill three innocents (including Detectives) with a crowbar, in a single round.


Pig Slayer:  On the map ttt_minecraftcity_v4, kill three (3) innocents with a pig as a traitor.


For these achievements to count, you must provide proof. Proof consists of you getting a demo, screenshot, or voucher from one of the Server Officers of the event. All achievements must be earned legitimately.

None of the achievements can be earned through RDM.

That means NO RDM's at all. Please use the honor system throughout this event.

Please PM @Ruffles or @Avenger with the name(s) of the achievement(s), proof, and your steam ID.  At the end of the event, you will receive a PM back letting you know how many tickets you have earned and which tiers you're eligible for.  The raffle will happen shortly after the event is over.

If you have a question, please contact any of the TTT staff or SO members to help you.


          Games donated


As mentioned, the prizes are separated into tiers. Please keep tabs on this, as the tiers are subject to change. We say thanks to everyone who are donating to the event. If you would like to donate prizes, feel free to add @Ruffles, @ZachPL, @TotesMagoats, or @Avenger on steam, or PM them on the forums. Any questions regarding the event, please message the 4 Staff or any SO’s for the server.



HIGHER TIER  (Game plus Premium Admin plus forum badge OR Game plus two (2) months of Supporter plus forum badge)

Grand Theft Auto V: Donated by Ruffles

Just Cause 3: Donated by Ruffles

Doom: Donated by sG

Game(s) of your choice totaling $50: Donated By Avenger



$20 steam card: Donated by sG

$20 steam card: Donated by sG

Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition: Donated by Ruffles

Rocket League: Donated by Noah





Bad Rats: Donated by Totes

Bit Blaster: Donated by Totes

BoxLife: Donated by Totes

Shower With Your Dad: Donated by Totes

Reveal the Deep: Donated by Totes

Weeb Game: Donated by Totes


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52 minutes ago, Ruffles said:



One question about the goomba stomping achievement is it cheating asking an inno how much health they have?

Edited by Fugner

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Just now, Velo said:

Gotta say whoever made that picture for the event did a bangin ass job. Shit looks great.


Thanks man! I didn't actually make it, I just edited it up after I found some TTT Vanilla pictures! @Velo

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