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      Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event   04/20/17

      We will be having a Map Creator Event for Warcraft 3! Please go to the following link for more details!  
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Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event

Posted (edited)

Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event


We will be holding an event aimed at creating more maps for the Warcraft 3 Server!





How this will work

You have Two Months to create / submit your Map to @ATG_AGENT the final date i will accept submissions will be the 21st of June

The maps will be looked over as a Primary Inspection to make sure they are playable and work properly before moving to the next step

Starting the 23th of June we will be playing the maps that have passed the Primary Inspection on the server for One week

The maps will be judged and awards will be given based on the Prize Section




Map Requirements

We are looking for maps that would fit well with the Warcraft 3 Mod

While making the map please keep in mind that races have: Flight, Low Gravity, Teleports, Bonus Speed, Long Jumps, Invisibility etc - So all of the areas of the map will probably be seen. So careful with invisible textures and other issues you might not normally have in a normal map.

We are looking for maps that will incorporate the special aspects that the Warcraft 3 Mod brings to Server while still trying to keep the balance between T and CT

The map needs to be under 150mb



Prize Section

There will be a Poll (From the ones that passed Primary Inspection) to decide the Best Map.


  • [First Place]: $60 Steam Gift Card, 3 Months Premium Admin and an Extra 80,000 Credits
  • [Second Place]: $20 Steam Gift Card, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Donated by sG | KiD Fearless [MS] [ADV]), 3 Months Premium Admin and an Extra 30,000 Credits
  • [Other]All maps that make it passed the Primary Inspection and get used on the server will receive a 1 Month of Premium Admin as well as 20,000 Credits


All maps that we use on the server will also receive a  sG Map Creator Badge

Please be patient and give us time while you wait for your prizes

skitt will choose the map that he likes the most and they will receive $40 regardless of whether they have won a prize already or not (Donated by sG | skitt [ENG])






You must have a forum account registered at www.joinsg.net

All of sG's Rules and Guidelines will be followed

Somewhere inside your map please have a section showcasing your Forum Account name / Map details

Somewhere inside the playable area of the map have the Syndicate Gamers Logo and Forum Link ( www.joinsg.net )

The Maps you submit must be your own work

All Textures / Models that are being used in your map should be made by you, part of valve (Source Engine), or have permission and give credit in the "Map Details" location of the map.

Anyone caught plagiarizing will be automatically disqualified from the Event, as well as any other of the same kind in the future. Further action may also be taken against you.












Edited by ATG_AGENT

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I wonder how many ppl will actually participate in this event :thinking:


Nice idea though :)

Edited by xmen

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I'll toss an extra $40 to the map I like the most. I wanna see some sweet entries! I am completely down with non-objective fy/aim maps. Balance and war3 mechanic centric map concepts are key! I would melt if there was some surfable surfaces. 

Edited by skitt

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2 hours ago, Swed said:

A War3 Playable version of canals is obv the easiest way to win.




-Rebuilt tunnel stairs area with smoother movement

-Fixed boat geometry overlapping a pier at CT spawn

-Fixed box intersecting windowsill at B

-Fixed pixelwalk on railing at CT spawn

-Moved plywood down on scaffolding below B to block a bad sightline

-Fixed sticky scaffolding clip brush below B

-Fixed some fade distance pop-up issues

-Added two picnic chairs at short and made clips smoother

-Removed lamp at ivy/garbage


They're still working on it bro.

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