Heroes Never Die Overwatch 3V3 Tournament     In order to start the year in the right path, I have gotten the green light to do an Overwatch event since the game is extremely fun! And why not? We have Rocket league events, poker events, might aswell branch out to other games.   Event will take place between 8-9 of april.  Sign up thread closes at 12 PM EST on the 7th, the matches will take place throughout the 8th and 9th of april. Matches will take place on the 9th of April starting at 2 Pm EST(1PM Central)     Rules: Must have a Forums account registered and minimum of 1 week old (From this posts date.) Must Follow sG Global Guidelines at all times, failure to do so will result in disqualification. One Post per team please! Everyone is Eligible for Prizes (Including Staff that will be participating.)
  How the event will work:   Sign up for the Event. To Sign up for the event you must have at least 50 hours of playtime within sG servers, must not be banned throughout the duration of the event (Including its announcement period).     Due to Overwatch not having its own dedicated server box the event will be held in a tournament style fashion: Someone (from staff that will not be participating in the event) will invite the participating teams to a 3v3 match and the winner will be selected from there. (I understand the issues this may cause, but I could not find a work around this)                                                                                        SIGN UP HERE   Prizes:            Winning badge.   Prize Pool will follow these rules:   The First Place Team will get to pick one of the following prizes listed below. The Second pick must pick from the remainder of the pool, so on and so forth. The Second place team will get their turn to pick the games after the First Place winners selected all of their prizes.   If you would like to donate prizes for the event, please contact me via steam, discord or PM. No prize will be exchanged for currency, upon selection of prize you may not change it after someone else selected their prize.   Mirror's edge DerpyPwny. Rust x2 Rocket League Rootbeer $20 Steam card x3  Claimed by team#69 (rufus, Nick and Shikaku) (All Prizes are donated by Syndicate Gamers)   Bonus Prize Godlike- Whoever has a flawless tournament gets to upload a Gif Spray to our servers, or pick a custom title. In order to achieve this prize, whoever has most play of the games will be receiving this award. Screenshots are a requirement for you to be considered (You can always Pm me or send a Pm to staff with the proof). If more than one player get the same amount of POTG's, both will be eligible to receive it.   Prizes may be subjected to a small delay upon deliverance.
Special thanks to @iafunkyfor helping me format and organize the event, and @Reaper0470for being able to run the event (won't be able to due to work).