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Rust Update 4/20 Blaze it Edition

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Last week we saw lots of Violation level kicks just due to jump boosting on other players' heads. This issue has been resolved with some tweaks to antihack. 

There was a bug with stone doorways as well, allowing players to shoot through cracks. This has been fixed.

Nav Mesh changes make servers run more smoothly, causing less stress on the server's cpu - making our already not laggy server, even less likely to lag.

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Just now, Travesty said:

please make announcement when Rust server has been updated :D


It's a holiday today so I expect it should be up ASAP.





Centran is busy, I attempted to update it since the server update is out. That seems to have gone fine.


I don't believe the client update is out yet and I won't be able to test it for another 2 hours when it does come out.

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